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Kings Cottages Karachi Booking Price And Payment Schedule

Kings Cottages is another project of King’s group launched for the people of Karachi, Kings group is providing quality life in Karachi by providing these type of projects.

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Kings group have innovative, qualified and experienced team to come up with projects like this. Kings Cottages launched in 2 phases, in 1st phase they launched the elegant cottages with 5 rooms and the building comprises of ground + 2 floors. 2nd phase of the kings cottages in launched as ground + 4 floors and the parking lot is allotted in the basement of the building, in this phase they introduce the cottages with 5 rooms having 3 bedrooms, drawing room and lounge/living room. Kings cottages is at an ideal location of Karachi and situated on main university road in Gulistan e johar block 7, which is a posh area and easily accessible.


King cottages provide an ideal opportunity to live with your family in the main area of the Karachi city where you can get all the basic needs in the vicinity of the cottages. It is purely a residential project which provides quality life style in affordable price.


There are many features in this project of Kings Group which will attract you and you want to have your dream residence in Kings cottages. The location of this project is very ideal, you can get your residence on main university road which is the central or important road of the city, this is an extremely residential project and no commercial activity is involved in this and you can live in a pure residential environment and it is build innovatively to provide a new standard for cottage living. Kings cottages builders, provides all basic facilities or basic needs like they arrange the electricity which is a basic need for living.

They also arrange the facility of gas which is essentially important in a residential project. Other basic needs like having telephone connections or the sewerage facility in the buildings, water supply is also available in this project. The builders also arrange power backup to facilitate its residents. As the power shortage we are facing the electricity breakdown issues a lot so the builders are providing power backup through generator to ensure the services for its residents. There is facility of lifts in this project as well which is very helpful especially for the older residents who may face problems to use the stairs to reach to their home/cottage or when you need to take some luggage to or from your home.


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As it is a pure residential community and a residential project so the builders also keep the security aspect in the mind and they build this project in a gated community and having their own security guards to provide security to the residents. Along with the security guards and the gated community for the security of the residents the builders also arrange to install CCTV cameras to provide full security services and make the project safer. The kings group is always looking for its services towards the community will be living in their projects. In Kings cottages they allocate spaces for parks and also build jogging & walking tracks for the people where they can look after for their healthy activities. There is a community center for the community who is living in king’s cottages and they can have their community get togeather’s in this community center.

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Kings cottages are developed in 2 phases. In phase 1 they build buildings in 3 stories, Ground + 2 floors. 1 cottage is consists of 5 rooms including 3 bedrooms, a drawing room and a lounge or living room. In this phase the size of the ground floor cottages is 120 sq yds whereas the 1st floor and the 2nd floor is consist of 133 sq yds.


The 2nd phase of the Kings cottages comes with the building having a ground + 4 floors. As in the 1st phase the interior of the cottages is same, having 5 rooms (3 bedrooms, a drawing room and a lounge or living room). In 2nd phase the size of the cottages at all floors remain the same which is 145 sq yds or 1300 sq. feet. In this phase the builders provides the facility of the parking the basement of the buildings.

Kings Cottages Karachi Payment Schedule

Kings Group is developing projects which are affordable for the peoples and they make it more convenient through the easy installment plans which make it easier for the customer to pay the price. For the 1st phase of the Kings cottages they introduce the price of the cottage from 5.5 million to 6.4 million (exact or updated price can be checked by the King’s group offices), one can have these cottages in above mentioned prices and on installments.

King’s group, organize a good payment plan schedule which is convenient for its customer to pay the price. After booking the customer have to pay the monthly installments and then they have additional quarterly installment, meanwhile the construction work is in the process when the exterior work is finished then the customer have to pay some specific amount and when the interior work has finished the other payment will be due at that time and the customer can arrange for the amount in meanwhile.


When the cottage is ready and possession is awarded to the customer at that time he has to pay some specific amount which will be described in the start of the contract. If you want to buy a cottage in Kings cottages which have road on the both sides then you have to pay RS. 200,000 extra for this facility and if you want a corner cottage then you also have to pay 200,000 PKR for this facility. Same if you want a west open cottage or terrace at your roof you need to pay 200,000 extra from the price of the cottage.

Kings cottages is an ideal living place within affordable price, and as they are making more convenient for people by offering these elegant cottages on installment based plans.