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Kings Classic Apartment in Karachi Payment Plan For All Floors

Kings Classic outlooks as a perfect chance for those who want to catch greatest potential incentive of their money.

Comprising of 5 rooms apartment which fulfills all the services of modern living. It is for the first time in any flat’s development, 50 feet wide-ranging space has been provided to guarantee maximum capaciousness for the inhabitants.

Kings Classic Apartment Post Contains


Plots Sizes in Kings Classic & Location

Creatively planned and relating the conventional architectural aesthetics with the soul of today’s living. Kings Classic is not just a residential project. It is more appreciated than its cost. Kings classic is a wonderful  housing society for you and your family as Plot Size: 15,000 Yards, in which 4 apartments are on every floor, and each apartment is 1350 sq. Which is equal to 150 yards. There are 10 towers (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) and (A, C and D) are double towers. Other than a ground floor there are 4 other floors. Kings classic society is located on the main university road. Towers are separated by huge space. The entrance is very beautiful. This housing society is great when all the facilities are available. Beautiful and healthy environment for a happy lifestyle, guarded and safe entrance, beautiful scenery out from each apartment.  Kings classic has been built and maintained by qualified, skilled and committed team members who never stay less than the best. Theses professional always try to produce even better than the best. There is a good team of  enthusiastic & innovative, young and experienced professional engineers, architects and planners, Kings classic is a part of a company who take encouragement not only of the successes of the great achievements of the business giants as well as keep pace with internationally conventional trends.


Now if we talk about Kings classic ownership, then it’s good to know that it’s a project of the Kings Group, which is renowned as a mission driven organization, that group has been serving for last 35 years in the field of construction business, they are consistently giving best projects to people and they aim to provide in future as well.

Society Facilities

Keeping the taste, desires and demands of the most sensitive and well-informed  buyers of today in the real estate market, Kings classic as a part of Kings Group has been able to maintain a good reputation in the market along with other housing projects in different localities of Karachi. Kings group has already gotten good response from customers and they have come up with yet another prestigious and exclusively housing project namely Kings Classic. That project is specifically designed for those who want to get the best incentive of their savings.

A beautiful balcony or terrace to enjoy nature, car parking spaces are available, nearby public parking. Underground parking is also available. There are double vacant windows are placed. Central cooling system has been there for better environment with economy plus Central heating system is also installed. Generator facility is available in order to cope up load shedding problem. The modern waste disposal system is in place.

Electricity elevator is also available. And most importantly, all apartments are furnished; Modern drainage system is efficiently working. Electricity backup has been arranged; clean natural water has been supplied. Sui gas is available for 24 hours. Also, it’s near to road. There are good communication facilities like high speed internet and also the cable TV facility is being placed.


There are some other facilities for community like a beautiful central garden for walk and running purpose. For physical fitness there is a gym with up to date equipment, moreover a beautiful playing area for kids with safe playing tools. Masjid located nearby the housing society.

Kings classic society has been located where ‘A’ category schools are available nearby. Beside notable educational Institutions like NED & Karachi University, famous fast food franchises and restaurants are also found in close vicinity of the University Road. Fully equipped Hospitals are near and easily approachable. There are other shopping mall facilities like Samama, Lamcy, Resham Bazar, City Vision and departmental stores like Metro, Millennium Mall, Magna Shopping Mall, Saima Shopping Mall are accessible within a distance of a few minutes’ drive, public restaurants and nearby public transport are easily available. 

Although Kings society is being located at secure area, but still there is alert security staff are hired for security also CCTV cameras are installed for better security.

Kings Classic Apartment Structure

Now talk about other features like the most important aspect  in a person’s  life is every person  needs special attention and that’s why they have given special focus on the child’s needs, normally kids are very attached to their room its  more than a bedroom. They use it for doing homework, listening music, playing games and enjoying all their time. So the room should be very relaxed and pleasurable in every aspect, having the right things at the right place, making their life easier and enjoyable.


With the input of respected customers in the design of the entire cooking area is designed in such a way that the cooking becomes a pleasurable experience. Adequate space has been provided for necessary cooking accessories. Kitchen area is sufficiently far from the Drawing room in order to make the guests comfortable. Also, in order to get & utilize sunlight, special attention has been given with the help of thorough utilization of space. It is all about a lifestyle that raises confidence.

There are comfortable and lavish bedrooms, which are planned with a view to provide relaxing and comfortable feeling after a busy day’s schedule. The development of bedrooms is definitely done in keeping the required privacy. The peace of mind which is requirement of today’s human is surely available there. It perfectly rules out disturbances and provides you relaxed and satisfying sleep.

The engineers of Kings Classic have professionally designed TV lounge which provides generous freedom to coherent customer sense of artistic, imaginative and creative demeanor. That is a place which reflects customer flavor, interior decor and essence.  Where a customer feel good to watch favorite television programs, movies, matches, also crack jokes with family and friends. That lounge is the ideal place to be indulging in the activities which a customer wants to be indulged.