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Graceland Housing Islamabad Golden Investment Opportunity

Graceland housing society is situated near new Islamabad international airport.

This is the zone 2 of Islamabad and this area is developed by the cooperative housing societies to help out the people to get their own house in Islamabad who can’t afford a house in Islamabad due to high prices and short vacant space in housing sectors of Islamabad. The Govt. taking notice of this situation and decided to privatize the land in North of Kashmir Highway and West of G.T Road designated as Zone 2 for development by Co-Operative Societies and Developers. The Graceland housing society is located at main Fateh jang road and near to new Islamabad international airport and this area is developing aggressively because of the airport.

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About Developers

Graceland housing society is developed by the Infratech Pakistan pvt (ltd) which is the subsidiary of Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited (HRL). Habib Rafiq is a big and renowned name in construction industry of Pakistan. Infratech is an ISO 9001 certified International designing and construction Firm with over 40 years of professional experience. Infratech developed this housing society with the objective that they will promote and safeguard the economic interests of the allottees and residents of the scheme.

They have develop the project’s land in accordance with the best engineering standards and provisions of the Controlling Authority. The developers of Graceland housing society also provides the proposed plan of houses and commercial buildings of the society to the allottees who want to construct their property according to that proposed plan. The developers of the Graceland housing scheme are HRL who are renowned for their construction work and adoption of best engineering practices by them, they done the completion of the infrastructural development works of housing scheme including roads, water supply, sewerage, drainage, underground electrification system and piping for natural gas supply.

They also plan the infrastructure work including the sewage work and treatment plant, parks and horticulture in professional way for the residents of the housing scheme with the main objective is to provide pollution free, healthy and hygienic environment to the residents of the Graceland. The developers also allocate space for the basic facilities for the residents of the scheme like they provide space for hospitals and educational institutes and recreation activities. HRL also arranged to build community mosque in Graceland housing society to provide the facility for the residents of the society.


They have also established welfare Society for the maintenance and welfare works of the residents of the housing scheme and to have smooth operations in housing scheme and to provide all residents a safe life they also frame by laws to be followed by all the residents. Graceland housing society is a famous name and the developers of this society are renowned so they also help the plot holders in getting bank loans for the construction of their houses.
The development works in the society are being started on Fast Track Basis and remaining development works will be completed within specific time frame of 2-3 years. Most of the earth work is being completed and the possession of the plots will be given to allottees soon for construction of their building.

Graceland Housing Features

The builders of the Graceland housing scheme intended on creating a state of the art modern day living option to do so they are planning to have the following key features in their project, They are planning to have underground electric wiring to get rid of the electric cables on ground or hanging in the air which is risky too. Along with the main roads they will also build foot paths for pedestrian, to ensure the safety and security of the residents they will also install street lights on required places.

The builders wants to provide a clean and healthy environment to residents and for this they will develop Parks/ children play areas and community centers, they also have a comprehensive plan for water supply in the housing scheme to facilitate the residents. They will also arrange for modern sewerage and disposal drainage system for cleanliness of the scheme.


This will be a gated community with boundary wall, security staff and a main gate where security staff will be available to ensure the security of the housing scheme, main entrance will be provided from the fateh jang road which enables the residents to an easy access to the society. The builders of the housing scheme also arrange a self reliant maintenance system to provide continuous facilities to the residents.

Ideal Location

The new bridge on motor way (already in place) that connects Kashmir highway with Fateh Jang road (also shown in location map available on the website of the society) touches Fateh Jang road at a point 9 kms from GT road, thus bypassing the stretch from GT road to this point from where Graceland Housing is a mere 4 kms (5 minutes’ drive). By the development of new roads, Graceland housing society is not very faar away from the center of the city and you can approach to the center places with I minutes, like you can reach to zero point/Peshawar more in 20 minutes.

Graceland Housing Islamabad Payment Schedule

The payment plan and the prices of the plots in Graceland housing scheme are very attractive and affordable considering the facilities and the locations. Graceland housing is offering 7 types of plots on very affordable prices and on convenient payment plan. Plot is available in following sizes,

25×50 Sq Feet,  30*60 Sq Feet,  30*70 Sq Feet,  30*75 Sq Feet, 50*90 Sq Feet, 60*90 Sq Feet, 80*110 Sq Feet

And the price of the above mentioned plots is as under respectively (You can check for the exact price form the office of grace land housing or Infratech).

Plot size of 25*50 Sq Feet is available in 1,450,000
Plot size of 30*60 Sq Feet is available in 1,850,000 and the big plots are available
Plot size of 60*90 Sq Feet is available in 4,600,000
Plot size of 60*90 Sq Feet is available in 6,950,000

Down payment for the plots is 25% of the plot value and then there are 18 monthly and 6 quarterly installments to be paid to purchase a plot in Graceland housing scheme.