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To know about DHA City Karachi a bit closer, we should go through DHA City Karachi map. DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a standout amongst the most talked about option from investment point of view.

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Due to its name DHA City Karachi, it is a piece of DHA Karachi in the way of Concerned Authority. This Authority implies, The Name of Trust and Reputation for last numerous decades.

DHA City Karachi Map Image

When the plots were balloted, then right around twenty thousand files were distributed in various Size/Type and Categories. Throughout the previous year exchange of files was on peak and costs additionally expanded.

DHA City Karachi map- Attractions

Theme Park

According to Property 365, the Theme Park in DHA City Karachi will give a truly necessary recreational environment, with fun rides and attractions for families and youthful ones. They will appreciate, from crazy rides to dodging cars, DCK will offer it all. Filled to the overflow with comforts, experience rides, live appears and engrossing attractions these are ideal for the entire family, blending thrill with fun. Visitors old or youthful, all will feel adoration to venture back in the time where exemplary family rides and merry go rounds are an awesome offer for everybody to share.



According to Estate Pro, DHA CITY will have two Theme Parks, to be specific North and South. North DCK Theme Park situated close super highway and is near Sector 2. This spot is required to draw in significant group from around the city as this will be the greatest water park in Pakistan.

South Theme park has been arranged close to the Golf Course and will be near Sector 16. This will have all popular world prominent rides, crazy ride and much more. You will enjoy every bit of it.

About the Farm Houses of DHA City Karachi

  • Three level fool proof security and strict cautiousness component set up
  • Farm houses will be accessible in various sizes and architecture
  • Most flawlessly found homestead houses in Karachi
  • offering energetic, peaceful and wide open way of life
  • Universal standard progressive arranging and engineering outline
  • Promptly accessible utilities and environment inviting living
  • Relaxation facilities for the whole family accessible at the site

About the Golf Resort of DHA City Karachi

  • Offering living on the edge of golf resort
  • Three level full proof security and strict watch system set up
  • Eighteen Hole PGA standard course
  • Quiet and serene top of the line living with the world-class engineering plan
  • Arranged and composed by the world class experts
  • Promptly accessible utilities and environment loving living


About Houses and Villas of DHA City Karachi

  • Villas architect by world class engineers
  • up to date living with tranquil and quiet neighborhood
  • Wide open way of life with ecological well-disposed and manageable society
  • 3 level full proof security and strict cautiousness system set up
  • Promptly accessible utilities including water, power and communication system
  • Living arrangement accessible in various sizes and choices

The Hilltop Club Location

The Hilltop Club midway situated on a slope lock of DHA City Karachi, Sector 2. It has been named as Hilltop Club in view of its most noteworthy area in Sector 2. DHA TODAY was found as quoted that the site has extensive number of other natural reasons that makes it all the more striking, captivating and dazzling.


Administration DHA Karachi sought that a notable structure for this site ought to be made as needs be the Hilltop Club is made out of two components; a skyscraper tower and a glass pyramid. The stature of skyscraper tower is more than two hundred feet and a glass pyramid is above eighty feet high. The Hilltop Club will turn into a magnet for DHA City Karachi on account of its notable shape and its location, it will be sighted a long way from M-9 highway.



The aggregate territory of site is five acres of land that is partitioned into two portions, with frontal fragment for Club construction on 1.59 acres of land and others portion on 3.4 sections of land for outside facilities including Sports courts, Swimming pool, Dining ranges and other lawn facilities, in a stylishly satisfying finishing.

The main part of building contains a focal glass pyramid, passage zone encompassed by various exercises fit by arrangement. Both sides alongside an eighteen story tower presenting as the hotel design visitor rooms with rooftop top eatery which gives a magnificent survey area of the entire city and encompassing region. According to DHA TODAY, It is a top piece of the post advanced design.

It is likewise composed considering different facilities keeping of its common form because of which arranging turns out to be more attractive and appealing. Landscaping is carried out in different steps of terrace.

DCK is one of only a handful few DHA ventures that is totally walled and has a premises where unknown individuals can’t enter. For the general population of Karachi, living in DCK would be a joyful ordeal where they wouldn’t need to stress over their children playing in the recreation center unattended or bringing a stroll not far off conveying an important telephone.


The area of DCK is all by itself an exceptionally alluring component for the individuals who discover the city’s typical hustle clamor ugly. The quiet and peaceful surroundings of DCK will open you to nature, where time won’t fly by and each breath will be a great experience.

By looking at the map of DHA city Karachi you will come to know the locations of various attractions, this society is holding. You can study its map and projects it is running. It is nevertheless too late. Make your investments worthy by investing in a project with good prospects. So don’t wait for anything take help from DHA City Karachi map and direct your steps accordingly.