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Heaven Heights Apartments Muree Investment Options & Detail

Heaven Heights is yet another beautiful addition to the landscape of Murree. It is a fact that Pakistan is among the beautiful countries of the world.

This means that there are a number of worth watching places holding greenery, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and snow covered mountains. Out of other beautiful places, Murree is another worth visiting destination. Many tourists round the year, plan their vacations all the way to Murree. Heaven Height apartments Murree is for all those tourists who often make their visit to Murree.

Heaven Heights Post Contains


Due to its captivating beauty, people wish to have their own apartment or flat at this place. This is to facilitate themselves and their family during vacations. To fulfill this wish of the people, the well-known developers Destyl Venture, launched their project Heaven Heights.

Having an apartment in the most visited beautiful place of Murree, is just like a treat for you. Heaven Heights apartments are not only surrounded by the worth watching views but they are also equipped with up to the mark facilities. You can enjoy the snow fall in Murree, during your stay here. You will have fun with your friends and family and you will be happy to be the part of Heaven Heights. It is the dream of many people to have a home in such a spectacular place. The project of Heaven Heights has resolved the problem of investment option in Murree.

Location of Heaven Heights

The location of Heaven Heights is such that it is away from hustle and bustle of the main Murree city. You can locate it by the side of Barian Cantt. The area of Barian Cantt is at the height of seventy five hundred feet. Being in Murree and staying at Heaven Heights, you can enjoy the amazing views of Galyat, Kashmir, Murree and Bhurban.


Must see Destinations

There are many must see destinations located near Heaven Heights. You can visit the tourist attractions of this city by travelling for few minutes only. There are lush green slopes, moors, waterfalls, streams and what’s not. Following are the nearby attractions of Murree.

  1. Way to Narran Kaghan Valley
  2. Ayubia
  3. Nathia Gali
  4. Mushkpuri
  5. Kuldana Chowk
  6. Patriata

Architecture of Heaven Heights

The construction and architecture of Heaven Heights is an example of the state of the art planning. You will be given first class facilities that any other project may offer. The location of this project adds to the worth of it. Because it is providing exposure to all must see destinations. Heaven Heights comprises of twin towers having five stories. The area of Heaven Heights expands up to two kanals.



  • The apartments are built in such a way, that they are getting sunlight throughout the day.
  • Terrace of these apartments will make you feel like you are in another world, due to the exposure of breath taking views.

Facilities Being Offered at Heaven Heights

1. Backup Power Generator

Heaven Heights ensure the continuous supply of electricity, to facilitate its people. You need not to worry about the issue of power supply being the part of Heaven Heights.

2. Security

Heaven Heights are very concerned about their customers, they ensure the twenty four hour security of them.

3. Cable Network

In order to entertain you, they are adding cable facility among other facilities. You can enjoy as per you want.

4. Internet Facility

You can get connected twenty four hours with anyone you want while your stay at Heaven Heights. So don’t think that this facility may not be available at this area.

5. Gym

They are offering the service of gym for all the occupants. This fitness center will help you out in your fitness exercises.


6. Water supply (Hot and Cold)

To provide ease to all the occupants of Heaven Heights, they are offering continuous supply of water, no matter if you need hot or cold water. You will be given both options.

7. Car Rental Service and Car Parking Service

If you are from another city, and you need a rental car, Heaven Heights will arrange it for you. They will not only provide you rental car service but they will also provide you secured car parking area at the site of Heaven Heights.

8. Service of lift and housekeeping

Due to five floors of this project, there is a facility of lift you can use it anytime. Heaven heights also provides housekeeping service to make its occupants delight all the time. What else you need?

Café, restaurants and delicious eatery are all present in and near Heaven Heights. To refresh your mind, you need to relax yourself. And to relax yourself, you must go to a place, close to the beauty of nature. The spot of Murree has always been very rushy especially during the snow fall. Heaven Heights is all what you need there. You will feel like home and wish to come again and again.


Heaven Heights Booking and Payment Details

Heaven Heights comprises of one, two and three bed room apartments. The prices of these apartments vary due to its five floors. The prices for the top floor apartments are a bit high from the others. This is due to the reason that top floor exposes more beauty of the city.

The average price range of these apartments ranges from 4,400,000 rupees to 11,500,000 rupees. You can book your apartment by giving twenty percent down payment on total price of the apartment. The rest amount can be easily paid in eight quarterly installments, through installment plan.

Who don’t want to enjoy a happy life at a calm place? Even if it’s not during the whole year, but when it comes to vacations everybody wants to enjoy at their fullest. People usually consider that hilly areas don’t have proper living apartments. They don’t use them happily rather pass their time when in need. But this is not the case with Heaven Heights. Because it is equipped with all the up to date facilities. In addition for living purpose, Heaven Heights is also best for investing. For all the investors who want to invest somewhere in Murree, they must go for Heaven Heights.