Investment Options in Karachi Property

Investment Options in Karachi Property For Investors

There are many opportunities for making investment in Karachi property. Karachi is the third city of Pakistan that investors shall explore.

Investment Options In Karachi Property Post Contains

It provides vast opportunities for making long term and short term investments in properties. Karachi is a very important port and financial hub of Pakistan. Currently many investment options in Karachi property are available for buyers to purchase  properties. With the changes in the development of socio political factors, Karachi is an increasingly hopeful and realistic choice for those seeking to get good return on their investment in the emerging markets now a days.


Government is also taking steps to promote the real estate sector development and there are various activities going on to make sure there are no fraudulent activities in the property sector of Pakistan. Resultantly in the city like Karachi the demand for affordable properties is increasing and there are many opportunities to make investments in the property sector in Karachi.     

Top Investment Options in Karachi Property

Following are some of the important areas in Karachi which are known to be the best for investment options in Karachi property :


Defence Housing Authority is a highlight of Karachi real estate market. All the phases in the area are fully developed equipped with modern luxuries. Specially phase VII is the most in demand these days. The area is closer to the inhabited, developed areas and it is also fully accessible from different areas in the city.

For short term investment, the extension of Phase VIII is also very promising with the 300 square yard plots on Sahil Commercial. Right now these plots are available at very affordable prices because they are located in the semi-developed part of the city but after 2 or 3 years the prices will rise and your investment will pay off.


The rates of property in DHA Karachi have gradually been on rise for last three years and the experts think that there is no chance that this rise is coming to an end in near future. No doubt that this constant increase of price is centered to solid reasons despite the fact that the development of multiple sectors in different phases is underway. There are many investors who no longer can afford to buy property in the area. Consequently, all these investors are now drawn to the plots available in DHA city.  

DHA city is one of the most sought after development in Karachi for property on highway. The choice of buying a property depends on the purpose of investment. Khalid Bin Waleed Road is another property development on the highway but DHA city is a better choice and is more beneficial to be near the highway.

The plots available in DHA city had an increase of 14.3% during the current quarter and last quarter as of April 2016. Basically DHA city is a very wise choice to make long term investment in the real estate sector of Karachi.

Clifton Karachi

Most of the investors prefer those areas of Karachi that are comparatively better in the law and order situation and might hardly get affected by the common security conditions of the city. Such an area which remains unaffected by the whole state of law and order situation in Karachi and the value of real estate activity always remains high is Clifton. With the regular increase in rental value, sales price and the demand in the properties of the area anyone could say that the properties in Clifton are the most promising investments of all.


All the potential investors can pick up a property depending on their own budget bracket for both homes and apartments available in the area. The prices of the properties may vary in Clifton depending upon the location and the condition of the property available for sale. As compared to the average prices in past years the prices are constantly increasing in the area. So to make a safe and long term investment to get the benefit out of the amount you have invested, Clifton is a secure investment opportunity in Karachi. The constant increase in price indicates that the properties here are not affected by the security situation in the city.

Bahria Town Karachi

After the great success of Bahria Town project in Lahore and Rawalpindi Malik Riaz has introduces this project in Karachi. In a metropolis city such as Karachi, no one can stand living without his own home. To fulfill this basic need at an affordable price properties are available for making investment in Bahria Town Karachi. The main factor affordability keeps the demand and value of properties in Bahria Town. The project is launched to establish a city within a city offering ideal community lifestyle and security for all the families living there.

Because of the peace in security in this community Bahria Town has became the ideal residential society in Karachi and also the one offering best rate of return on investment. If you don’t plan to reside in the area you can still make investment in the properties available I Bahria Town Karachi.


You can buy a home and rent it out for a continuous source of income and later if you plan to sell it you can get the double amount if your invested money. One can also afford to buy a plot in the area and sell it out after the increase in price after 1 to 2 years. The commercial areas in Bahria Town Karachi also bring an amazing investment opportunity. Investors investing in the commercial areas can buy a shop and rent it out for their income or for own use.

The development work is expected to grow in the area. Bahria Town Karachi similar to the Lahore is expected to be equipped with world class facilities and increase its value in terms of investment by following the footsteps of Bahria Town Lahore.

Due to the promising returns in the real estate sectors in Karachi any potential investor will hardly say no to it. Karachi real estate sector has certainly a better run with constant appreciation in the prices of properties.

With the above given information about investment in Karachi property, you will be able to analyze which is probably the best suitable choice for you to make investment options in Karachi property.