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The Charm Of Property In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria town Karachi is a new project by Malik Riaz. It is limited to the real estate development company. It is basically Rawalpindi-based company.

Property In Bahria Town Karachi Post Contains

Most people have a great charm to buy their own property in
Bahria town KarachiLooking around the world it is the largest real estate company in Asia. It is now extended to different areas and has foundations in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. It consists of the large towns and its oldest community in Rawalpindi spans over 45,000 square acres. Bahria town Karachi has also launched the golf project.

It is considered to be the glorious project for the people living in Karachi. Undoubtedly it’s a stunning project but the prices are too high. You can have the golf views from your door step. There are many features of this stunning project. (Bahria Town Karachi Updates, 2014)

  • It provides you high security.
  • All life style facilities are available.
  • It is considered to the most stylish and attractive community.

This is an amazing scheme to serve many people. This is a multibillion business development schemes which is known as Bahria town Karachi. It usually depends on the success and prosperity for the land authorities. (Bahria Town Karachi Updates, 2014)

Registration Fee for Bahria town Karachi

According to 2paisay many people are moving towards Bahria town Karachi and to enter in this stunning town you have to register yourself to buy a plot. The registration fee ranges from Rs 15000 for Bahria town Karachi. The previous Rs 5000 is non refundable. After this you have to go through the installments process if you are successful in booking the apartment for your luxurious life.

As it is discussed earlier that Malik Riaz is the owner of Bahria town Karachi, so he tries his level best to provide lavish life style to the residents. Coming towards the buying and selling of plots in this town residents have given the best response for Bahria town Karachi. The people who are living there are much satisfied by the services, security and life style. So I must say that residents had a great experience of Bahria town Karachi (2paisay, 2013)

Luxurious Life Style in Bahria town Karachi

Usman bin Khalid was quoted as saying that it is obvious that when someone can take a start to launch his idea he has to face many problems and it may be risky for him. So when launching the idea for Bahria Town Karachi no doubt there are many problems regarding land and political contentions. Regardless of these issues Bahria town Karachi is advancing with unbeatable speed towards its great purpose. It is making progress day b day. Investors are highly interested to invest in this town to buy their own property.

Overseas clients are also involved to buy the property. Many people from everywhere throughout the nation and the overseas people have put the great amount in this amazing project. The Bahria town plots rates are pushed due to the sufficient liquidity, but still they have the potential to develop the town. Overall Bahria town is including positive quality development in the real estate sector. (Usman-bin-Khalid, 2016)

Furthermore according to Usman Bin Khalid the outstanding development work is going in full speed in Bahria town Karachi. In general all the locations are marked with the proper recognition sign board which helps the visitors to move in the big town. Bahria town Karachi is decorated with the beautiful plants and flowers and fountains which enhances the beauty of this amazing housing society.

The world’s third largest mosque is there which increases the value of the society. There is a proper procedure to have your own plot. Generally files are updated having all the records of the investors. They are given the allotment numbers in different areas to avoid issues. (Usman-bin-Khalid, 2016)

Why Prices in Bahria Town Karachi are Falling

Azan Shah was quoted as saying that the  prices of plots in Bahria town Karachi are falling. There are number of reasons but the major reason is that Bahria is taking bookings for their caring merchants and dealers. Other than that Bahria announces the first installment due date is 7th May. Likewise it includes some fear in the investors, they used to sell their property and coming out from this game. Many people still wants to pay the installments to have their own property.  (Shah, 2014)

According to azan shah many investors are still satisfied with the Bahria town home prices. Bahria town Karachi receives the enormous response throughout the Pakistan. As it is progressing day by day so it becomes the fundamental land highlights of the nation, and the most well known one in Karachi. Many investors are very enthusiastic to take part in this great project. The project is intended to give the city some remarkably dynamic infrastructural improvement. (Shah, 2014)

What Makes Difference for Bahria Town Karachi

There are many reasons for which the Bahria Town Karachi differs from other housing societies.

  • Overseas investors has invested huge cash flood in this project. Most people from abroad are not satisfied for investing in Pakistan, but Bahria town Karachi give them a scheme stage with modern living standard community. (Shah, 2014)
  • With the launch of this stunning project many unemployed people get the job at their door step. (Shah, 2014)
  • According to azan shah many land owners involved in Bahria town Karachi was not able to sell their property. There come some cases when prices of the plots get decreased due to some problems. But somehow it provides you with all the comforts of modernism. (Shah, 2014)

There are different plots for every type of people. The regular sale price of 5 Marla plot in Bahria town Karachi is Rs 906,000. This price is as of November 2014 and is increasing at a constant speed. So a 10 Marla plot cost Rs 1700000 and 1- Kanal cost Rs 2700000. Bahria homes are structured so beautifully. There is also furnished residential area available for the people. The speed and development work of Bahria town Karachi is increasing day by day and many investors wants to invest there in 2016. (Shah, 2014)