Land Verification in Pakistan

Land Verification in Pakistan Computerization of Land Records

The old Patwari system for land verification in Pakistan create too much trouble and causes agony and stressful trouble among farmers.

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The old Patwari system is the other name of land corruption in villages. The farmers and landowners have to pay the huge amount for keeping a hand on their lands and also for accessing their right in regards to land verification.

Land Verification in Pakistan

Change is the fact of life, as time passes the world is going to be more successful and becoming more advanced with the introduction of computer and internet. There is a need to change the traditional file system to the computerised. Same is the case with the old land verification system in Pakistan, and there is a need to move  it from old to new and advanced computerized system in order to minimize the corruption rate in land verification and as well as save the farmers time and money.

You will be amazed when come to know that Government of Pakistan had decided to move from the Patwari system to the computerized land verification. But still, there are some difficulties in the transformation from traditional Patwari system to the computerized management system. In this article you will what achievement is done in the computerized land verification system and how much difficulties it faces nowadays.


Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS)

The name given to the computerised land verification system in Pakistan is the Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) that has the aim to completely eliminate the old system in village accountant and as well as ensure to end up the incompetence and dishonesty. This practice of Pakistan Government is really appreciated in worldwide mainly by the World Bank representative. Main functionality of LRMIS included:

  • The issuance and verification of Fard in a short span of time i.e. in 30 minutes
  • Within the short time of 50 minutes the ownership in transfer without any difficulties
  • Through the training staff, biometric data record, and building of Land Record Services in 143 districts & Tehsil of Punjab has ensured the safety for owners in claiming their ownership

Land Verification in Punjab

The first step of transformation from Patwari to computerization system is taken by the Punjab government. In many district and tehsil of Punjab, the LRMIS is deployed successfully and has achieved many goals. The complete deployment process is under the control of Punjab Board Revenue. There is a need to deploy the LRMIS in the whole district and tehsil of Punjab and more than 30 services centres are working and there is need to establish more.


In the press conference of Daily Express news at June 2012 the Government of Punjab has promised to make the land verification completely computerised up to 2013 , but now in 2016 there is still more improvement is required in this regard and all these is due to the poor information provided by the Patwaris.  Date sheet records for the Land Records Management and Information Systems Project (LRMIS-P) Province of Punjab (P090501) is given in the table below and for more information go to the LRMIS site of Punjab (oR) use this URL for land verification in punjab

LRMIS site of Punjab

Benefits of LRMIS in Punjab Province

People of Punjab (the areas where the LRMIS is deploy) are now safe from the Patwari system and corruption and all of these are due to the LRMIS. Some of the main benefits of the LRMIS system will be:

  • Each and every record is accessed online and there is no need to go to the Patwari
  • Removing of corruption that is faced in Patwari system
  • Land transfer within 50 minutes
  • Get “Fard” within 30 minutes
  • Data entry in biometric


Land Verification in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

The computerised land verification is completely deployed in Mardan at the end of 2015 but still there is a need to deploy it in the other cities and district of KPK. In six different district, the process of deployment starts in January 2016. The cities that are selected in the first phase of deployment are the Peshawar, Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu, DI Khan, Mardan and Buner. Overview of digitised land management in the six district of KPK briefly describes here:

  • Going to Digitized: There is a need to computerise the land record documents (Mauza-Wise). Scanning the right record under the control of 191 registers Haqradaan Zameen (RHZ). Complete the registration and verification process carefully i.e. the details of land & soils, landowner, cultivator w.r.t to the country land administration system.
  • Entry of the Data: For all the selected district in the first phase the data entry would be complete in 191 mauza in Peshawar, in which the entry of data has been completed for 190 while the data entry for the last mauza is in progress. In Abbottabad, the entry for 248 mauzas is completed. And in DI Khan, Buner, Bannu and Kohat the entry of 314, 112, 57 and 14 are in process respectively.


Land Verification in Sindh

In Sindh, the computerised land record system starts from the People Service Centre at Shahbaz building located in Hyderabad. At this centre, the people of Sindh request for the computerised land verification and obtain it in a short span of time. Here the public also pays for the tax of the services. Furthermore, the Sindh government also start Land Administration & Revenue Management Information System (LARMIS) in 2010 and start the deployment from Hyderabad district. In 2015 the deployment is extended to another district of the Sindh province. For more information visit the official site of Singh land record.

Land Verification in Baluchistan

Government of Baluchistan has decided to convert the traditional Patwari system to the computerized system in order to get rid the land corruption. The decision had made in the meeting by Zmarak Khan Achakzai, the Provincial Revenue Minister Engineer. At this meeting the following decisions had made:

  • Start the conversion of Patwari to computerise to land of Shambay Samael locality at Gwadar town and award ownership right to the land owners.
  • The process start from the Gwadar and after successful completion it would to extend to other parts of the province
  • A committee is conduct which is responsible to answer provincial government and give reviews about the computerization process

So use online Land Verification in Pakistan to verify your property records within no time.