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Plots For Sale in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore

People have anticipated Fazaia Housing Scheme’s launch in Lahore for a long time. Waseem Ud Din was quoted as saying that after the successful project of Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi.

Plots For Sale In Fazaia Housing Scheme Post Contains

Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore project was launched in 2003. It is located along Raiwind Road from Thokar Niaz Baig. Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore is extended around 4200 Kanals. There are different Residential plots for everyone. As the completion of this Scheme is done in different stages, so the possession of plots would be gradually granted within the phases. 

According to Waseem Ud Din the aim of this Scheme is to provide the friendly and comfortable environment to the residents of fazaia housing scheme Lahore. For this purpose, thy generated the bylaws in the combined form are being generated. This will help them to provide guidance for the members who planned and take responsibility for the construction process, so that similarity and homogeny can be maintained. 


Zohair Ahmed was quoted as saying that as it is the project undertaken by the Pakistan Air force, so it is has worked a lot for its development and started this stunning project with a slogan “Shaheeno K Sath Zindagi”. On the other hand Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore is for the benefits and rewards for their retired and serving employees. Due to their hard work they have gained the trust of overall population by utilizing the goodwill of Pakistan Air Force. 

Facilities provided by Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore

Many facilities are provided by the society to provide comfort to the residents of fazaia housing scheme Lahore. Boundary walls are there to provide high security is available to live a secure life. Sewerage system is totally perfect. Beautiful street lights, parks are there in this amazing project, so that these green areas made the colony noticeable, attractive to watch. Many houses are completed and a number of houses are under construction. Many investors are interested to buy their own property in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore.

Furthermore according to Samra Zulfiqar Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore is considered to be the largest housing society in Lahore. It has wide streets, number of schools, mosques for every phase, play areas for children and many other facilities available for residents. Fazaia Housing Society Phase II is set to turn out to be a noticeable and promising lodging endeavor of the zone. The development of Lahore city and roads helps the visitors and residents to move anywhere.


A beautiful mosque was constructed which enhances the beauty of fazaia housing scheme Lahore. Banquet Halls, Beauty Parlors, labs, libraries are many other centers and places are part of Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore. As every type of facility is available, so residents are much satisfied with their luxurious life.

Good to Invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme or not

According to Samra Zulfiqar few years back, when it is the phase of construction and the project is newly started many people think that it is too far from the central area of Lahore. Lahore Ring Road is considered to be so far and this is the major issue for the property owners which let them to think about investment in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore. But with passage of time a lot has changed in terms of infrastructure of the city and many investors wants to have their own property in Fazaia Housing scheme Lahore. (Zulfiqar, Is it time to invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore’s Phase II, 2016)

Furthermore, if we take a look around the Lahore city, we came to know that the size is almost twice than in the late 90’s, but the roads are linked with each other and help you to reach anywhere. The route of the Housing scheme which is considered to be so far is now approachable to everyone. This area is considered to be the most important one in terms of real estate.


Due to amazing development of this Housing Scheme many buyers shows a great demand to buy their own property. Furthermore there are hardly few sellers which want to sell their property. The owners are highly aware of this fact that the possession in this great society will help the Property Prices to be increases. As it is the most important area of the real estate sector. 

Homes Prices in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore

You can have your own property in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore. You can buy 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at very cost effective price. As it is discussed earlier there are different sizes of plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The scheme is divided into phases. Phase II has a minimum number of 1 Kanal plots. The current business rate of 5 Marla plot is Rs 1300000 and 10 Marla plot is Rs 2000000. If you have a desire to invest in 1 Kanal plot in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore you should have Rs 3400000 to invest.

After the successful project launched in Lahore, Islamabad and Gujranwala, Fazaia Housing scheme has taken the new project for Karachi. This is basically the project of Pakistan Air Force. It has developed a lot and considered to be the best housing society in Lahore. For booking your apartment and to buy your own plot in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore, there are some rules and regulations. If you want to book the 2 and 3 bed apartment you have to buy the registration form. The most interesting thing is that the procedure is same as that of Bahria Town.


The registration fee for Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore is nominal, so that everyone can go for it. They have just adopted the strategy of Bahria Housing Society. When a number of people were interested to buy their own property in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore, it makes a good perception for other people. Due to the great demand, prices are increasing day by day. So don’t waste your time and buy your property in Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore, so that you can live a comfortable life.