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Overview about Bahawalpur Real Estate

Bahawalpur is a historic princely city. People love to stay here and invest since it is a developing city and chances of business are immense in Bahawalpur. Due to the rapid increase in population, the need for more houses has boosted real estate business in Bahawalpur. Large real estate groups flock from other cities to invest in Bahawalpur.

DHA Real Estate Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur is a new housing scheme among the many residential projects in Bahawalpur. It is not only concerned with residency but also claims to provide best communication services, commercial and social opportunities to the people of Bahawalpur. It is proving to be a milestone in the growing business of real estate in Bahawalpur. It is providing residential opportunities to a diverse class of people and not merely limited to upper class.  DHA real estate Bahawalpur is nourishing the concept of prime and luxurious living which they are trying to provide to the people of Bahawalpur.


Features of DHA Real Estate Bahawalpur

The eminent feature of DHA real estate Bahawalpur includes its ideal location. It is located on Southern Bypass within 5 minutes’ drive to the airport. It also provides first class health care facilities. Not only this, it also is equipped with the modern state of the art security system. Moreover, DHA real estate Bahawalpur also facilitates its residents with entertainment opportunities such as a theme park and DHA Club.  The primary feature of DHA real estate Bahawalpur is that there is no load shedding of electricity which certainly attracts many clients towards itself. DHA real estate Bahawalpur has many other features among which some were mentioned above.

Khayaban – E – Ali Housing Society an addition to Bahawalpur Real Estate

Khayaban – e – Ali Housing society is yet another real estate project in Bahawalpur. Like any other residential project it too is providing premier life style to its residents. With affordable rates it is offering all sorts of houses. Several Marla houses could be purchased by the customers according to their need. It is proving to be a positive impact upon real estate of Bahawalpur.

Bahawalpur Real Estate Agents

Bahawalpur is rich with real estate agents. You’ll find a number of real estate agents working around Bahawalpur putting their efforts to help and grow real estate business in Bahawalpur. Home Links Gear is one of the real estate developers working in Bahawalpur. 


These developers help people with any real estate information.  They also deal in arranging houses, buildings and plots of different measurements according to the demand of the customer. Another real estate agency in Bahawalpur includes Pakistan Property Dealer. They launch the real estate projects of their customers, provide market information and also help publicize their ads. EWAYS™ Real Estate is another renowned real estate agency of Bahawalpur. Other small real estate agents include Jawad associates, RedWood enterprises private limited etc.  

Rental Houses as a Part of Real Estate Business

Real estate in Bahawalpur is offering a lot. It is filled up with diverse choices, for instance it is loaded with rental houses. Those people who may not be able to afford to buy houses, they can get a rental house. Among the rental houses there is a huge variety. Starting from apartment and flats to houses as large as 15 Marla and beyond are available for residence.

Likewise, houses of 12 Marla with 5 bedrooms, 7 baths and 2 drawing rooms are available. If you are looking for even larger houses then rental houses as large as 2 Kanal are also available with 12 bedrooms, TV lounge, kitchen etc., are available. Then, houses with moderate capacity are also offered such as a house of 10 Marla with 5 bedrooms, garage, terrace, TV lounges etc.

There is a huge variety of houses offered by the Bahawalpur real estate like those of 14 Marla, 6 Marla, 5 Marla and the list goes on. Any customer will easily find a house or an apartment according to his capacity and pocket through the Bahawalpur real estate quiet easily without any problem in affordable rates.


Houses for Sale in Bahawalpur Real Estate

Like rental houses, Bahawalpur real estate also offers a great variety of houses for sale in affordable prices for all groups and classes of people starting from apartments to houses as large as 2 Kanal and beyond. The details of some of the houses shall be provided here. According to the real estate Bahawalpur a two story house of 8 Marla with 5 bedrooms with attach bath is available for almost 75 lakh.

Another house in Muslim Town is available which is as large as 7 Marla with 4 bedrooms, 2 TV lounges and much more for only Rs. 90 Lakh. Moreover, Khayaban – e – Ali Housing Society is offering for sale a house of 5 Marla with 4 bedrooms, 2 drawing rooms with a bunch of more facilities in affordable prices as that of Rs. 60 Lakh. Similarly, Green Town Bahawalpur is a well-known name in the Bahawalpur real estate that is offering houses on sale for those families who can accommodate in small houses with reasonable rates. A small house of 3 Marla and 1 bedroom is on sale for the price of Rs. 16 lakh.

Ease provided by Bahawalpur Real Estate

Bahawalpur real estate is of great help to all the residents of Bahawalpur in finding houses. It makes it easy for common people to find residency in their desired location with affordable rates of any size that they want. Some people want to live in small houses while others in large and the rest in medium houses. No matter what is the demand of the public, Bahawalpur real estate is always there to help them.