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Lahore Ring Road and Bahria Town Lahore Issue

The 2nd half of the year has ended up being somewhat less than perfect for Bahria Town. The team is confronting a few challenges, including the Lahore Ring Road Authority (LRRA’s) goal to bulldoze properties in Bahria Town Lahore for the development of Lahore Ring Road (LRR).

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This specific issue is significantly more serious as all the area that LRRA needs to rectify the southern circle of LRR that passes through Bahria Town Lahore is associated with private proprietors. These proprietors have been in a consistent condition of despondency as, in spite of attestation from Bahria Town, LRRA kept denoting the houses that are to be wrecked to clear path for the Ring Road. Not just this, the authority likewise cited low rates for the misfortune to be endured by property holders.

On the night of 3rd August, 2016, with no earlier cautioning, the LRRA began to bulldoze Bahria Town limit divider and chop down trees that comes in road’s route. Reportedly, work force from Bahria Town office demonstrated resistance. The following day, a contempt of court case was documented against the LRRA expressing that Lahore High Court had issued a stay request against development of LRR course that passes through Bahria Town.

Bahria Town Reaction Against Lahore Ring Road

Apparently, a body of evidence was documented against these officers of Bahria Town asserting that LRRA has obtained the area for development of the Ring Road by taking after the vital lawful strategy. Then, property proprietors are additionally evoking challenges against Bahria Town as the team more than once guaranteed them that LRR’s course will be modified through negotiations and their property would not be harmed.


The CEO of Bahria Town Malik Riaz additionally guaranteed that he will do everything possible to guarantee that LRRA doesn’t trouble the occupants. As indicated by a news report presented in national dailies today, the Lahore High Court has requested the LRRA to stop development work in Bahria Town. The court has additionally called the concerned officers on 15th August, 2016 for a hearing on the case recorded by Bahria Town against the LRRA.

It is imperative to note here that standard news media channels and daily papers have purposely chosen not to present such circumstances. A few daily papers that distributed this news found the internal pages more suitable for setting a solitary section news on the latest conflicts between Bahria Town and LRRA, and that is in spite of the way that this issues concerns a considerable measure of families living in Bahia Town Lahore.

 Besides, while a commercial is publicized day by day on numerous news channels amid prime time hours handing-off how tremendous Bahria Town’s Karachi venture is, the inhabitants of Bahria Town Lahore are holding up to get notification from Malik Riaz.

This inquiry that whether Lahore Ring Road will go through the Bahria Town or not is an important question. Lahore Ring Road spot was directly after the sector C Grand Jamia Masjid.


Down Fall Of Prices

Govt. officers went to the region with their mechanical/building gadgets. Their visit make a complaint in business sector and costs of Sector E business plots tumble from Rs. 7 crore to Rs. 3.5 crore. Obviously these are the huge numbers for a five Marla commercial plot. Well those costs never rise again till that point. One of the main reason is Lahore Ring Road.

Guarantee By The C.E.O Malik Riaz

Bahria Town administration tries to comfort those individuals who have business plots around there. They guarantee that Lahore Ring Road won’t go through this range (or even from Bahria Town Lahore). This affirmation came even to this level Mr. Malik Riaz said that “If Lahore Ring Road will go through the plots of Bahria Town Lahore, I will pay affected allotees as per the business sector cost, not concurring the value given by Govt.”

Being a noteworthy entry around the city, Lahore Ring Road is said to energize business people and other individuals as far as monetary benefits are concerned. Yet in the meantime, it blended perplexity and raised worries among investors and property purchasers, particularly the individuals who have put resources into Bahria Town and other societies situated along southern circle of Lahore Ring Road.

The other societies which will be affected include Lake City and Fazaia Housing Society. According to the plan, Ring Road will go through the Bahria Town and, it will influence few blocks in Bahria Town which includes Iqbal Block, Rafi Block, Overseas Block Extension and EE block.


These news had been circling in Lahore land market for long, which had influenced investors plan as, the greater part of them were keeping down their investment as opposed to putting it in Bahria Town. Presently, one thing is for certain that with this news “Lahore Ring Road will go through Bahria Town” a sheer drop in costs and interest for property in these areas of Bahria Town has been viewed.

Change in Investing Activities

Nonetheless, property movement is geared up in different blocks of Bahria Town and other luxurious societies of Lahore, because of which a rise in cost and request of properties in different parts of Lahore has been witnessed. As requested by Lahore High Court, the LRRA can’t obliterate any more property in Bahria Town until further notification are issued.

The following hearing related to this issue is to be heard on 22 September, 2016. The people who are affected are looking forward for Malik Riaz to take some action. Regardless of being disturbed about the botch of Bahria Town’s distinctive ventures in Lahore, they are extremely sure that he can settle these issues. We likewise request Malik Riaz to pay heed to the current matter and satisfy the guarantees, he made about the course of Lahore Ring Road.

So we still inquisitive, whether Lahore Ring Road will go through Bahria Town or not? However it appears that Lahore Ring Road will go through Sector E of Bahria Town Lahore.