Why should you invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala

Why should You Invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala

Yes, now is the right time to invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala Post Contains

Gujranwala (the city of fighters and wrestlers) has now developed as a vital modern city while agribusiness is yet another imperative part that assumes an essential part for financial matters of city as well as for Pakistan. Rice and wheat are the two fundamental horticulture items for which Gujranwala City is known for. The developing improvement in city and expanding quantities of modern units prompts assume part in better way of life and vocation opportunities in City.

With more than 5 million populaces, Gujranwala is seventh biggest Metropolitan Territory of Pakistan. The modern and horticulture based city is not getting remarkable advancements, enhancements in foundation, better private style, quality instructive and wellbeing offices and so on. The Land Engineers are taking activities and putting resources into Gujranwala Land Division by growing great arrangement lodging and private plans and social orders.


Developing advancements in Gujranwala are useful for city, including development of Overhead extension, dispatching of new private plans by acclaimed engineers of Pakistan. Individuals are searching for venture opportunities in Gujranwala City. To excite the, this article calls attention to some prominent housing schemes in Gujranwala City for investment and to appreciate cutting edge way of life.

Criteria For Selecting Housing Schemes

The said housing schemes were taken after components as regular.

  • Gated People group
  • Boundary Dividers
  • Approved Social orders
  • Road System
  • Prime Area
  • Available Utilities (power, water, gas, waste and sewerage)
  • Security Arrangement
  • Close to principle Purposes of City

Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala

(FHS) Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala is a welfare extend particularly for persons identified with Pakistan Flying corps, however Open can likewise be a piece of rich and current private lodging style of Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala.


Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala Area

The Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala is situated on Fundamental G.T Street of Gujranwala between two primary Streets i.e. Gujranwala and Hafizabad Road and Alipur Street. The site of Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala makes it simple to move anyplace inside City and out of City also.

Improvement Status of Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala

The Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala improvement is in procedure as advancement of foundation on its way including developments of streets, sewerage, power framework and development of Primary Entryway. The Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala offers Private Documents of various sizes including 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala is in beginning improvement stage, so it is a perfect site for interest in Gujranwala Properties.

Fazaia Gujranwala have a magnificent area on the primary GT Street close Rawalpindi and Lahore Detour and Punjab College and Therapeutic School Gujranwala. Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala is putting forth world class conveniences of life, for example, Underground supply of power, Sui Gas, Appropriate Supply of clean Water, PC controlled moving 3D drinking Fountain, Mosques, and Least 40 Feet wide streets system. It will be a gated group with Worldwide Standard Limit Dividers. There will be exceptionally prepared very much prepared security monitors on obligation all day, every day and whole venture will be nearly viewed by means of video observation. Trust us this most cutting edge a work in progress safe secure extortion free Qabza aggregates free venture is awesome expansion to city of Gujranwala land market. Additionally take note of its administration have freely made a promise to give you prepared to develop plots in 3 years time. This reasonable strong duty is extremely first in any of powers run ventures. I trust and ask administration stays faithful to their obligation and get your duaen for on time conveyance of plots. 5 Marla, 10 Marla and one kanal plots on portion are accessible from Lahore Land.


5-Marla Plots

  • Booking Cost : 17 Lacs (Accessible On Resale just at this point)
  • Initial installment : 3.20 Lacs

Remaining sum will be paid on quarterly premise in three years

10-Marla Plots

  • Booking Cost : 30.50 Lacs
  • Up front installment : 6.20 Lacs
  • Remaining sum will be paid on quarterly premise in three years

One Kanal Plots

  • Booking Cost : 58.50 Lacs
  • Up front installment : 7.70 Lacs
  • Remaining sum will be paid on quarterly premise in three years

5-Marla Business Plots

  • Booking Cost : 75 Lacs
  • Up front installment : 7.50 Lacs
  1. Remaining sum will be paid on quarterly premise in 2.50 years
  2. Business Plots are likewise accessible on portions. For business plots kindly do call Sahib Mian Waqas on telephone at most recent costs.
  3. 10% additional sum should be charged for corner plot, Confronting Park and M.B.
  4. 5% Markdown on full installment of plot.


The Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala have an a great advertising and improvement group. Showcasing group made an extraordinary showing with regards to book plan to generally abroad Pakistanis and business sector it so well practically every one thinks about this awesome venture. Improvement group is likewise doing extraordinary occupation. Despite the fact that a great many people think it will take more than around 5 year to get ownership we at Lahore Land unequivocally have confidence in dedicated group of Fazaia Housing scheme Gujranwala at supposes you will begin getting ownership for house developments in 3 years. Additionally an Illusion Warrior Plane was as of late introduced nearby to pull in part of consideration of individuals.

You can expect an extraordinary area housing scheme plot prepared for house development in profoundly ensured secure extortion free Qabza amass free plan in about least 3 years to most extreme 5 years. Despite the fact that cost is parcel higher than equely great and safe interest in DHA Gujranwala we at Lahore Land think its great venture as you are just going to minimal higher that 20% now and rest of the sum is expected in 3 years in portions. When you figure interest on portions sum in Its genuine current costs is part under 58.5 lacs. This anticipate will give great come back to financial specialists and great spot to make your future house on the off chance that you need to life in Gujrawala. Lahore Real Estate customers and guests are asked for to nearly watch and take in more about this anticipate. We are attempting our best to give as much information about improvement and so on as effectively conceivable. Its not a get rich quick extend so if searching for speediest increases don’t even attempt to purchase it. On the off chance that you are plot holder here please have some persistence and don’t offer it too early. In Shaa Allah you will be compensated great.


Accomplish your very own research too from all sources as its your well deserved cash an existence time investment that necessities additional time then you spend on vegetable shop :). Just put resources into any venture when BOth YOUR hand and HEART say its a decent investment.