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Metro City Rawalpindi Bringing The Home Of Your Dreams

Metro City is a project of Four Season marketing. Four Season marketing is a well-established leader of real estate sector.

It is known to be the expert marketing institute for land development in Pakistan. This organization owns the real estate sector with a very strong record of previous reputation due to the eligible and highly experienced team.

Four Season marketing is admired due to many winning land development and housing projects in Pakistan. With a unique marketing style they have successfully completed many commercial and residential projects in Pakistan. Now Metro City Rawalpindi with the perfect marketing strategies is also becoming popular choice of living for the residents in Rawalpindi.

Metro City Post Contains

The company has been gaining popularity for becoming the biggest supplier in providing the modern day and innovative solutions to real estate sector. Four Season marketing currently have 2 more projects; Metro Villas and Metro Homes other than Metro City. 


An Overview of Metro City Rawalpindi

Metro City is a beautiful residential project in Rawalpindi at Adiala Road. There are many residential plots and houses available in different sizes, fulfilling the needs of residents according to their demands. Metro City features all kinds of facilities to the residents. It brings you the best of both worlds, this ideal location provides you everything that you need.

Residents of Metro City are provided to enjoy the calmness and privacy along with the services and style of their desired lifestyle. The occupants of Metro City enjoy all the basic needs and wants at an easy access inside the gated community. All the facilities are brought here keeping in mind the comfort of the residents to be the top priority.     

Amenities and Features in Metro City

Metro City is located in a peaceful environment in Rawalpindi. It is a stylish and unique development offering excellent commercial and residential property investment chance. Equipped with all the amenities including the efficient sewerage system, gas connections, garden, electricity, water supply, internet connections, kids play area, restaurants and cafes, 24 hour security, availability of public transport and community center.


This society is creating a unique impression with all the luxuries. The project is well positioned near schools, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls and has easy access to public transport services. The peaceful ambiance of Rawalpindi and these amazing offerings make Metro City a perfect choice for residence and investment opportunity. Here you can enjoy your dream’s lifestyle.  


The residential project of Metro City is a housing community project at the main Adiala Road nearby the Farmhouses in Islamabad. As per a good strategic location Metro City is only five minute drive away from the Zarar Contonment Camp, twenty minute drive away from M2 Chakri Interchange and Rawalpindi GPO is only thirty minute drive away.  

The luxurious house in Metro City offers the prime location for residence in a peaceful area of Rawalpindi. Metro City homes are well positioned close to many other residential housing societies at the main Adiala road in Rawalpindi.

Investment Opportunities in Metro City

The faultless structuring and the right marketing strategies and their implementation have worked out for delivering the right set of opportunities to the target market. Metro City offers residential plots of different sizes ranging from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 12.5 Marla, 15 Marla and 20 Marla. And the commercial plots are available in 1 Marla and 3 Marla at affordable prices and easy four year installment plan.


The potential buyers can buy a plot for construction of their own choice from various sizes of plots available as per their demand. Customers can get to choose the payment plan specifically designed to provide the convenience of making payments.

The 5 Marla Metro City homes are available for making bookings of single story and double story houses. Bookings can be made easily by contacting the property dealers or any real estate agents in the area. Due to the increasing demand of Metro City bookings are being made on first come first get basis. The monthly installment plan for these 5 Marla houses is starting from the amount of 16,000 PKR.        

Te brilliant design and the combination of all the amenities being provided at one place make Metro City Rawalpindi an excellent opportunity for buying plots or houses. There are also commercial plots available here which you are available for sale. These plots could be rented out or could be used for personal business and investments.


Metro City Villas Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Property size Property type price
1 Marla Commercial plot Rs. 2.5 Lac
3 Marla Commercial plot Rs. 7.5 Lac
5 Marla Residential Plot Rs. 2.5 Lac
10 Marla Residential Plot Rs. 5 Lac
(20 Marla) 1 Kanal Residential Plot Rs. 10 Lac

Properties available for sale in Metro City Adiala Road

Property size Property type Area Price
1 Marla Commercial plot for sale 225 Sq. ft. Rs. 2.5 Lac
5 Marla House for sale 1125 Sq. ft. Rs. 38 Lac
3 Marla Commercial plot for sale 675 Sq. ft. Rs. 7.5 Lac
3 Marla House for sale 675 Sq. ft. Rs. 25.3 Lac
5 Marla Residential plot for sale 1125 Sq. ft. Rs. 2.5 Lac
3 Marla House for sale 675 Sq. ft. Rs. 25.3 Lac
10 Marla Residential plot for sale 2250 Sq. ft. Rs. 5 Lac
5 Marla House for sale 1125 Sq. ft. Rs. 38 Lac
1 kanal Residential plot for sale 4500 Sq. ft. Rs. 10 Lac
Mini Commercial plot for sale Adalia Morgah Road Rs. 30 Lac
3.4 Marla House for sale 765 Sq. ft. Rs. 25.3 Lac
5 Marla House for sale 1125 Sq. ft. Rs. 38 Lac
3 Marla House for sale 675 Sq. ft. Rs. 25.3 Lac
5 Marla House for sale 1125 Sq. ft. Rs. 38 Lac

The Metro City project is providing the best set of amenities at affordable prices. It brings for you the lifestyle that you want to live. Rush now to book your residential or commercial plot in Metro City Rawalpindi and do not miss this amazing investment opportunity.