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6 Reasons of Increasing Prices on Raiwind Road?

Raiwind is a town in the province of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan. There are many reasons why property prices have been raised in past decades on Raiwind Road.

Increasing Prices On Raiwind Road Post Contains

Now we will Discuss the Reasons of increasing prices at Raiwind road one by one.

  1. Nawaz Sharief Palace

In early 1990s the city flourished when Mr. Nawaz Sharif establish an industrial zone in the west of Lahore. Latterly Mr. Nawaz sharief select vicinity of the town to build a palace for his residence. So Raiwind palace become the residence of Shariff family located in Jati Umra near Raiwind, Lahore. Mr. Nawaz sharief resistance makes Raiwind more noticeable for the outer world.

Total area Mr. Nawaz Sharief palace cover is about 1700 Acres which is bigger than Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. Raiwind palace is one of the biggest houses in the Pakistan and Political hub of PML (N). Many political meeting and party agendas are discussed by PML (N) at this place which make it more highlighted.

  1. Sundar Industrial Estate

During General Pervez Musharraf Government, Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi establish Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE). Development of SIE attract bundle of investors and business mans. Sundar Industrial Estate short form (SIE) is located 45KM away from the center of the city Lahore at Sunder Raiwind road. Total 1179 acres is covered by SIE and remaining area has been divided for other projects like roads infrastructure, amenities, utilities, commercial area and green belt, etc.

Plots of different sizes from 1 Acre to 4 Acre was divided among different industrialist to run their businesses at SIE. Many industrial factories of different sizes have been developed at Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE), some of which are these Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Engineering, Textile/Garments, Carpet, Plastics, Electronics, Chemicals, Paints, Steel, Auto parts, Wood products and warehouse etc.

Currently 350 different are operational at Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) and 210 factories were under construction. Annually Sundar Industrial Estate add revenue of RS 45 billion in Pakistan. Development of Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) give number of opportunities to the labor of Pakistan internally and externally. So ultimately land prices around Raiwind road start increasing day by day gradually due to development of Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) zone.

  1. Educational Institutes

The third main reason of increasing prices on Raiwind road is the development of many new Universities. Different universities campuses start opening around the Raiwind road like The University of Lahore, The University of South Asia, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology and The University of Engineering Science and Technology KSK campus, etc.

In short huge Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) developments and availability of standard education make it Raiwind road more attractable for the business persons and investors. Many peoples build hostels and apartments and start renting them to the universities students and labor work at Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) factories.

  1. Lahore Ring Road

With the passage of time Lahore city start expanding and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharief declared the status Tehsil for Raiwind. High traffic issue on the entrance of the city Thokar Niaz baig Punjab Government take initiative to start a new project Lahore Ring Road (LLR). This project main benefit was this that it will cover the whole city. So heavy traffic vehicles and Light traffic vehicles will not bother the city main roads like canal road the main core road of Lahore city.

The Lahore Ring Road (LLR) is an orbital motor way around the Lahore city and it is 85KM long consist on 6 lanes for both LTV & HTV traffic. Slow moving vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and animal driven carriages are not allowed on Lahore Ring Road (LLR).

The Lahore Ring Road (LLR) also linked to the Air Port, M-2 Motorway and the N5 National Highway. The Lahore Ring Road (LLR) traffic management authority allow Minimum & Maximum speed limit for light transport vehicles (LTV) is 80-120km/h and for Heavy transport vehicles (HTV) maximum speed allow is 100km/h.

Here is the list of interchanges, intersections and overhead bridges at Lahore Ring Road (LLR).

  • Babu Sabu Interchange
  • Gulshan-e-Ravi Interchange
  • Saggian Interchange
  • Niazi Interchage
  • Badami Bagh Intersection
  • Underpass near Shadbagh Pumping Station
  • Mehmood Booti Interchange
  • GT Road Interchange (Quaid-e-Azam Interchange)
  • Canal Bank Road/Harbanspura Interchange
  • Railway Line Intersection
  • Jallo Road overhead bridge
  • Barki Road Intersection
  • Abdullah Gul Interchange (Airport Access road Interchange)
  • Airport Interchange
  • Ghazi Road Interchange
  • DHA phase V/VI Interchange
  • Sui Gas Society Interchange
  • Ferozpur Road Interchange
  • Shalimar Interchange

The Lahore Ring Road (LLR) completion summarized the distance between city ending points and cut traffic load of the city. Distance of hours can be done with in minutes due to Lahore Ring Road (LLR) facility. So peoples can access easily now new develop housing schemes on the belt of Raiwind road Lahore. Development of Lahore Ring Road (LLR) boost up properties rates on Raiwind road and make it more eye catching and reliable for the peoples. Lands price aside Lahore Ring Road (LLR) increase ten time then previous rates because of the new developments in the city.

  1. Metro Bus Service

Another reason of increasing prices on Raiwind road is the facility of travelling via Metro Bus service. Metro Bus not effect directly on the prices of Raiwind road but indirectly it causes effects on it. Metro Bus service is rapid traveling system for local bus service users. Metro Bus service cover 27 km long distance from Gajumata to Shahadara via Ferozepur Road, Lytton Road, MAO College, Lower Mall, Data Darbar, Niazi Chowk, and Shahdara just in one hour only. Metro Bus route include 29 bus stations and 8.5 km track is elevated.

To avail Metro Bus service passengers needed to buy a single valid ticket only for one time. Metro Bus service like Lahore Ring Road (LLR) also summarize the distance between Raiwind road and city via Shahadara point.

  1. Orange Line Metro Train

The Orange Line Metro Train is ongoing project in the city now days. Just like other projects Orange Line Metro Train project has its own effects of pricing on Raiwind road Lahore. Orange Line Metro Train after completion will give transport facility around 2, 50,000 individuals on daily basis. This project will be a rapid mode of transaction that reduce the congestion caused by cars and buses. The Orange Line Metro Train project is totally 27.1 km long project and 1 km is underground. This orange line route will go on through the center of the city and join the center points of Lahore Ring Road (LLR).


Above described all reasons are the main factor of increasing prices on Raiwind road Lahore. Raiwind road is now main business and real estate hub and icon of living luxury life. Just because of these reasons housing schemes like DHA, Bahria Town, Sui Gas, Izmir, EME, Lake City and several others are running successful real estate business in the suburbs of the Lahore city. The developments done within the city has extended the city urban area size. Property rates within some decades increase on Raiwind road and surrounding is from some thousands to millions. In our opinion investment around Raiwind road is best option now days for peoples who want to raise in their amounts and property within some period of time.