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Harmain Royal Residency 5 And 6 Room Apartments For Sale

The beautiful yet huge towers of Harmain Royal Residency are nothing but pure glory. The multi-storey building is a gorgeous sight and can be seen easily because of its mammoth structure from most of the important strategic and commercial locations of the city.

Harmain Royal Residency Post Contains

The majestic glimpse of the brooding multi-storey towers is definitely a treat for the passing by. The residential plan is a brilliant, ultra-modern and intellectually architected multi-storey tower. Harmain Royal Residency is a project catered by Harmain Builders. The company introduced the concept of innovative approach and declared their skills in real estate sector of the country. This project is a proof of living art; skillful architecture! Not only that the developers promise to provide the residents with a comfortable lifestyle, provided with all the basic to luxurious amenities.


About the Builders

Harmain Builders have always tried to remain a step ahead and project the modern trends and technologies in their construction and building projects. They stay connected and bring the innovation from around the world in collaboration with the market leaders.

The latest technologies are imported and inspired from the leading developed nations of the world. Not only are they being looked up to but are being thoroughly practiced at Harmain Royal Residency to ensure that the city of lights remains competent with international standards and that too at affordable rates.

A project like Harmain Royal Residency empowers and revitalizes and serve as the name-builder of Karachi as a business and commercial hub of Pakistan.

Their team of creative architects, designers, and management visits upbeat countries that face breakthroughs in the respective field and bring them here to apply the ideas in an environment like ours. The whole process then only functions as innovative and is highly accepted by the society.


Prime Location

One of the many attractive features is the project’s location as the tower can be is easily accessible and can be approached from the Lyari Expressway. Country’s economic hub- Karachi has the honor of beholding this true residential venture of Harmain Royal Residency. The project is at the perfect location of the well-known Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town Block – 1. In Gulshan Iqbal, it lies in-between Nipa and Hassan Square. Moreover, University Road and Sir Syed University also exist in close proximity to Harmain residential project.

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Another feature of the particular placement is the fact that all the strategic localities of the city of lights- Karachi can also be reached without much effort as the linked roads are developed and accessible.


Residency Offerings

The iconic Towers, Karachi has 3 and 4-bed luxury apartments on several floors and offer other noteworthy aspects. The apartments are planned with utter dedication such that they entertain three side corner view. Thus, the residents get to enjoy beautiful outside view from their individual apartments. The mentioned key offerings make the project more appealing to its potential clients.

Not just the outer details have been catered to perfection, the inner development lets the residents experience the lavish lifestyle. Moreover, the features serve as a strong pull for the future candidates.

Harmain Royal Residency Project Features

It has unique features in a number of ways which are mentioned as following:

  • At Harmain Royal Residency each apartment has a 3 -side corner location such that it provides the onlookers with a picturesque view of the area.
  • The project keeps their esteemed residents’ environment and health as their top most priority. You will be welcomed each day with natural ventilation and abundant natural light.

The project is to retain its perfect ambiance for years to come as it is surrounded by bungalows with ample open spaces. Furthermore, the lush greenery has been provided outside each apartment. Your love for plantation will definitely bloom here as you will be able to adorn the area with your gardening skills of seasonal flowers and plants.


You will get to avail the following facilities at Harmain Royal Residency

  • Community Centre
  • Club House
  • Coffee Shop
  • Library
  • Internet Café
  • Table
  • Snooker
  • Tennis
  • Shopping Mart
  • Jacuzzi
  • Swimming Pool
  • Mosque
  • Parking
  • Higher standard facilities

Harmain Royal Residency Apartments

At Harmain Royal Residency, get ready to discover the true meaning of luxury living and for an experience like never before. The 3-bed and 4-bed apartments are tailor-designed as per international construction and building standards. They follow the international specificities such that it results in comfortable luxurious life. 


Apartment Amenities

  • Waste Disposal
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Drawing Room
  • Study Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Dining Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Gym Room

Project Facilities

  • Sewerage
  • Sui Gas
  • Water Supply
  • Accessible by Road
  • Satellite or Cable TV Ready
  • Community Gym
  • Community Swimming Pool
  • Community Mosque
  • Hospitals
  • First Aid or Medical Centre
  • Community Centre
  • Schools
  • Security Staff
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Public Transport Service
  • Maintenance Staff


Payment Schedules for Harmain Royal Residency

Harmain royal residence offers different sizes of apartments on installments here is the details of payment methods

Payment Schedule for 4 Rooms Apartment

  • Down payment = Rs 750,000/-
  • Allocation = Rs 750,000/-
  • Quarterly installments = Rs 160,000/-
  • 24 installments = Rs 60,000/-
  • On Possession = Rs 280,000/-
  • Total payment = Rs 75,00,000/-

Harmain Royal Residency 4 Rooms Apartment image

Payment Schedule for 3 Rooms Apartments

  • Down payment = PKR 550,000/-
  • Allocation = PKR 550,000/-
  • Quarterly installments = PKR 135,000/-
  • 24 installments = PKR 45000/-
  • On Possession = PKR 240,000/-
  • Total payment = PKR 55,00,000/-

Harmain Royal Residency 3 Rooms Apartments image


Extra charges

  • Corner = PKR 100,000/-
  • Open = PKR 100,000/-
  • Facing = PKR 100,000/-

All installments are to be paid before 10th of every month. All extra charges will be payable within 180 days.


Please note that documentation charges for gas, electricity are not included in the above-mentioned payment plan.

Harmain Royal Residency Apartment Types

6 Room Executive Apartment – Type A

  • Area 1900 Sq. Feet
  • Beds installed – 6

Type- A 6 Room Executive Apartments image

  • Type-A Price: PKR 46 Lakh to 49 Lakh

Type- A 6 Room Executive Apartments Payment Plan image

5 Room Executive Apartments – Type B

  • Area 1450 Sq. Feet
  • Beds installed – 5

Type- B 5 Room Executive Apartments image

  • Type-B Price: Rs 35 Lakh to 38 Lakh

Type- B 5 Room Executive Apartments Payment Plan image



Harmain Royal Residency-Karachi has been developed completely and now offers beautiful apartments with serene environment. Thus buyers who are searching for such a thing can definitely opt for these immaculately, developed apartments in the prime location of Karachi city.