Mega Projects of Punjab Government in Lahore are Lahore Ring Road, Metro bus service and Orange Line Train Project.

Mega Projects Of Punjab Government In Lahore Post Contains

Currently only one projects is under development that is Lahore Orange Line. Now Let have a look one by one on these Mega Projects of Punjab;

Lahore Ring Road

Lahore Ring Road is an 85KM long 6-lane high-speed limited access orbital motorway around Lahore, Pakistan. It is linked to the M-2 Motorway and N5 National Highway. Ring Road was supposed the first project of Government of Punjab. When this project was started, everyone was against it that it is wastage of time and money. After completion everyone forgot his words.

Benefits Of Lahore Ring Road Project

Ring Road is saving a lot of time. With the entry of Ring Road, we are moving all over the Lahore with signal free zone.

The travel that was taking ages to complete now only within few hours you can reach on your destination.

The word “Ring Road” is not new. Ring Roads are available in many countries of the world like United States, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Below are the bridges which are used in Lahore Ring Road.

  • Feroze Pur Road Interchange
  • Abdullah Gull Interchange (Airport Access Road Interchange)
  • Babu Sabu Interchange
  • Gulshan e Ravi Interchange
  • Saggian Interchange, Lahore
  • GT Road Interchange (Quaid e Azam Interchange)
  • Harbanspura Interchange at Canal Bank Road
  • Railway Line Intersection
  • Jallo Road overhead bridge
  • Barki Road Intersection
  • Shalimar Interchange
  • Airport Interchange
  • Ghazi Road Interchange
  • DHA Phase V/Vl Interchange
  • Sui Gas Society interchange
  • Niazi Interchange
  • Badami Bagh Intersection
  • Underpass near Shadbagh Pump Station
  • Mehmood Booti Interchange

When the construction of Ring Road was on going, people suffered a lot in travelling, but now it has become a blessing. Motor bikes are not allowed on this road and it causes less accidents.

Orange Train Service Mega Projects of Punjab Government in Lahore

Orange Line Metro Train is still under construction, its expected completion date is October 2017.

Its line length is 27.1 km (16.8mi) and it is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Following is some basic information about it.

Station                    36 almost

Daily ridership     250,000 minimum

The Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project is a rapid Transportation.

The orange Line Metro will not only transform the public transportation system but it will also help in resolving the traffic issues that are faced by the citizen on the daily basis. The work on Lahore Orange Line Metro was started on 25th October 2015 and HCS awarded with its Pakege-1 from Dera Gujjran to Chauburji(13KM).

Through competitive process in compliance of PPRA Rules. The metro will provide an easy mode of transportation and will transport around 2, 50,000 individuals on daily basis.

The Lahore Orange Line Metro Train is a 27.1 km long project that will help the city of Lahore reduce congestion caused by buses and cars and will be a stepping stone that will transform the overall transportation system of Pakistan in the coming years. The project will not only help to overcome major traffic problems but will also save the time of individuals in commuting from one place to another without any hassle. The project will be a benchmark in the transportation sector and will be a great factor in booming the country’s economy in the year to come. The orange Line Metro Train transit gadget is not any greater a dream; it is far fasting turning into a fact quickly.

The provincial development operating birthday celebration, Punjab, has accepted the venture on the cost of Rs: 162.62 billion (USD 1.6 billion). Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has already signed the settlement of Lahore metro train with China on Pakistan’s behalf for production of the project. It is going to be 27- kilometer long train with frequently elevated mass transit system. Its miles aimed to facilitate the commuter’s movement inside the metropoles.

It will connect raiwind road, Multan road, Mcleod Avenue, Lahore Junction railway station and the grand trunk avenue. It will likely be the primary line of the Lahore metro, which is United States of America’s first mass speedy transit teach device.

Chinese language authorities is entrusted for designing, construction and operation of the orange line and the envisioned of entirety time is 27 months. The government of Pakistan and China in 2014 signed a settlement to begin an orange line metro task.

This challenge is under production and is expected to be completed in March 2018.

Project Details

The space covered by orange line train is 27.1 kms. The service will take off to acquire approximately 250,000 passengers a day. The potential can be expanded to 500,000 passengers an afternoon by using 2025. Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion stated like the metro bus carrier, the metro train could also be run in different towns after Lahore. “The metro train will revolutionize the way humans travel because it will make the commute hassle-loose.”


  • Ali Metropolis
  • Niaz Baig
  • Canal View
  • Hanjarwal
  • Wahdat
  • Awan City
  • Sabzazar
  • Shahnoor
  • Salahudin
  • Bund Road
  • Samanabad
  • Gulshan e Ravi
  • Mahmood Booti
  • Lahore Hotel
  • Yateem Khana Chowk
  • Chauburji
  • Lake Avenue
  • Central
  • Lakshmi
  • Railway Station
  • Sultanpura
  • E.T
  • Baghbanpura
  • Shalamar Gardens
  • Mint
  • Islam Park
  • Salamatpura
  • Dera Gujjran

 Benefits of Orange Line 

In all over the world every step that is taken by its government, some people like and some not agree with it. Same situation is about orange line train metro project. But overall its good option for the persons who have no bikes or cars etc, then they can easily use advantage of it.

If everything goes well, Lahore is set to become the latest city in the world with a metro orange train service and its value. The Rs 165 billion Lahore orange line metro train project will connect Raiwind Road, Multan Road, Mcleod Road, Lahore Junction Railway station and the Grand Road. It is Pakistan’s first mass rapid transit train system, and is being financed and developed by the best friend China.

Dark Sites

As the orange line metro train project is a great blessing for the people of Lahore, it became a curse for the population as well. This project requires 1,165 kanal and 15 marla for this train’s stations. Two of them will be underground. The completion of this project is resulting in a loss of many houses, shops, commercial activities, business and infrastructure.

Metro Bus Service

The Lahore Metro Bus System is a fast travelling bus system in Lahore. This project was consulted by the NESPAK and the Turkish Firm Ulasim. This bus system was started in February 11, 2013. Metro Bus project is consisted of 27-kilometers long road track from Gajjumata to Shahadra. 8.5 km section is elevated of this track.

The daily ridership of Metro Bus is about 180,000-220,000. The road of this bus system has 29 stations from Gajjumata to Shahadra, and 86 buses are working at a time.

This track covers many commercial and residential areas. Ferozepur road links together Lytton road, Jain Mandar, MAO College, Lower Mall, Civil Secretariat, Aiwan-e-Adal, Katchehry Chowk, Data Darbar, Ravi Road and Shahdara Town. Its an e-ticketing and fast transportation system.