Mmanat Residencia

Mmanat Residencia Islamabad Unique Plan Initiated By IBA

Mmanat Residencia is a new lodging venture presented by IBA group, in order to facilitate the dear ones of the victims of terrorism.

Mmanat Residencia Post Contains

The designers have displayed this plan for the family members of the victims of terrorism and general public. IBA developers have already presented many real estate projects. This project is unique in nature as it is putting forth extravagance living at reasonable costs so that every individual may own his/her own dream home. Who does not want to have luxurious home for living at an affordable price? For all those seeking economical first class apartments, should grab this opportunity instantly.

Mmanat Residencia Islamabad Apartments

Mmanat Residencia is presenting one, two and three Bedroom Apartments. These Apartments in Mmanat Residencia can be reserved with cash payments and furthermore with simple installments. Mmanat Residencia is known as one of the top new locality of Islamabad because of the state of art planning, availability of all facilities and its prime location.

Located in a stunning high building, these apartments have all the amenities which any modern apartment can ever have. Mmanat Residencia is perfect for living and property interest in Islamabad.

Mmanat Residencia is a skillfully and tastefully planned venture presenting one bed, two bed, and three Bedroom all of them are well furnished. Every apartment is characterized by spacious rooms with separate attach baths, wide stairs and open style kitchens. The booking is open and the flats can be booked with twenty five percent up front installment and rest of the sum is payable in the simple installment plans.

Location Attraction

This venture can be found parallel to DHA Islamabad Phase two and phase three. It will take just ten minutes’ of drive from Islamabad Airport to reach there. The area of the venture is a perfect place for both residential and investment purposes. It is arranged parallel to DHA Islamabad phase two and three. Locality of Mmanat Residencia is perfect as it is encompassed by schools, universities, workplaces, parks, grounds, hospitals, business centers and best open transportation places.  

Project Highlights

They have rich finishing and have astutely designed open kitchen, wide windows with lovely views, and comfortable rooms. Moreover, the building is completely secure and inhabitants are free from the problem of load shedding, as generators ensure a consistent supply of power. Flat owners likewise get elite access to the swimming pool and gym center in the building, and can go for shopping in shopping center whenever they wish. We can witness the following added points about the apartments.

  • Based on modern format
  • Excellent Elevation
  • Spacious Parking
  • Quick Moving lifts
  • Spacious Lobby
  • Wide Stairs
  • Wide Corridors
  • Extensive course regions
  • Quick Moving lifts
  • Excellent quality of development
  • Firefighting framework
  • Top class quality tiles utilized for ground surface
  • Top class wood work
  • Excellent quality of tile work in Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Twenty four hours water and power supply
  • Swimming pool
  • Shopping center
  • Indoor doctor’s facility

Mmanat Residencia Islamabad Apartments Categories and their Cost Structure

There are three categories of investing options available. Based on your budget you may go for anyone of that.

  • For Category “A”

One bed apartment is provided.

Area range = five fifty sq. ft.

Total cost = Twenty five Lac

Up front installment (down payment) = One Lac (For Shuhadas families only)

Fifteen percent off on original cost for general public.

  • For Category “B”

Two bed apartment is provided.                          

Area range = eight ninety sq. ft.

Total cost = forty Lac

Booking with up front installment (down payment) = Two lac (Shuhadas families only)

Fifteen percent off on original cost for general public.

  • For Category “C”

Three bed apartment is provided.

Area range = eleven hundred sq. ft.

Total cost = sixty Lac

Booking with up front installment (down payment) = Three lac (Shuhadas families only)

Fifteen percent off on original cost for general public.

  • Business Plots

One Kanal business plots encompassing six towers

Cost of Kanal business plot = one crore

Mmanat Residencia Project Cause

Due to the fact that nine forty individuals lost their lives in terrorist attacks recently, this is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed for the nation. As a country, we consider these casualties strong and honored people. So it is in fact a positive stride to see this group wishing to compensate the families who have endured such a repulsive misfortune.

Different other groups also ought to remember national tragedies pretty much as Mmanat Residencia has, furthermore make strides that deliver these issues to energize a feeling of solidarity as a nation.

Mmanat Residencia offers the open door for the dear ones of Shuhadas who lost their lives in due to terrorism across the nation. Mmanat Residencia is likewise offering apartments for general population.

Mmanat Residencia Islamabad Opening of the Lucky Draws

Mmanat Residencia has assigned extravagance apartments to the family members of the victims of terrorism.  The opening of the lucky draws took place on twenty fifth of September, 2016. Beneficiaries are only charged with development cost. Its detailed information was disclosed on the fifth of September.

The date for presenting the form so as to be qualified for this offer was twenty second September. In the event that you know any individual who has endured a misfortune in their family as a consequence terrorist attacks, educate them about this offer. We value this project taken by the designers of Mmanat Residencia.

After analyzing this project from different perspectives, you will come to know the worth of investing your money here. Besides the attraction of getting high returns after investing here, the cause of the project is very admirable. The initiative of IBA group is getting a much positive response. We should all contribute in bringing out the best in a society. You should give a visit to the location of this project and witness the facilities and services being offered by the IBA group in the apartments. Next time when you are going to make an investment, consider the opportunity of investing in Mmanat Residencia.

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