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Demand of Revision in Valuation Tables for Industrial Property

Zakaria Usman, is the former Vice chairman of the FPCCI. FPCCI stands for Federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce and industry. He has asked to change the tables of fair market value for industrial property.

Demand Of Revision In Valuation Tables Post Contains

Usman says that, as opposed to government’s regulations, these new rates can conceivably obstruct the development of the industrial sector in the nation. Because of the high rates, the subsidies provided to this sector in Pakistan proves void.


The industrial segment of Pakistan confronts troubles because of power, water supply and gas deficiency. It is recorded, that numerous industries have officially transferred their work stations to different regions of other countries, which has thus caused higher inflation rate and unemployment rate in our country. . These variables have joined to bring about economic crisis in Pakistan and the new charges on the industrial segment will just exacerbate things.

At the point when the revisions of the year 2001 Income Tax Ordinance were proposed, FBR the (Federal Board of Revenue) asserted that the revisions will finish the speculation trade in the property segment, persuading speculators to search for circumstances in different divisions including the manufacturing business. According to the FBR’s observation, the movement of investment focus to the industry division will add to the making of occupations in the nation and fortify the economy. Be that as it may, as indicated by Usman, the new valuation rates will rather do the opposite.

On the off chance that the government means to initiate investment focus from the land business sector to the industrial area, charges on the industrial property ought to be gathered per the old (DC) Deputy Commissioner rate all things considered, the primary reason for the new expenses was to advance interest in industry.


Meeting to Highlight The Problem

A meeting was held on 15th August 2016 at head office of FPCCI. Sheikh Khalid Tawab who is the acting President of the FPCCI, took part to consider the issues identified with the High Valuation of industrial territories and other old regions of the city. The meeting was likewise attended by Vice President of FPCCI, Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on FBR Affairs, Honorary Advisor of FPCCI and so on. After a nitty gritty pondering in the meeting, it was consistently determined that:

  1. Proposed Valuation Tables are not adequate for industrial and in addition other part of the city as these are on high side, doubtful and in that capacity are not relevant.
  1. These Valuation Tables are set up without meeting of the partners.
  1. There are numerous legitimate defects in the valuation framework which should be evacuated in interview with the FPCCI and other concerned partners as there couldn’t be two controllers.
  1. All revisions in the valuation tables are meant to be realistic and making sense tentatively.
  1. Appropriate revisions be made in the law to evacuate the oddities at the soonest as all the exchange of the properties at present is stopped.
  1. The FPCCI and its group asked for help to the Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar to take prompt notification of the issue. It was done for the purpose of solving the issue on dire premise so that the dealings of properties may be continued.


Proposition Of The Problem

The chambers ought to present their proposition to the tax accumulation authority on the off chance that they don’t coincide with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). It was recently told by the Spokesperson (FBR) Dr Muhammad Iqbal. The issue originated from the valuation of industrial lands.

There are exceptions in some regions. The problem can be stated as the new rates that were declared surpassed their present worth in a few regions. It is a probability, however they are prepared to audit such scenarios. Provided this condition that if the chambers submit a solid proposition, the spokesperson told while conversing in an interview. 

Origin Of Contradiction

The legislature, during the 1st ten days of August, approved the Federal Board of Revenue to check property rates. The purpose was to asses all types of property whether (business, residential and industrial) all through the nation by negotiating for a long time with delegates of real estate sector. FPCCI and the KCCI issued an announcement in which it was informed that the new valuation tables were not “worthy” at all.

We don’t totally contradict new valuation tables, in any case, we only want the legislature to correct a couple of oddities that are available in them told by the president of KCCI “Younus Bashir”. As per the KCCI and FPCCI proclamation, the legislature body did not gather partners before issuing new rates. They also said that the new rates for the industrial area were found too much.


Reaction Of Finance Minister

The announcement, encouraged Mr. Ishaq Dar to yield prompt notification of the issue and try to resolve it on emergency premise. So that dealings may be continued. Be that as it may, the FBR does not agree with them.

Reaction Of FBR Spokesperson

The new valuation tables were declared, having the involvement of partners. The president of FPCCI himself attended each gathering with the real estate segment. He also interceded the FBR and different individuals told by the Spokesperson of FBR, when some information was inquired regarding the contribution of FPCCI.

Administration and estate division delegates had consented to build the rates, which are higher than DC rates yet lower from the common business sector prices. These rates have now gotten to the effect and the source for gathering withholding charges from dealers and purchasers of the land properties. In addition to this, the capital gain charges on benefits produced using these exchanges. 

Statement From The Government

The legislature says that it needs to advance speculations and gather due offer of assessments from the land segment. The new property valuation framework won’t just build the administration charge accumulation additionally debilitate the speculations of billions of rupees of in this area.