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Ombi Heights Nathia Gali 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments Booking

Ombi Heights is an under progress residential venture located in Nathia Gali, Galyat, KPK and presented by Parthenon Construction.

Ombi Heights is presenting two and three luxurious bedroom apartments. You will be glad to know that apartments in Ombi Heights can be reserved for cash payment furthermore on simple installments. You can easily find the location of this venture on Ombi heights maps.

Ombi Heights Post Contains


Reasons Behind the Popularity of Ombi Heights

Ombi Heights is one of the famous residential project found in Nathia Gali KPK, the reasons behind the popularity of this project include availability of all facilities, prime location of the project and state of the art planning of this project. Ombi Heights is considered worthy for investing among investors and for living purpose as well. 

Ombi Heights is likewise best for the general population who love to travel towards northern areas and want a second home there. Because this area is holding so much beauty that it will captivate you and make you appreciate it. The atmosphere is very calm and clean here, in short it is close to nature.

You can also buy and then rent out your apartments to the tourists, because this location is always packed up with tourists. So in this way you can make money as well.


Details by the Developers of the Project Ombi Heights

Ombi Heights, Nathia Gali, is your lavish way of life found in flooded greenery. You will feel like relaxed by visiting this site and get the peace of mind. You can book your own luxurious apartment very easily here. You can shift yourself to these apartments, you can come on holidays whenever you want, you can rent it out and earn money by doing so. Owing an apartment here will prove like a treat to your friends and family visiting Nathia Gali, because you can enjoy nature at its peak here.

Location Attractions of Ombi Heights

You can locate these apartments very easily, they can be found in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nathia Gali, Galyat. Nathia Gali, is considered the exemplification of nature and this is the reason that it is a tourist attraction. Nathia Gali is located in northern region of Pakistan about twenty five hundred meters high from the sea level.


The pleasant valleys, fully snow covered tops and markets of this place make it a heavenly place and attract many tourists every year. Individuals from all over Pakistan, and abroad, come to visit Nathia Gali to discover peace of mind in the indulging natural views. It is found just thirty four Kilometers away from Murree and Abbottabad, and can easily be reached through wide roads. Pine, Maple, Walnut, and Oak trees decorate the encompassing valleys and give beautiful views, whole year.

Highlighted Features of Ombi Apartments

  • Six various Lavish Apartment Layouts
  • Separate Blocks for different Entry
  • Three fast Speed Spacious Lifts
  • Presence of Balconies to enjoy the outside valley view
  • Diverse Styles of Flooring to select From
  • Twenty four hours security system
  • Laundry service
  • Presence of very first underground parking in Nathia Gali
  • Fitness center


About the Structure of Ombi Apartments

The building is having three focal atriums which permit the occupants simple and private access to their flats. The building has total of four floors holding twenty four flats altogether. The twenty four flats here are outlined in two and three bed room designs.

The two room option have further been subdivided into two unique formats that give potential purchasers the alternative to pick the design that best suits their desires. Each residence accompanies an assigned underground parking spot, while the three room option accompany servant’s quarter as well.

Extra Added Benefits:

1. Firefighting system

In case of any emergency, firefighting system is set up to ensure the safety of the occupants Internet Connections

2. Internet Connections

As, the facility of internet has become the need of everyone, you need not worry about connectivity issue here. You can avail internet facility whenever you want and stay connected.

3. Tv Cable Connections

There are almost as many entertainment options as you can enjoy anywhere else. So you will be having cable connection to finish your boredom.


4. Wide stairs

The stairs in Ombi apartments are wide, to facilitate the passage of the occupants. These stairs provide you ease due to their width.

5. Earthquake Resilient Structure

Ombi heights is built in such an artistic way that the structure of this building is earthquake resilient. This is just to inform the investors about the underlying construction mechanism.

Subdivisions of Apartments and pricing of Apartments

Two Bed Apartment Category A

(Apartment number Two and Five)

Total area covered by the apartment = one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven square feet.

Price of the apartment = Rs. 15,189,500

Ombi Heights Apartment image

Two Bed Apartment Category A

(Apartment number three and four)

Total area covered by the apartment= one thousand nine hundred and fifty five square feet.

Price of the apartment = Rs. 16,617,500

Ombi Heights Two Bed Apartment Category A image

Three Bed Apartment

(Apartment number 1 and six)

Total area covered by the apartment= Two thousand four hundred and ninety three square feet.

Price of the apartment= Rs. 21,190,500

Ombi Heights 3 Bed Apartment image

  • On booking of any apartment you have to give thirty percent down payment. Rest of the amount can be paid in installments whether on monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Per square feet price of ground floor is eighty five hundred rupees.
  • For booking in first floor extra five percent will be charged.
  • For booking in second floor extra seven point five percent will be charged.
  • For booking in third floor extra ten percent will be charged.

If you are going to make full payment instead of installments, you will be provided with ten percent reduction in the total amount.


So if you are interested in making investment towards hilly areas of Pakistan you should go for Ombi heights. You can earn money either by renting it out or re selling it at higher price. Apart from investment purpose, this location is ideal for living. Do not miss this lifetime opportunity and book your apartment in Ombi heights now.