Caledonia Luxury Apartments

Caledonia Luxury Apartments Best Place For Living

Caledonia luxury flats are located near the most desired location of Bani Gala in Islamabad.

In spite from Bani gala, Caledonia has Rawal lake, Shakar parian, Damn e koh and other prominent places in its proximity which adds more value to these beautiful apartments. The roads of the Caledonia also join with the Kashmir highway and express highway. The apartments consist of two and three bedrooms and offer a wide range of amenities to its residents. These luxury apartments present all the luxury lifestyle facilities that one can dream for their ideal house. These apartments perfectly fulfill all your fantasies into a wonderful reality.

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Developers of the Caledonia Luxury Apartments

The developer of the Caledonia luxury apartments is Aspire builders and developers which specialize in the construction of high end housing projects.


The head quarter of the building company is located in Jinnah Avenue, Blue area, Islamabad. Aspire Builders is equipped with skilled and experienced staff to bring excellence to their residential projects by keeping in mind the latest trends of the construction projects and employing high end methods to cater the future needs.

Types of Caledonia Luxury Apartments

The Caledonia luxury apartments consist of three types which are discussed below.

  • Moringa: Moringa is a three bedroom flat which covers an area of 1705 square feet. The price of this apartment is 8,995,000 rupees.
  • Orchid: Orchid is a two bedroom flat which covers an area of 1280 square feet. The price this flat is 6,895,000 rupees.
  • Delonis: Delonis is also a three bedroom flat which covers an area of 1495 square feet. The price of this apartment is 7,995,000 rupees.

These wonderful apartments can be booked on cash payment or by a series of installments. The confirmation of the flat is done after 60 days of booking. One can also get 12% discount in case of full cash payment.

Structure of the Caledonia Luxury Apartments

Aspire builders and developers used high quality materials in the making of the structure of these amazing apartments. The best cements, steel, bricks and other construction essentials from the well known companies are used in the construction process which saves people in calamities like earthquakes, storms, fire, etc. The whole project is carried out by experienced engineers who designed its structure and also done several quality tests to check its stability.


  • Porcelain Tile Flooring

Imported porcelain tiles are used in the flooring of these flats which are made from ceramic and are very hard in structure. For staircase, marble or granite is used to embellish the steps.

  • Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are used in the apartments having solid frames and panels which are further furnished with Malaysian skin ply and high definition local or imported door locks.

  • Aluminum Windows and ventilators

The windows are made from aluminum, which is styled in French design with tinted glass. The ventilators are also made of aluminum having a frosted glass.

  • Plumbing & Fittings

Experienced engineers are hired to design the whole plumbing design that used PPRC pipes for water lines and UPVC pipes for soil and waste water lines.

  • Electrical design

Electrical design is also designed by experienced electrical engineers to equip the apartments with nonstop electricity, which uses high quality cables and wires. The generator connection is also available on standby to all the apartments in case of an electricity short fall.


Other Salient Features of Caledonia Luxury Accommodation

The beautiful apartments of Caledonia have the following salient features.

  • Tower

The Caledonia has two towers which have two separate lifts which are used for moving people from up to down and vice versa. Each tower has also its separate reception lobby. The exterior and interior of these towers are exceptional.

  • Security

The Caledonia provides a full time security for its residents by guarding not only the entrance but also the whole area. CCTV cameras are also set up for this purpose to provide full time vigilance. Fire alarms and emergency buttons are also installed at various places for serious situations.

  • Room service

In case of an emergency or help, intercoms are provided to all the apartments for calling room service.


  • Parking facilities

Caledonia offers amazing parking facilities by providing a covered area for car parking and a separate place for drivers to sit in and have rest.

  • Facilities for children

A safe and secure children’s play area, children’s library and children’s mini cinema are also there for kids for recreational and entertainment purposes.

  • Community services

Caledonia provides several community services to its residents like gymnasium, hair salon, mini mart, prayer area, cafeteria, etc.

  • Parks and gardens

The lush green plants and trees, fountains, gazebos, jogging tracks, etc. add an amazing aesthetic and recreational sense in the people who come to visit the parks of Caledonia.


  • Housekeeping services

There are also several housekeeping services which are available to the residents like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. provided by the dedicated housekeepers.

  • Neighboring facilities

There are many schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. which are located nearby and provides different facilities to the residents of Caledonia.

Why to Invest in Caledonia Luxury Apartments?

Nowadays, investment in the property to get high returns is an attractive business for most of the people. Islamabad, being the capital, is considered as the prominent city of the Pakistan. That is the reason, more and more people are investing in the prominent locations of Islamabad. Due to the prime location and significant features, Caledonia luxury apartments are considered a best option for investment. The investor can decide that the investment should be for long term or short term.

The Caledonia high class flats can not only serve as the investment property, but also it can be used for rental and living purposes like giving the flats on rent for temporary residence or for spending vacations. It is up to the investors, how to utilize the Caledonia property to gain more profits and earnings from it. So, hurry up and grab your chance to book your Caledonia Luxury Apartment and make this wise choice.