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Naya Nazimabad Housing Scheme Karachi A Mark of Pride

A project of Javedan Corporation Limited, the project of Naya Nazimabad has expanded the residential horizons of Karachi. Our love for the city of lights and its people got us embarking on this fruitful journey.

Naya Nazimabad has given a whole new meaning to the city of Karachi rather than just a limited area. The residential project has created an inspiration of the dream house with luxury that is affordable. The project instills certainty and hope which travels beyond the investor’s expectations.

A part of Karachi, Naya Nazimabad is rising above all. All the facilities and amenities are carefully planned and assigned here in order to maximize the comfort in your lifestyle. Necessities of life which include gas, water, and electricity are already stable in the area.


Naya Nazimabad is a project specially designed to cater the progressive middle class as it is built upon the idea of providing a complete lifestyle along the lines of peaceful community. Based on the inception of a house of serenity, and we are all set to make it happen at Naya Nazimabad.

What makes Naya Nazimabad your first residential priority?

Living in the Karachi is an exhilarating experience and it becomes all the more amazing when you are living in a high-quality house with all the facilities which also provides commercial access.

The built project entertains luxurious apartments that are big enough to give residents the feeling of a single unit villa. The bottom floors offer all the basic stuff needed for commercial users.

The houses are perfectly suitable for people who are looking for a quality lifestyle at reasonable rates. The shops are suitable for commercial users who want maximum exposure for their business!

Features and Amenities

  • Trustworthiness & Convenience
  • Secured property documentation system to protect your investment
  • 100% clear ownership of land
  • One-window facilitation center to give a hassle free property management
  • Installments covered by life insurance
  • Eligible for housing finance



An ideal residential society is judged on the basis of living standards for its population. Broad entrance, well-planned roads and ring road linking all the blocks provide efficient transportation to Naya Nazimabad. The overhead water tank built to revamp the way water management has been so far done in Karachi.

Javedan Corporation Limited (JCL) came into being on June 08, 1961, as a public limited company. The company enlisted on the Karachi Stock Exchange.


The project is not just a housing project but complete value-for-money. A concept that is artfully designed to create the right space that aspires pleasing vision, serenity, simplicity, and harmony.


To develop and provide quality affordable housing opportunities for potential investors while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization.



An alluring lifestyle that offers airy rooms, stylish bathrooms modern elevation, spacious lounge, contemporary kitchen, with splendid fittings, beautiful terraces and spacious car parking areas with excellent security will be provided to each individual in his house.

Residential Plots

A project over of 120, 160 and 240 square yards, residential plots are the well-developed master plan that ensures ideal community living. Each block has its own masjid, commercial area, parks, and security check post within its own boundary wall.

Spanish style and modern bungalows in 120, 160 & 240 Sq.Yds size with one unit, single story & double story options.

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid in Naya Nazimabad is a symbol of spiritual Islam. Spread over 7 acres of land and with an accommodation limit of ten thousand people, the masjid will reflect our Islamic values of brotherhood, unity along with pride.


Education Complex

Space is exclusively saved for education complex plans that endeavor to provide emblematic learning, schooling for future generations in the vicinity of the project and its neighborhood.

Primary & Secondary School  | Kindergarten.

Vocational Training Center

Vocational Training Center is a brilliantly designed multistoried building set up to provide extra educational skills and training to the youngsters of the community.

Computer Classes | Cooking Classes | Fine Arts | Sewing & Stitching | Embroidery | Karate Classes.

Hospital & Medical Center

Plots are exclusively allotted to the medical complex and hospitals to guarantee the basic need of medical facilities and healthcare to be provided to all the residents, making the project a healthy source of community peace and active lifestyle.


Club House & Gymnasium

To freshen up your mind and body and to enjoy a healthy and stress-free living experience, a club house will be there to rejuvenate you with high-end sporting and line recreational facilities.

Banquette Hall | Tennis Court | Table Tennis | Badminton Court | Indoor Games | Snooker & Billiard Room | Gymnasium | Swimming Pool |

Cricket Stadium

Cricket has become an important part of our lives. Naya Nazimabad Cricket Stadium is ready to relish the true spirit of cricketing experience. The cricket stadium is designed in-line with the international standards, fully functional and equipped with all top of the line facilities and five ready to play pitches.

Practice pitches | Full Floodlights | Dressing & shower-rooms | Pavilion stand.


Horse Riding Club

Horse riding is one of the best ways to have some fun! There is nothing more entertaining than the wind in your face as you ride it free! Our range riding horses certainly seem to set us apart as a unique residential group. Naya Nazimabad gives its valued investors an opportunity to feel distinctive.

  • Finely bred and well-trained stallions
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Riding lessons for children and adults

Football Stadium

A beautifully designed Football Stadium is to allow the youngsters to test their abilities in the fields of each sport that will also cater to aerobics, endurance, agility and overall fitness.


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