Margalla Vista Islamabad

Margalla Vista Islamabad Payment Plan For Luxury Apartments

Margalla Vista Islamabad project is going to materialize very soon. In this project you will get opportunity of not only residential purpose but also commercial uses. At this place you will be provided with the chance of experiencing beautiful and calm environment.


Margalla Vista is basically the project in Islamabad which is introduced by A & A Capital Associates and Builders, Islamabad. One of the best offer provided by Margalla Vista is the provision of luxury and lavish apartments and retail shops also for well-known fashion brands. The flats and shops of Margalla Vista can easily be booked on cash payments and on easy installments as well. Margalla Vista is said to be   as the best project because of its state of art planning and provision of luxurious amenities.

Prime Location

The position of Margalla Vista is in the E-11/2 sector of Islamabad. The plus point in its location is its good road links with Margalla road, Margalla hills, Kashmir Highway, Blue area, Margalla avenue, Sector D-2 etc. Its location is bordered by many education institutes for example Schools, Colleges and also by parks, commercial centers and links of public transportation.

Attractions of Islamabad

Islamabad is said to be as the ideal city for new inhabitants. All over Pakistan including returning colonials desire Islamabad for the purpose of living and earning as well. Islamabad consists of better hospitals, fine educational institutes and good business opportunities. The sector E-11 has developed in a very short time. It offers the owners opportunity of generating highest rental income.

Margalla Vista Islamabad Reservation Details

The booking details of Margalla Vista is as follows:

Sizes of 2 bed flats: 500-850 sq. ft.

Prices of 2 bed flats: 56-80 Lacs.

Sizes of shops: 70-130 sq. ft.

Prices of shops: 30-80 Lacs.

Down payment: Twenty five percent.

Balance to be compensated is within two and a half years.

Remarkable Features

Margalla Vista offers numerous top quality features. It is a unique project which is based on modern and up to date living standard. Here is the list of features provided by this project.

  • Modern design with up to date layout.
  • Attractive Elevation.
  • Spacious parking area for Vehicles.
  • Spacious Hall.
  • Wide Stairs.
  • Extensive Corridors.
  • Spacious areas for circulation.
  • Fast moving lifts.
  • Best quality construction.
  • Earthquake strong structure.
  • System for firefighting.
  • Best quality tiles used in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Beautiful wood work.
  • Top quality of tiles used in flooring.
  • Twenty-four-hour water and electricity supply.
  • Brilliant exteriors.
  • Entertainment areas.
  • Underground parking.
  • Connections for cable and television.
  • Large and open balconies.
  • Solid doors.

Beautiful Parks

There are various beautiful and clean parks in the project of Margalla Vista. These parks are basically the center of attention for the children. The reason is that the parks consists of complete children play area. Children can play here in their free time. The views of these parks are amazing, they are very close to nature. The people who visit parks, feel very relaxed and comfortable too. Children can enjoy here by playing or taking swings etc. The environment of these parks is very clean.

System for Fire Fighting

Unlike other projects and schemes, Margalla Vista also provides with this amazing facility of firefighting.  In residential area system of firefighting is very accurate and up to date. In case of any kind of emergency the fire fighters put their lives in danger and help the needy people. So that, any kind of loss can be avoided. The response of fire fighters is very quick. No matter what kind weather conditions are there, they are always on time. The system of it is very impressive.

Spacious Parking Area for Vehicles

One of the most wanted desire of residents is the facility of parking with complete protection. Project of Margalla Vista fulfills this desire and offers very spacious area for parking purpose. You can park more than one vehicle at a time. This scheme ensures the protection of your car, bike or any other vehicle that you have. You can easily avail this facility and can park your vehicle in that spacious area that is provided by Margalla Vista.

Best Quality Tiles in Bathrooms and Kitchen

This project of A & A Capital Associates and Builders has unique and attractive features. One of the best features is the design and creative layout of it. Even that the tiles used in floors, kitchen and bathroom are very good-looking. They have used a very special kind of tiles not only in floors but also in kitchens and bathrooms. The design and the layout used in these tiles is something different from ordinary. Its quality is up to the mark.

Project Features of Margalla Vista

Every housing society claims to be the best, but each one offers different features that make itt stand out from the others. Here is the list of project features of Margalla Vista.

Terrace or Balcony

A terrace or a balcony is a must for houses, especially for families. They provide a number of uses that vary depending on the season.

Parking spaces

Spacious parking space is another stand-out feature of Margalla Vista. Residential areas where people do not have this amenity face a lot of problem. One or more cars is a must for families living in large cities as commuting on public transport is a mess. Public parking is also available for those who want to avail it.

Plot features

Plots in Margalla Vista are equipped with all the basic amenities required for modern lifestyle living. Sui gas, electricity and proper water supply is something we cannot imagine living without. They also have a proper sewerage system. The housing society is easily accessible by a number of road routes.

Business and communication amenities

There are other amenities that do not relate to everyday living or survival but are very necessary for our everyday life. They are related to our communication needs and other dependencies of our modern living. Margalla Vista has provisions of broad band internet access and Satellite/ Cable T. V wiring for its residents to fulfill these needs.

Community Characteristics

When people live in communities they also require certain facilities that are need of living together in an organized way. Keeping in mind these requirements, Margalla Vista provides community center where people can gather on any occasion. Gym and lawns are also built so that people can live according to their preferred lifestyle choices. Mosques and other basic amenities of community living are also present.

Payment Schedule of Margalla Vista

The installments of basements are done according to the sizes, for example the size of Margalla facing is 108 sq. ft. Its installment is RS 170,000, and then the total amount is Rs 3,200,000. On commercial side the average size of lower ground floor of Margalla faces is 108sq. ft. having total amount Rs 5,500,000. Balance amounts on possession and transfer. However, on residential side, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor average size is 500sq.ft

Perfect Living Style

Margalla Vista is that project of A& A builders which gives you the opportunity to enjoy and experience   very comfortable and perfect life. This project also provides you with your business space. The luxuries and amenities provided in this scheme are very secure. Hence Margalla Vista Islamabad is the remarkable chance for people who want to hold property in this beautiful city.