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Why You Should Invest In Paradise Atrium Faisalabad

Paradise Atrium Faisalabad is situated at the heart of Faisalabad City. It consists of three stories with a contribution of more than 60 business shops.

As it is the largest shopping mall of Faisalabad so Paradise Atrium is thought to be Faisalabad’s most impressive and prominent shopping center where numerous extremely famous and well known brand names will merge.

Paradise Atrium Faisalabad Post Contains

This is the one of its kind shopping center in the city of Faisalabad which will be managed by Paradise Holdings. It is specially designed for all types of people which includes foodies, fun seekers etc. Paradise Atrium Mall Faisalabad entertains you will all types of offerings with high standard facilities. (Paradise Holdings launches Paradise Atrium, The Best in class Shopping Mall in Faisalabad , 2015)

Paradise Atrium Faisalabad an Ideal Shopping Mall

Anam Jalil was quoted as saying that it is well known that Faisalabad is considered to be the industrial cities of Pakistan. So Faisalabad is a home to a wide cluster of different and amazing commercial plazas. The basic aim behind the development of these plazas is to make a definite shopping experience for residents. So far the development of these plazas helps the visitors to watch out for entertainment.

Furthermore according to Anam Jalil, Paradise Atrium Faisalabad is considered to be the ideal shopping mall and the best money making and profitable choice for businesses. It is an amazing project in the superb city and is now making waves. It consists of three stories which are delicately planned and located in the middle of the luxuriant green courtyard. It is a much welcomed sight for the visitors.

Location of an Outstanding Shopping Mall

Paradise Atrium Faisalabad is situated in the heart of Faisalabad’s business center point and located in the area of well known area D- Ground near Jaranwala road Faisalabad. It is considered to be the prominent amongst the most chic and expensive area of the city. This mid-outside shopping center involves a main and profoundly nearby area that is additionally stylishly. It includes all the top brands shops, kid fun area and many other facilities. This amazing and stunning project is few minutes’ drive away from schools, health centers and parks. 


The construction of the beautiful Paradise Atrium Shopping mall is completed with the help of finest material. The developers have investigated every possibility that to ensure flawlessness. The cutting edge wide shopping lobby has an extraordinary viewpoint of the whole shopping center. The lush green walled in areas represents the finished area. There is a center point which includes waterfall, glass bridges and lifts to enhance its beauty. 

Furthermore according to Anam Jalil, there is a food area on the second floor of the mall which highlights nine shops.  These shops have a wide collection of easygoing dining options with noteworthy and significant views. There is a large parking area in the basement of the mall. There is centrally air conditioned washrooms for everyone. Safety cameras are fitted; guards are always vigilant and active. There are separate doors for entrance and exit to maintain order.  

  • A free and large parking area for customers
  • Amazing high speed lifts are all around
  • Fire catch systems are available all time
  • High security cameras
  • Backup systems
  • Cooperative staff is present

Affordable shops are also available in Paradise Atrium Faisalabad

It is discussed earlier that the basic aim behind its construction is to accommodate all type of people. So it is not for the rich people as there are many affordable shops in Paradise atrium Faisalabad. The best part of this mall is the spacious shops with the reasonable rates. It consists of amazing interiors as well as exterior. The reasonable prices of the mall increase the charm and interest in the investors. The smaller units are ideal for small emerging brands or local retail outlets, the larger ones are perfect for prominent boutiques, renowned international and local brands, and service providers. 

Investment Feasibility in Faisalabad

Farhan was quoted as saying that Faisalabad an industrial city is slowly but surely booming and flourishing with a number of unique and amazing real estate projects. It is essentially improving the expectation for everyday comforts of residents. Although this is the true fact that Faisalabad has consistently been one of our business center points. So you can easily invest in this great city in different real estate projects or commercial areas. You can easily make much profit and live a better life. 

The Paradise Atrium is one such amazing and largest project in the city that genuinely adds to its greatness. There was a great need for such investment projects in Pakistan. It consists of everything that Faisalabad first global shopping center should contain. Starting from the notable and outstanding architecture, a comfortable atmosphere and ends with the superb shopping experience. 

Furthermore according to Farhan, when we go for the shopping the first and foremost thing the atmosphere. Grand Paradise Atrium Faisalabad has a comfortable atmosphere with the light musk of aroma, beautifully lights and the background music. The Grand Atrium guarantees that it offers a life-changing atmosphere. On the other hand, it is basically the project by Paradise designers in Faisalabad. There are different sizes of shops available on portions and installment for any type of business. So don’t waste your time and book your Shop in Paradise Atrium in Faisalabad.

Why should one invest in Paradise Atrium Faisalabad

Paradise Atrium is in the industrial and commercial city of Pakistan. The specialty of this shopping mall is that it is located in the best commercial area of Faisalabad because of the prime area. Amazing construction and all fundamental facilities are available in this grand shopping mall. Paradise Atrium is perfect for the general public who need to set up their business on the most sought in terms of area and very much elegant business focus in Faisalabad. Paradise Atrium is additionally perfect for property investment. The chances to gain profit are higher in near future.