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Plots in Pakistan That You Shouldn’t Invest In

Plots in Pakistan Not all the plots in Pakistan, whether commercial or residential, are built in the same way. People are reluctant to make any dangerous investments.

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Because not even with gated societies and walled housing projects which are fully equipped with all the luxuries are all the same. There are many plots which investors or builders even avoid to buy. If you are still attracted to buy property which you should avoid to buy, than go ahead and do some market research first.

Following are some main factors that you should avoid for buying a plot. These are the kind of plots that you should keep away from:

Plots of Corner Location

The most basic concern while buying a land is considers its location. No matter for what reason you are buying a plot you should consider its location before buying. Consider its resale value before buying. Avoid buying property with no resale value.

According to Mark Madden, a real estate broker, avoid buying plots which are located in the corner for residence. Corner plots have many issues as it is more prone to robberies, you have fewer neighbors, its noisy, corner plots, traffic and it needs more maintenance. (Krasny, 2011) Dust and pollution is also a major complaint of people living in corner property in Pakistan.

Plots with Zoning Limitations

It is very important to know about the zoning laws in the area in which you are trying to buy a property. Zoning laws directs what can and can’t be done with any land. Avoid buying plots which are under the conflict of any zoning law related to construction. Before buying a plot you first need to make sure that you are even allowed or not to start any construction on that property. Go through the complete checklist before buying a property. And avoid doing any dangerous investment that might affect you in the future. (Fenlon)

Plots in front of Water Tank

All major housing societies in Pakistan have provision for clean water for its residents. Plots located near main water tank of any society or housing project are less desirable to be bought. People avoid buying plots near that location, as it is located at a height and people mostly standing there can look into your house easily, as many people actually do so and take a look around the neighborhood. This a potential threat to your privacy, and the security situation in Pakistan suggests that you should avoid buying property located close to central water tank of the society.    

Plots in front of Schools

There is no concept of residential area in Pakistan without dozen of schools nearby. You shall try best to avoid buying plot near school if you don’t have school going children. Because if there is a school built near your house than its going to be very annoying for you twice a day every day. Your mornings and afternoons are going to be very noisy because of the car horns, van horn’s by impatient drivers, road blocks and the noise of children.

Even if you have an emergency to go out of your house near the school time and home time you will be stuck around your house for a long time. So even try to steer clear from buying such plots where there are any chances of school being built near that are. Add it in your checklist to make sure that no school I going to be built near your plot.

Plots in front of Commercial Market

Commercial areas now days have become more like a go around place. People rather than going there for shopping actually go there for window shopping and spending leisure time. Having home in front of a commercial market you have to deal with all kind of people passing by your home all the time and many staring at you.

This location gives you a tough time living near that place. This location gives you even more tough time even if it doesn’t have any proper parking area and on the other hand it is the reason of continuous noise pollution. And it’s not easy to switch house. So you need to avoid buying plots in such kind of location. And you have to face an issue that’s even bigger than privacy.

Plots in Front of or Near Graveyards

It has always been very scary to live near a graveyard. Everyone quotes scary stories related to their experience that lived there once. No one might disturb you while living near a graveyard. People listen to music in loud voice or arrange functions at their home; it’s a sin and is also disappointing to play music in loud voice near graveyard. Normally plots near graveyard are less valuable within the whole location. And it’s for the right reason.

Deep Plots

In any housing society or at any location deeper plots are not sold out for a long while. These plots are 5% cheaper because a large amount of landfill is needed to level them. If you are not making a house with basement in the deep plot than it’s just a headache for you to hire additional labor and bring it to level. Avoid buying deep plots to reduce your cost and pain.  

Plots Located on the Boundary

Many people don’t prefer to buy a plot near the extremity so plots located at the boundary are cheaper. People like to live away from the central hub of a society and they are less in number. And the unpleasant view unclean external view is not worth buying. But in case of a big society more the property distance from the main entrance and commercial area that property is devalued.

Plots located close to Grid Stations

Getting a view in front of your house of a heavy transformer with folded and strangled wires tucked around the poles on right and left is obviously not your dream. This is the last thing that you might want to look at whenever you come out in your porch to enjoy the weather. And plots in Pakistan around the grid station might attract you because of its low price but bad plots are always cheaper. If you are thinking of making an investment than it’s suggested to stay away from buying such kind of property.  (Zulfiqar, 2015)

If any of the above mentioned factors are found in the plot that you are planning on buying than you should restrain from doing so. You shall keep away from such type of plots in order to secure your money and future.