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Acceptance of Terms of Use


Cube Discipline owns and operates the website http://rightproperty.pk/ . These TERMS OF USE state the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to access and use the website. By accessing our website you show your acceptance to these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms then you must not access or use this website. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE PARTIALLY OR WHOLLY TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, POLICIES, GUIDELINES OR PRACTICES UNDER WHICH YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE http://rightproperty.pk/  THEN PLEASE EXIT THE WEBSITE AND DO NOT ACCESS IT. These terms and conditions must be accepted as a whole. Cube Discipline reserves the right to revise this agreement at any time. In case of any revisions, users will be notified about the changes. Continued use of the website after any changes to this policy will automatically be considered as acceptance of the new update.


The design, images, videos, illustrations, audio, slides, presentations, software and code displayed through this website are sole property of Cube Discipline and protected under local and foreign copyright laws. Any content acquired from third parties is also protected under copyright laws and is the sole property of the provider of the content. ANY USE, REPRODUCTION, ALTERATION, MODIFICATION, PUBLIC PERFORMANCE OR DISPLAY, UPLOADING OR POSTING ONTO THE INTERNET, TRANSMISSION, REDISTRIBUTION OR OTHER EXPLOITATION OF THE WEBSITE OR OF ANY CONTENT, WHETHER IN WHOLE OR IN PART, OTHER THAN EXPRESSLY SET OUT HEREIN, IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF Cube Discipline. Failure of which will result in arbitration to the full extent of the local and international laws.


Right Estate and Right Estate logo and the website design are official trademarks of Right Estate which is operated/owned by Cube Discipline. Other names, titles, logos, phrases, designs, graphics and icons displayed on Right Estate website may or may not be registered trademarks of Cube Discipline or third parties. The usage of third party trademarks does not mean there is any partnership between RightEstate.pk and the owner of the said graphical representation. The display of third party graphics does not imply that users or anyone else can use them or consider them as an endorsement of services, business or wares of the third party by RightEstate.pk or Cube Discipline. We do not allow anyone to use the third party logos and graphical representation for any purpose and do not grant any license or right to use our or third party graphics for personal or commercial purpose. A license of usage can only be sought after contacting the owner of the said graphic i.e. the third party or Cube Discipline.

Disclaimer of warranties

The web site and all content is provided as is. By accessing and using the web site you acknowledge and agree that use of the web site and the content is entirely at your own risk. Cube discipline and RightEstate.pk make no representations or warranties regarding the web site and the content, including, without limitation, no representation or warranty

  • That the web site and/or content will be accurate, complete, reliable, suitable or timely;
  • That any content, including, without limitation, any information, data, software, product or service contained in or made available through the web site will be of merchantable quality or fit for a particular purpose;
  • That the operation of the web site will be uninterrupted or error free;
  • That defects or errors in the web site will be corrected;
  • That the web site will be free from viruses or harmful components;
  • That communications to or from the web site will be secure or not intercepted.

Third Parties

  • Buying and selling real estate in Pakistan may involve third parties like real estate agents, brokers to interact with the buyer and seller to complete the deal. Right Estate and Cube Discipline do not control these third parties and do not regulate/control any fee charged by them. Users must consider this before making any transaction that the involvement of these third parties may cost them any extra charges.
  • Right Estate and Cube Discipline do not take any responsibility of the actions performed by the users and/or any third party on this website. We do not take any liability of any third party links present on the advertisements and/or posted by any user on their posts.
  • Right Estate is a free to use website for users. However we may charge for some premium services offered. We reserve the right to charge for advertisement, featured posts and any other services used to increase your chances of generating business from our website.
  • All sale purchase of property is governed by bodies like Capital Development Authority (CDA – Islamabad), Lahore Development Authority (LDA – Lahore), Defense Housing Authority (DHA – Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi) and other government and private authorities in different cities and provinces. The transfer of property under the jurisdiction of these authorities may or may not involve certain fee like transfer fee etc. Right Estate and Cube Discipline services are not a part of these governing bodies and must be treated as a separate entity. Any fee or charges involved in transfer of ownership must be paid by the parties involved in the transaction.
  • Any fee charged by Right Estate will not be a part of the transaction and such fee must be treated separately and will be payable at the specified time.