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Kings Luxury Homes Karachi Payment Schedule for Investors

Kings Luxury Homes, is a project of King’s Group builders and developers in Karachi city. This is a pure residential project. It has carefully planned and expertly designed residential units which are being developed by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the people of Karachi.

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Kings Luxury Homes Location

This project is located near safoora chorangi and this project offers the two-storey bungalows, which are excellent for families who want to provide their children with a healthy environment. King’s group (developers) offers two types of bungalows/residential units that are designed to fulfill the needs of both big and small families. There are many key features of this housing scheme which differentiate it from other projects in the city and attracts the buyers to have their homes in King luxury homes.  


Key Features

This housing scheme does have all the basic utilities available in this project and when you have the possession and build your home you will be able to utilize all these facilities like electricity, nothing can be done in this technology era without electricity so electricity is available in here. You can also get the connection of Sui gas for your household requirements which is also a basic necessity especially or the kitchen. You will also get the water connection and can get water supply. For your business/professional needs and for entertainment purposes also you can get the facility of telephone and broadband internet in king luxury homes along with the facility of satellite TV or cable TV.

King luxury homes will be a society where people can have good neighborhood relations and can have society gatherings as well because the developers keep this thing in mind while developing this project. Developers provide community garden facility where you can go out and have chit chats with your neighbors also they have the community centre, where the members can have their functions and society get together where all society members can know about each other.

King’s group while developing the project also keeps in mind about the current security situation of the city and arranges the security guards for the security purposes, this prospect of the project will attract the customers as the security is a big concern now a days and those societies who have their own security and surveillance system attracts the buyers as they don’t have to arrange for the security guards which not only save the money but also they don’t have to bother for the hiring of security guards and other stuff. Like the security staff this project also has their own maintenance staff to keep up to date the services they are providing. If you have any problem with the utilities then you don’t need to contact the utility service provider like WAPDA/SSGPL or other government institutions, you just need to inform the society  office and they will take care of the issues you are facing and resolve those issues at your own.


Kings Luxury Homes Payment Schedule

Price plan for the residential project the King’s group is developing is normal if we compare this project to other residential projects of housing societies in Karachi city at the same type of location. You can check the exact price form the office of King’s group, but they are offering 2 types of homes 120 sq yds and 240 sq yds and for 120 sq yds the price starts from 5.5 million, you need to pay extra amount if you want to have a corner home or a home which is facing towards road side or if you want to have a home that is park facing or west side of the home is open then you need to pay extra amount.

For 240 sq yds the price starts from 7 million and again if you want to have special features like a corner home or west side open home or if you want to a home that is facing road side or facing a park then you need to pay extra for these facilities. King’s group is providing the facility to buy any of above mentioned property on installment plans as well. If you choose the installment plan option then you need to pay a specific amount on specific time intervals which is clearly written on King luxury homes brochures. They have define some specific points where you need to pay the installment, like if you are going to purchase 120 sq yds home then you have to pay 1st installment at the time of booking, then they will allocate you a plot and you need to pay fee of allocation within 60 days of booking, then you have to pay confirmation fee within 90 days of booking, after confirmation you need to pay the fee for start of work which you must have to pay within 120 days. Monthly installment is Rs. 50,000 and the total installments are 36, then there are additional 6 half yearly installments which is Rs. 150,000. You will also need to pay the fee during the construction phase of your house, you need to pay the fee at the time of ground foundation, at the time of plinth, then when you have slab cast during the construction you need to pay the fee, when the block masonry starts you have to pay the fee in same way you have to pay the fee at the time of plaster and at the time of finishing and when you have the possession you have to pay the final fee and you will become the owner of a state of the art home in king luxury homes.


This is a very good housing society for living and it is affordable too as the constructor of Kings luxury homes are providing you the facility to pay the charges in three years installment structure means you don’t have to arrange for a big amount at once instead of that you can clear that amount in three years, you can get discount if you pay the whole amount at once at the time of booking. It is up to your discreet that which payment option you choose according to your convenience.