Renting A House In Pakistan

The Ultimate Checklist For Renting A House In Pakistan

Before renting a house in Pakistan, you need to make a checklist. The checklist will include all the necessary tasks, which must be done before renting a house in Pakistan.

Checklist For Renting A House In Pakistan Post Contains

Renting a house is not done as all of sudden. It takes place with a series of steps. The checklist will make your life easier in Pakistan.

Checklist for Renting a House in Pakistan

You have to take care about different things while renting a house in Pakistan. Let us discuss from the start.

Attract Tenants Towards Your House

For this purpose you need to make look of your house attractive. Start with the cleaning process because this is the number one attraction for prospective tenants:

  • Clean out your garage by removing all the unnecessary items and washing it complete.
  • Clean the walls of the portion you want to rent out.
  • Clean your washrooms (tiles, basins) etc.
  • Check if the new paint on the walls is necessary.
  • Clean the kitchen (walls, sink) etc.
  • Give your garden an attractive look.

Decide Early Your Rental Rates

Before renting a house in Pakistan build up high and low rates. This will not create any confusion at the time of renting a house in Pakistan. This makes you flexible in dealing. And open up a mid-way for both the parties.

Prepare Advertisement before Renting a House in Pakistan

Make a remarkable rental advertisement that stands out from the others. Be very specific about your advertisement. This will make only serious parties contact you. Advertisement can be given in newspaper or on real estate websites.

Screening Tenants

It means filtering those interested parties who willing to live in your home. And you have no objection for that.

  • Follow up with a security check because of the suspicious trying to find accommodation on rent in Pakistan.
  • According to Matt Flaircloth, process a criminal, credit, and Personal Investigation of the Tenant.
  • You may also like to get opinion for this purpose from their previous house owners.

Decide about the Tenancy Period

By negotiating with other family members decide how long the particular tenancy period is going to be. There are short term and long term tenancy periods, according to the need of the both parties before Renting A House In Pakistan. Sometimes it happens that a short term agreement is signed. But both the parties are much happy with each other, so when the agreement ends they extend and renew it instead of looking for another home.

Decide if any Bill is Incorporated in the Rent

Sometimes few bills are added in the month to month rent, while others may not be. Before consenting to the rent arrangement consult with the interested tenants, if charges for gas, cable and electricity are secured. Utility rates in Pakistan are very volatile and can cause you huge losses later, so it is better to decide earlier. A few proprietors charge a settled sum for electricity bill, while some get a different installed meter. You have to clear all such conditions to the tenants and the agent.

Check The Exterior Side of Your House 

Are the drains or any pipe damaged and leaking? Leakage from any side will eventually leave marks, which will portray a bad image. Also rainy season in Pakistan tends to cause huge damage to properties every year. So if you find it, fix it as soon as possible before Renting A House In Pakistan.

Check Inside of your Home 

Do all lights work? Check if all tube lights and energy savers are in working conditions.

Do all Taps Produce Water

Check it. The interested party may come and randomly check the taps. Also check the pressure of water coming out of them.


Do windows and entryways open effortlessly and close safely. Are there proper locks on the doors and windows? Check them because robbery and theft are a major concern for property in all cities of Pakistan.

Check Sockets and Plugins

Are there enough sockets and plugins. If not, ask an electrician to add more.

Check Outside the House

  • Are there enough lights that lit up especially at night?
  • Make sure your roof top does not leak, due to any reason.
  • Have a look from outside to your home. How does it look? Are you sure it is attractive enough to pull many parties towards it.
  • Will tenants use the stairs? Are the stairs all safe to use? Check if stairs need renovation. Because of the high property rates, no one in Pakistan can afford to have a single storey house these days. The property that is built keeping in mind the renting a house in Pakistan are mostly all multi-storey.
  • Are there any gaps, breaks, on the walls of the house? If yes then try to hide them. It may be done with the help of paint.
  • Are waste bins properly placed at the outside of the house?
  • Look at your doors and windows and check them. Check their locks and their working condition.
  • Do the locks on gate work appropriately?
  • Make sure that rain does not enter your home from any place.
  • Are there any broken window panes? Make sure they are repaired, because most house robberies in Pakistan are conducted either through door or windows.
  • Does the portion of kitchen which is going to be rented, have cupboards and racks? According to the website Consumer Affairs ensure that they are in good working condition?
  • The website Consumer Affairs was quoted as saying, check that the channels, toilets, sinks and other pipe installations function correctly?
  • Turn on and check all exhaust fans in your home to find out that they work properly.
  • Check that effective waterproofing and climate security of rooftop is maintained.
  • According to website dca, check that plumbing facilities are in great housing working condition, including hot and cool running water, associated with a sewage transfer framework.
  • Make sure that gas facility is in great working condition.
  • Heating facility is in great working condition.
  • An electricity framework, including lighting and wiring is in great working condition.
  • Before you rent out your home paint that portion to give a new look.
  • Polish the doors and window panes.
  • Decide whether you will allow pets or not.
  • Decide about the family size of the party if you have any issue with a big family.

Before renting a house in Pakistan you should look deep into the above mentioned things. When you live together you become a family. So who provide discomfort to his family? Even when you are paid for your property. Try to build up a good liaison with your tenants. So that you both remember each other in good and bad times. As far as your home is concerned, it is your property. Who want to destroy it? So whenever you see that maintenance is required, give your best to make it worthy. Renting a house in Pakistan will be easier than ever for you.