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Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad Luxury Shopping Mall

The Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad provides you with the extravagance shopping experience. There is no other shopping mall like Lyallpur Galleria.

Lyallpur Galleria Faisalabad Post Contains

Considering the succession and progression there are staggering retail outlets, amusement venues and expensive facilities. You can easily find out the best brands, the most pleasant attractions and the greatest retail showcases at the Lyallpur Galleria. Lyallpur Galleria has something available for everyone.


Infrastructure of Lyallpur Galleria is totally different from other shopping malls. Different buildings of blended structures have turned the Faisalabad in an amazing way. It provides the investors with a new stream of light. Lyallpur Galleria has effectively and profitably filled the emptiness. As Faisalabad is considered to be the industrial city with immense potential as it guarantees you with the luxury shopping experiences. Nevertheless modern and outstanding shopping malls are somewhat found to be scarce in Faisalabad City.

The project is architected in a perfect and amazing way and it is situated in one of the most high class and stylish areas of the city. The area increases the worth of Lyallpur Galleria as it helps the investors to find best business opportunities. Investors can have high business returns there. An outstanding and excellent framework provides you with a comfortable and refreshing environment. An affordable installment plan is available for the investors. Lyallpur Galleria is definitely worthy as compared to the other property in Faisalabad.

Location of Lyallpur Galleria Shopping Mall

The first thing which matters a lot at the time of investment is the location. Lyallpur Galleria scores the highest point related to the location factor. It is situated on the Canal Bank Road Faisalabad near Metro Bus station, so it stands out on perfect commercial site. It provides convenience to the visitors. This stunning project provides you with the stylish and modern facilities that you can raise your living standards. Furthermore there are number of outstanding apartments for the residents which are offered in the building.


Developed and smooth road are linked to Lyallpur Galleria for the visitors. Area of Lyallpur Galleria is perfect because of good closeness to Lahore-Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road and Central Faisalabad City. The major reason that attracts the Lyallpur Galleria is the refreshing, classy and well maintained environment. A part of its attraction Lyallpur Galleria has a perfect compliment related to its positioning. Therefore we can say that the location is ideal for the blended infrastructure in the royal and grand city of Faisalabad.

Facilities Provided by the Lyallpur Galleria

This spotless building provides you with the liberal area with a spacious, easy and happy shopping and business experience. Lyallpur Galleria has a number of facilities and features with various offices which makes it exceptional and special as compared with other shopping buildings in the region. As it is discussed earlier that its infrastructure is totally different and it is considered to be a blended building in the grand city Faisalabad. This dazzling and astonishing project incorporated a mosque, gym centers, high class food court, cinema and high speed internet service is also available.

It provide you with various relaxation and recreational amenities in a charming way including a Fun Land for kids and a pool space for indoor amusements. So it helps the visitors to enjoy their evening and refresh their mood with a good conversation. There are various shops of different brands. You can have their gaming area, beauty facilities, amazing books collection, art gallery and many more.


  • Generator system is available
  • Amazing escalators are there
  • Fire alarms and many other modern facilities

Enjoyment For The Kids

The major thought behind the fun for the kids it that they want the kids tomorrows leader. Professional and high quality brands are available that offers you with the complete series of product. So that children can complete that in an innovative and personalized form.

Fashion Area

Lyallpur Galleria provides you with all amazing brands and the fashion world by the country’s best designers. Extravagance brands to local designers you can all type of stuff there.

Car Parking Style

Spacious and outstanding car parking is available for the visitors and the residents. It is basically a double floor parking which is designed to have enjoyment and unforgettable experience. The car parking is divided into three categories so that you can’t face any type of difficulty.


Temporary Car Parking

This car parking is especially for the customers of the shopping mall who are usually in search of spacious and convenient space.

Full Time Car Parking

This car parking is held in reserve for the administration and the executive staff of the hotel.

Car Parking For Staff

Considering the ease of the staff member’s spacious area is assigned to them. This large area provide with the highest benefit to the staff of restaurant and the shops.


Luxury Apartments

Lyallpur Galleria offers you to have experience all the classy comforts of your home. You can have your own choice in luxury apartment so that you can relax and spend your unforgettable time. There is separate bedroom which is furnished in a classy way. 

Payment Plan of Lyallpur Galleria

A number of investment options are available in this project. 2 to 3 Marla flats are available with stylish design and prices are also reasonable with installment plan. Commercial area is also available for the investors as there are many shops ranging from 3 to 9 Marla on ground floor. You can have your own property through easy payment plan. Though branded shops, apartments are available on installments. Installment plan is basically of 3 years.

Lyallpur Galleria is Perfect For Business Development

In terms of commercial development Lyallpur Galleria is considered to be the crown of Faisalabad. There are many reasons behind that such as its hot location, amazing infrastructure and modern facilities. Therefore we can easily say that Lyallpur Galleria is an ideal place to develop your business as its location is also considered to be the business center point of Faisalabad. On the other hand it is also perfect to have your own property in Lyallpur Galleria, as the probability of profits is also high.