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Burj Al Gwadar A Luminous New Development In Pakistan

Burj Al Gwadar is an amazing commercial project. Basically it offers you different sizes of shops, workplaces and show rooms projects which have number of floors and each floor has number of shops and offices.

Burj Al Gwadar Post Contains

You can have your own office and shop through booking process and installment plan. This was the recently launched project and the development is still in progress. Burj Al Gwadar is situated few minutes’ drive away from Gwadar port.


Furthermore, this is a stunning project with amazing facilities. It provides you with the modern, stylish and comfortable platform for the business. This notable advancement will play a noteworthy part in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and will help to increase in the economic growth. Burj Al Gwadar is considered to be the great channel for exploring new foreign trade opportunities. However it also helps to expand local and national businesses in the best working environment.

Burj Al Gwadar is located in Gwadar city. This outstanding project is constructed with the help of local and international companies of China.  It incorporates all latest and luxurious facilities and helps you to provide great opportunities to start your business and investment for future.

Burj Al Gwadar An Amazing Project

As we all know that Gwadar City is situated on the shoreline of Baluchistan. It is considered to be one of the prominent and notable developments in Pakistan history. It was also expected to be a noteworthy focal point of exchange. Earlier it was a small fishing village but with the passage of time Gwadar city has developed a lot and is now on equality with the major port cities of the world. As it is on the coastline it is home to numerous noteworthy and fantastic business and private activities, the most astounding of which is Burj Al Gwadar


Burj Al Gwadar is basically the combination of different buildings with astounding facilities. It usually demonstrates it after well known structures in the Middle East. This project is still in progress and development so it is expected that it will be completed by 2018. This project includes number of outstanding features which you have never seen before in Pakistan.

Location of this Wonderful Project

Burj Al Gwadar is a vast scale blended project possesses the central area along the 264 foot wide Airport Road. It is a standout amongst the most notable developments between the most significant areas of Gwadar City. These two important areas are Gwadar International Airport and deep sea port. All other important buildings are located at walking distances. As Burj Al Arab is the prominent symbol in Dubai so it is being in the development phase to become the symbol of Pakistan city.

The building has a sparkling front elevation behind which lies a perfectly composed structure containing shops, showrooms, corporate workplaces. This building covers the area of 1,600 square feet. Burj Al Gwadar additionally includes an earthquake proof structure that meets advanced wellbeing measures. This project has surely turned into a famous part of Gwadar’s City.


Burj Al Gwadar is considered to be the perfect choice to start a business, travel, insurance offices, banks and renting organizations. It is also ideal for fashion boutiques, bistros, cafes and electronic shops. It has the number of qualities so it is not only valuable for the commercial sector but additionally it includes a trendy and fashionable shopping mall advantageous spot of residence. It has extravagance apartments and no doubt it is the solution of Gwadar’s lack of comfortable residential options.

Features And Facilities Provided by Burj Al Gwadar

It is an ideal location and is designed in a way to meet the needs of the business organization, travel offices and others. The progression and development is likewise in a perfect suited for retailers of items, for example, style gems, cellular telephones, leather items, prescriptions, garments, gadgets and crafted works.

Burj Al Gwadar is not only an appreciated and loving place to the city commercial sector however it likewise includes features serviced apartments alongside a shopping center.


Huge numbers of these facilities are offered solely by Burj Al Gwadar will raise the outline and development standards of the forthcoming projects in the country. Burj Al Gwadar provides you with the number of facilities some of them are as followings:

  • Beautiful rapid elevators are designed
  • Perfect area
  • Provides you with complete security
  • Spacious and secured free car parking is available for guests
  • All time maintenance staff is available
  • Internet is available with high quality speed
  • Security cameras are fitted
  • All types of equipments are available including fire alarms and fire fighting
  • Generator facility is available
  • Client administration work area
  • Standout construction is done with perfect material
  • Work with amazing stones and marble flooring is done


Prices of Apartments, Offices, Shopping Malls in Burj Al Gwadar

The prices for offices are estimated from PKR 2,325,000 to PKR 4,200,000, while the apartment rates re estimated from PKR 2,790,000 and go up to PKR 5,040,000.

Prices in Burj Al Gwadar

Offices Rs. 5,000 per square foot
Shops Rs. 6,000 per square foot
Apartments Rs. 20,000 per square foot

Installment Plans of Apartments, Offices and Shops in Burj Al Gwadar

Booking Payment 10%
Allocation payment 10%
Confirmation payment 10%
24 monthly installments 7.5%
7 quarterly installments 6%
Payment on possession 10%
Total 100%


Burj Al Gwadar An Ideal Location

It is considered to be the best location for different purposes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Banking purposes
  • Electronic shops
  • Insurance companies
  • Fast foods restaurants are available for guests
  • Import and export offices
  • Clothing and garment stores are available
  • Leather material
  • Shoe markets

Most Attractive Place for the Visitors

The city where business activities have been taken place usually attracts the visitors. At the end Gwadar City is considered to be the most popular city and abundantly visited by the travelers and business agents. So the hospitality sector here works amazingly to achieve international standards. Burj Al Gwadar increases the attraction of this city.