New Housing Schemes in Lahore

Anticipation of New Housing Schemes in Lahore

New Housing schemes in Lahore has always been a charm of this city because dwellers from all parts of the province like to come here in anticipation of new opportunities for work, study and a better future.

Lahore is the famous city of Pakistan in terms of its historical importance. It is the attraction for tourists and the also the top ranked educational organizations are situated in Lahore city. So due to the attractions and opportunities in the city it creates a lust to live here in this city. This desire also comes with an increase in the demand of accommodation facilities. As a result the number of housing societies is also increasing in Lahore.


Due to the increasing urbanization tendency the population of Lahore city is increasing hastily. With the increase in population so is the increase in the number of residence issues with more people moving in the city. People move from rural areas to urban areas in large number for the purpose of modern health services, education, better earning opportunities and improved living standard.     

Lahore city is the cultural heart of Pakistan and due to weak political circumstances Lahore is going through a real estate detonation. Due to rapid migration from rural areas or any other cities to Lahore there are many opportunities that have emerging for investment hotspot. So there are many new housing societies being built up in Lahore.

There are many new and already existing housing schemes established in Lahore providing plots to people at affordable rates. Housing schemes in Lahore offer plots to residents at easy installments. The policies related to down payment diverge from society to society.

The plots are available in different sizes and according to the need of residents. And the size of the plot decides the amount of installment. After the complete payment of installment amount the possession is given to the owner in that society.      

Due to the increased demand of housing societies in Lahore, Lahore development authority (LDA) has instigated auctioning plots in Lahore for new housing schemes. The work regarding the development of new housing societies has already started by LDA.


Last week auction was apprehended at the Lahore development authority community center located in Muslim Town Lahore. This auction gathered many investors and buyers. This auction sold twenty four of the residential plots and about eleven of the commercial plots.          

All the new housing schemes are either located in new developing area or they are the extension of Johar town or Sabzazar. Sabzazar is an existing housing scheme located in the periphery of Lahore city. The fast expansion of Lahore says a lot regarding the large amount of people who are moving into the city every year. Many people are making Lahore city their home town every year.

There has been a constant increase in demand of new housing schemes and residential plots or commercial plots as observed during the auctions. All the investors or buyers speak much about the increased demand of plots in many decent localities of Lahore.

Collectively the auctions generated a total amount of 41.79 million Rupees which itself is an enormous number generated from plots located in the outer edge of Lahore city. Johar town Lahore took the honor of highest bid for commercial plots which was 1.12 million Rupees per Marla.


As far as the preference for residential plots are concerned in Lahore city, Sbzazar has been the preferred locality. In this locality plots are sold for four Lac and thirty one thousand rupees per Marla. As the time pass by there is rapid increase in the demand of housing schemes. And many people are concerned in buying residential plots or houses which are equipped with the best luxuries and more comforts.      

The best package of luxuries and advance facilities comes with the best prices. Some of us might be distressed to see this much of high prices for all the distant housing societies. But the evaluation committee of state bank of Pakistan has approved these prices. And the important thing to be noticed is that some of us are also willing to that much price for those remote locations.

For some unknown reasons for an indefinite period Lahore development authority has postponed any more auctions. But any upcoming event or any news regarding the auction can be seen on its website on regular basis in order to stay updated.   

 List of New Housing Schemes in Lahore

Following is the list of the housing schemes in Lahore that are offering plots to its customers on installments in their housing schemes in the city:

  • NFC Phase 2
  • Al-Rehman Garden Phase 4
  • KEMC Housing Society
  • Al Jalil Garden
  • Lake City Lahore
  • State Life Housing Society
  • Heaven Homes State Life Housing Society Lahore
  • Pak Arab Housing Society
  • Elite Town Phase 1 & 2 on Ferozepur Road
  • Divine Gardens Lahore
  • Royal residencia housing scheme
  • Chinar Bagh Society
  • Air Avenue Housing Scheme
  • Al Raheem Garden
  • IEP Engineers Town Phase 2
  • New Lahore City
  • Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore
  • Grand Avenues Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Town
  • Bismillah Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Town
  • Bahria Orchard launched by Bahria Town
  • Lahore Motorway City
  • Khayaban-e-Amin Lahore
  • Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore
  • Eden Garden Extension on Ferozepur Road
  • LDA City
  • Fazaia housing society
  • P & D Housing Society
  • Park View Villas

All of the above mentioned housing schemes are located at a remote location. Bahria Town is one of the most popular and developed among all. There is a controversial issue now a day’s related to the tax imposition on the buying and selling of any kind of commercial and residential property in Pakistan. But however the demand for housing schemes may continue to increase as more people move toward urban areas for a better lifestyle.