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Where To Find Expensive Houses In Pakistan?

There are many expensive housing schemes urbanized in Pakistan everywhere in almost all the cities. (5 Most Luxurious Housing Schemes in Pakistan) People of Pakistan are no less than any citizen of any country.

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Those who could afford possess a very luxurious and  expensive lifestyle in posh areas  of Pakistan. People want to live in expensive houses with all the lavishing facilities. There are many cities in Pakistan both big and small. Among all those cities there are some posh areas with expensive residential facilities. People pay hundreds of thousands of rupees to buy the houses. Many luxurious housing schemes have been developed in Pakistan. The price of the houses may vary according to the geographic proximity and surroundings in any posh area due to the facilities or extra luxuries provided or according to the demand of owner.

Houses of any size and prices can be easily found in Pakistan. No matter in which city you are living, with the help of various real estate applications you can find expensive houses in any city. You can search about the desired locality on the internet or you can visit the nearest real estate office to get information about the areas and the lavish houses.

Following is the list of various cities of Pakistan having housing schemes where we could find expensive houses in Pakistan .


Karachi is the most luxurious and expensive city of Pakistan in terms of living and buying homes. It is the most populated city of Pakistan and second most populated city of the world. Being the financial capital this city has large population and much job opportunities so it creates much demand of  expensive housing in Karachi . The expensive housing schemes to buy a house in Karachi are:

  • Defence housing authority
  • Bahria Town
  • Gulistan-e-jauhar

·         Clifton Karachi

  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Most expensive areas of Karachi to buy a home in 2015, 2014)

Average price of house in Karachi

1 Kanal house = PKR 52,500,000

10 Marla house = PKR 23,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 12,000,000


Lahore city is the second most populated and expensive city to live in Pakistan. This city has many different attractions. Lahore city is known for its many different and beautiful locations. There are many expensive and luxurious localities in Lahore city. There are many developed and many under developed state posh housing schemes in Lahore. Currently the most expensive areas for housing schemes in Lahore  are:

  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Bahria Town
  • Royal Residencia
  • Askari Housing Scheme
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme
  • Lahore Cantonment (Top Five Luxurious Housing Schemes in Pakistan, 2015)

Average price of house in Lahore

2 Kanal house = PKR 90,000,000

1 Kanal house = PKR 40,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 24,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 9,000,000


Islamabad is a small city but being the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is very expensive city to live in as many cooperate companies are located there and many political personalities have their residence in the capital city. The environment of this city is very peaceful and quiet. It is very expensive to buy your own place to live in any luxurious housing scheme in Islamabad.

Following is the list of some posh housing areas in Islamabad:

  • G-11 Islamabad
  • F-11 Islamabad
  • E-11 Islamabad
  • DHA Islamabad

Average price of house in Islamabad

1 Kanal house = PKR 28,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 15,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 8,000,000


Rawalpindi is Islamabad’s twin city. Many people who work in Islamabad and can’t afford to buy a home there prefer to live in Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi has many opportunities provided to the citizen. There are many luxurious housing schemes in Rawalpindi with expensive houses to buy. Exclusive housing societies of Rawalpindi are as following:

  • Askari Housing Scheme Rawalpindi
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • Chaklala Housing Scheme Rawalpindi
  •  Gulraiz Housing Scheme Rawalpindi
  • Defence housing authority (DHA)

Average price of house in Rawalpindi

1 Kanal house = PKR 26,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 14,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 7,500,000


Faisalabad provides various industrial jobs and many other necessary facilities to live in. so it creates attraction for job oriented people. Faisalabad is the 5th most expensive city to live in Pakistan. The most expensive houses in Faisalabad could be found in these posh housing societies

  • Gulistan Colony Faisalabad
  • Jinnah Colony Faisalabad
  • Model Town Faisalabad
  • Gulberg Colony Faisalabad
  • Lasani town faisalabad

Average price of house in Faisalabad

1 Kanal house = PKR 24,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 13,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 7,000,000

Hyderabad Pakistan:

Hyderabad is located near Karachi city and the rural areas of province Sindh. Many land lords from the rural areas have their expensive houses built in Hyderabad. There are many expensive housing societies and flats in Hyderabad Pakistan.

  • Gulistan e Sarmast Housing Scheme
  • Pak lane colony
  • Qasimabad

Average price of house in Hyderabad

1 Kanal house = PKR 22,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 12,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 6,500,000


Multan is a famous city of province of Punjab. There are many opportunities and facilities available in Multan. There are many people from the rural areas and other small cities who prefer to live a luxurious life in Multan city. The expensive housing schemes of Multan are:

  • Multan Cantonment
  • Zakariya Town Multan
  • Model Town Multan
  • Garden Town Multan
  • WAPDA Town Multan
  • Satellite Town Multan
  • Askari Colony Multan

Average price of house in Multan

1 Kanal house = PKR 16,000,000

10 Marla house = PKR 8,500,000

5 Marla house = PKR 5,000,000


Peshawar is the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. There are many people living in posh areas of Peshawar. List of some posh areas of Peshawar are

  • University Town Peshawar
  • Regi Model Town Peshawar
  • Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Colony Peshawar
  • Hayatabad Peshawar
  •   DHA Peshawar

Average price of house in Peshawar

1 Kanal house = PKR 19, 00,000

10 Marla house = PKR 10,000,000

5 Marla house = PKR 5,500,000


Gujranwala is a small city to live but many rich people live in the luxurious areas of Gujranwala city. They own their houses in the exclusive areas of the city.

According to Malik Anwar Ul Islam these are the best residential areas of Gujranwala :

  • DHA Gujranwala
  • Citi Housing Gujranwala
  • Canal View Housing Scheme Gujranwala (Islam, 2015)

Average house price in Gujranwala 2015

1 Kanal house = PKR 17,500,000

10 Marla house = PKR 9,500,000

5 Marla house = PKR 5,500,000 (Pakistan’s most expensive cities to buy a home in 2015, 2014 )

So, if you can afford living in posh areas then we have listed all the areas where you can find expensive houses in Pakistan.