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Peshawar Real Estate Trends and Investment Options

Today we will have a look on how Peshawar real estate has gathered so much developer’s attention. In Pakistan developers have shifted their focus towards the cities joining the main cities of the country.

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This step is being appreciated by everybody.  Truth be told, the developers are coming up short on space and investment choices in the already developed main cities of Pakistan, which makes the surrounding urban communities more appealing for property investment. Along with that, less expensive property rates in these areas other than Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are one of the significant reasons why developers are assuming more growth trends in smaller cities of the country.


Past Condition of Peshawar Real Estate

Here we will discuss the Peshawar real estate. If we talk about the past conditions, peace, law and order conditions were really disturbed in Peshawar. This caused the investors to limit themselves in particular cities, neglecting this city due to the prevailing bad scenarios. But now the condition is really stable and improved. Operation Zarb e Azab is a significant factor indeed, in restoring the peace of this city. Now, investors and property developers are looking forward towards Peshawar real estate sector.

The drop in the values of property in Peshawar real estate sector during last five years is an extremely attractive variable, for the people who are having small investment plans in Peshawar city. They can now proceed with their savings to own a home or property in the region’s most vital city. The value drop observed in Peshawar property, In Hayatabad alone, which is the most mainstream zone of Peshawar, rate of property has gone around thirty percent. And the fall seen in different towns of the city is much more exciting.

New Face of Peshawar Real Estate

With reclamation of peace and improvement in dealings observed in this city, Peshawar is ready for all the potential growth of real estate property, through residential and investment means.  DHA and Bahria Town is looking at Peshawar for their new upcoming projects in Pakistan and the property rates at Regi Lalma, the site of DHA and Bahria Town Peshawar, will be rising high.


Attractions of Buying in Peshawar Real Estate

Different reasons that contribute in the increment of prices of property in Peshawar Real Estate include less and limited load shedding of power supply and the continuous supply of Gas. The accessibility of CNG additionally makes it exceptionally advantageous for the occupants of Peshawar and this can entice house purchasers, dealers and investors from the whole country.

Where to Make Investments in Peshawar Real Estate

Investing in close regions of G.T Road

Peshawar is no doubt an old city but now it is changing its face because of the rapid improvements. New city center being constructed on both sides of the popular G.T. road is adding to its worth. This famous road is midway situated in Peshawar and partitions the city into two sections.

Areas close to G.T. road have the workplaces, business centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, universities and parks. G.T. road likewise serves as the focal business locale of Peshawar. Regions that are close to G.T. road are perfect spots for property interest in Peshawar as demand is constantly high because of the focal area and being the center point of different businesses. Investment in such points will increase the probability of higher returns.

Investing in Areas having critical road links

Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, Peshawar Ring Road and Charsadda Road are the well-known points in Peshawar. These points join Peshawar to various urban areas. New improvements in Peshawar can be seen close to these critical points. The improvements include wide roads, schools parks, business centers and hospitals.


Territories that are close to these vital points are best places for property interest in Peshawar as demand is constantly high because of their vicinity to primary city and other road joins. Property investment in these ranges will generate great benefits.

Different Housing Schemes in Peshawar


This is one of the most affordable project in Peshawar by Ansaar Management Company. Safiya Homes Warsak Road is presenting one bed of 3.5 Marla house, two bed of 3.5 Marla house and three bed of 3.5 Marla house. Houses in Safiya Homes Warsak Road can be reserved with simple installment plans. Safiya Homes Warsak Road is one of a reasonable lodging plan in Peshawar. It is perfect for the low pay individuals.


Bahria Peshawar is the new lodging venture in Peshawar. Bahria Peshawar is presenting residential plots of various sizes. Plots in Bahria Peshawar can be reserved with cash payment furthermore with simple installment plans. Bahria Peshawar is one of the best housing society of Peshawar because of luxurious living, comfort and calm environment they are providing to its inhabitants. Bahria Peshawar is perfect for investment in real estate sector of Peshawar. Bahria Peshawar hold the most prime locality in Peshawar as access from various parts of city is simple.



Defense Housing Authority has launched its new project in Peshawar region. It is offering five, seven and ten Marla residential plots. This society is considered ideal for both investment as well as living purpose. The reason behind is the perfect planning, facilities and amenities. If you are looking forward for investment in real estate sector of Peshawar, you must go for DHA Peshawar. Undoubtedly, DHA has maintained its credibility across various cities of Pakistan. The location of DHA Peshawar is very appealing. You will find it near Regi model town and Nasir Bagh. It is covered on ten thousand kanal of land.

Green Homes Peshawar

Green Homes is the project of Nawab Housing Associates. They are offering three, five, seven, ten and twenty Marla plots. You can book your residential plot here with cash payment or installment plans. This place is becoming popular due to provision of modern facilities and the state of the art planning. It is expected to generate higher returns from investment point of view.

You may consider above-mentioned points while looking for different investment options in Peshawar real estate.