Hyderabad Real Estate

Hyderabad Real Estate Low budget Investment Options

About Hyderabad Real Estate

Hyderabad real estate has shown good growth in real estate sector, its future prospects are also superior. The city of Hyderabad is said to be as the sixth largest city of the country of Pakistan whereas known to be as second largest one in Sindh. Hyderabad city has number of places to visit which magnetize travelers from all around the world. For the purpose of investment in Hyderabad real estate top opportunities include GOR colony, Doctors colony and Ammar city.

Tehsils of Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is sub divided into four tehsils that include:

  • Hyderabad city Taluka
  • Hyderabad Taluka
  • Latifabad
  • Qasimabad


Best areas to live in Hyderabad

There are numerous areas which are best in each and every aspect in order to live or invest in Hyderabad. These areas are given below:

Hyderabad Cantt

The cantonment of Hyderabad is positioned at national highway. Hyderabad cant has very good road links that is National highway, chandni cinema road, thandi sarak and CMH road. In Cantonment area famous shopping centers are Market and Shahi bazaar. Fine location, availability of all elementary competence and ideal planning make Hyderabad best for place for not only living but also for investing. Its houses are enduring and beautiful. It is one of the best residential areas.

Qasimabad Town Hyderabad

This town is located on the bypass of Hyderabad. It is also linked with fine road acquaintances like jomshoro road, national highway and Hyderabad bypass. The location of Qasimabad town is ideal in all aspects. The investment in this town, expects good returns. Its houses are durable and attractive.


Latifabad Town

Latifabad town is situated on Auto bhan road. It has good links with the roads of auto bhan and Hyderabad badin road. In this area, the residents are being provided with each kind of basic facility. That’s why it is an ideal place for living purpose. It provides with respectable standard of living. The houses here are also fine and satisfactory.

Rehman Town

The area of Rehman town is located in Abdul qadir muhammadani roads. This town connects with the roads that are mir Pur Khas and Abdul qadir muhammadani. This area provides with better investment options. It has good location. Its houses are very attractive and enduring. It offers with worthy living standard. Hence the facilities are also good.

Hussainabad Town Hyderabad

Hussainabad town is sited at national highway. It connects with Auto bhan road, National highway and thandi sarak as well. This area is also one of the ideal place for living, as it offers its customers with better facilities and decent location. Houses here are also durable. This place is also good for the purpose of living and investing as well.


Al-Fazal Town

This town is positioned on Mir Mir Pur Khas road. It has good links with Mirpur khas and canal road too. So this can be regarded as a good option too.

Afandi Town

It is situated in Haji ehsan Ali road. It connects the two main shopping centers that is shahi bazaar and market which is nearby Afandi town. In this area of Hyderabad real estate, investment options are of wide range.

Area of Ammar City in Hyderabad Real Estate

This area is positioned on Wahdu wah road. It has good city links with wahdu wah road and Hyderabad bypass. Its location is very nice, provides you with attractive houses. It is also a fine area in the sense of investing.

 Green City Project of Hyderabad Real Estate

Green city is placed at the ideal location of Hyderabad bypass which is near Isra University. The location of Green city is perfect because it is surrounded by shopping centers, workplace buildings, colleges, parks, schools and all kinds of public transportation links. This area of Hyderabad real estate gives the opportunity of investment as chances of revenue gains in short phase of time.


Thandi Sarak – A Vital Business Region

One of the most important road of Hyderabad real estate is thandi sarak. This road supplies as the central business locality of Hyderabad. We can come across the schools, offices, commercial centers, malls etc on Thandi sarak. Those areas which are near to this road are said to be as perfect for the investment of commercial property because of its ideal location and being close to the core of business.  The investment in this region of Hyderabad real estate returns high acquiesce.

Important Road links in Hyderabad

The important road links of Hyderabad city is national highway, canal road and auto bhan road. These roads have important role in fast commercializing. Because of these road links it also best for investment purpose.

Problems suffered by Hyderabad Real Estate

Although Hyderabad real estate is developing rapidly and its growth has prominent increase. But there are also some problems which are faced by Hyderabad real estate that includes:

Political flux

This problem is the core cause of all the problems in each and every zone of Pakistan. This is the reason that most of the people avoid to invest. Property industry has been poorly affected by it.



There is much lack of trust and confidence exists among the buyers and dealers which has discouraged property dealings. Corruption is very drastic for the economy of the country. Because of it people take less interest in investments.

Future Expansion of Hyderabad Real Estate

It is perfect to have a property in the central areas of Hyderabad, places near thandi sarak. A home bought in Hyderabad has much potential and will provide with good earnings. The construction of new flyovers, pedestrians, has made this city quite modern. Shopping malls and new transport system has been launched. All these kinds of projects have influenced people a lot so that they can have the confidence in investing.

This city has developed a lot in previous some years. Because of advancement in technology, the demand of Hyderabad real estate has also increased to a great extent.