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Rawalpindi Real Estate Market Trends In General

Rawalpindi’s real estate market has lately experienced an increase in sale and purchase activity. Part of the credit goes to the launch and development of some new housing projects.

Rawalpindi Real Estate Post Contains

Rawalpindi Real Estate is a very attractive investment opportunity for a great percentage of investors and buyers who are left priced out from Islamabad’s primary locations.

Rawalpindi Real Estate Market Performance

For the interest of investors and readers it is very important to know that Rawalpindi’s real estate market is habitually taken in the surroundings of real estate activity seen in Islamabad. As Rawalpindi is the twin city of Islamabad so the comparison is made for buying property in Rawalpindi for investment or any other purpose.


There are 5 Marla residential plots in the vicinity of Rawalpindi that are cheaper than plots of same size in Islamabad of an average percentage of 40%. The investors willing to make investments with the incentive to get more benefit for the price they are paying often buy plots of 10 Marla with the same market value in Islamabad and Rawalpindi with the intention of buying property in Rawalpindi. The average sale price of residential plots of 1 kanal in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are about 25% with former being more costly.

Property Rates in Rawalpindi Real Estate Market

Previously there has been a decent rise in the average sale prices of residential plots of 1 kanal in Rawalpindi to the amount of 21%. There was a drop in prices of 5.50% for 5 Marla plots. For 10 Marla plots the average sale price increased to the percentage of 16.01% in Rawalpindi real estate market. With this upward and downward shift in prices in Rawalpindi’s property market investors were not really sure in which property to make investments and which not for future benefit.

Upcoming Projections in Rawalpindi Property Market

It is observed that there is segregation found among the investors in Rawalpindi due to their preference for buying bigger plots. It suggests that the corporate and private housing societies offering a maintained and gated lifestyle are likely to keep catching investor’s consideration.


The fact still remains that prices of high end housing projects in Rawalpindi are already at par with the overall rate of properties in Islamabad. And despite the fact that the same sized 5 Marla plots in Rawalpindi are almost 40% cheaper than those in Islamabad and the overall price drop of 5 Marla plots, Rawalpindi real estate still offers a return of decent price margin to the investors.             

Tips for Making an Investment in Property Market of Rawalpindi

Looking at the price trends in the important housing schemes of Rawalpindi it’s recommended that 5 Marla plots of the average rate of approximately PKR 2,000,000 shall be bought for making investment. For making investment avoid buying residential plots of 10 Marla tagged more than PKR 4,500,000. Make investment in 1 kanal plot in reputable housing schemes where the pace of development work is consistent and fast and the average rate is under PKR 7,500,000.

Instead of having a mix of exciting new experiences in the real estate market Rawalpindi remains very affordable compared to Islamabad. The added advantage of affordability is another beneficial reason for investor’s interest in Rawalpindi’s real estate sector. Such rates are attractive due to budget savings because the return on investment is also greater. So, we can say that there is immense potential in the Rawalpindi’s property market.

Top Areas for making Real Estate Investment in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi and its big budget real estate projects with high caliber are attracting many investors to make investments in the property of Rawalpindi:


Invest in Areas Near to GT road

Due to the central location of GT road it is the most important road in Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi is developing around GT road. Areas located on both the sides of GT road are the prime areas for making property investments in Rawalpindi. The demand is always higher due to its central location. Making property investment in such areas will give good returns.

Invest in Areas Located between Islamabad Highway and GT road

There are two important roads in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, GT road and Islamabad Highway. Localities between these two important roads are developing rapidly. Well known localities such as Bahria Town, DHA, Media Town and Pakistan Town are located there. Because of its proximity to the important road links, relatively cheap prices and better planning, these areas are the best for making investments in Rawalpindi’s property market. Property investment in these areas provides good returns.

Invest in Areas Near Faizabad Interchange

Viewing Rawalpindi and Islamabad as a single city, Faizabad Interchange is considered as the center point of the city. Faizabad Interchange is connected to different areas with good road links. Faizabad Interchange is near to the Metro bus station and Faizbad bus station.


Areas that are near to the Faizabad Interchange have hospitals, good schools and commercial centers. Areas in the surrounding of Faizabad Interchange are the ideal places for making property investments in Rawalpindi as the demand is always higher due to a great location and the availability of all the necessary facilities. Making investments in these areas are good for yielding profits in the property market of Rawalpindi.

Invest in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

There are many investors in and out of Pakistan, keen to purchase property in Rawalpindi. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is a very attractive and luxurious housing scheme attracting many investors. This is because of the major increase in the design and quality of homes along with positive changes in the lifestyles.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi attracts potential investors because of the comfort and peace offered in this residential area. With the continuously improving luxuries and facilities there are many investors willing to invest in this area and get benefit with the increasing demand.     


If you are looking for idea locations for residence or even planning for investments in commercial sector, Rawalpindi is a great place to take a start. The potential seen in the Rawalpindi real estate market depicts that the value of property will shoot up quickly.