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Restaurants in Lahore That You’ll Actually Want To Try

Lahore city is a paradise for people who love food as there are a number of best restaurants in Lahore. This city is famous for the variety of foods that are available here and Lahoris are famous for their eating passion.

Restaurants In Lahore Post Contains

From traditional restraints to classical dinning Lahore city is full of restraints with its amazing themes and variety of food. People of Lahore are keen to dine out. They have a habit of trying and enjoying all kinds of food.

There are many new restaurants launched in Lahore almost every week. Restaurants offer variety of food ranging from traditional Nihari, Paye and haleem to the classical Chineese, Thai and maxican food. There are also theme based restaurants offering their specialties and many more. There are also café’s opened separately offering varieties of desserts.


Top Restaurants in Lahore You Must Try If You Live In Pakistan

Following is the list of the best eateries and dine out places in Lahore city:       

Jade Café

With the fresh and variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with the warm and soothing ambiance; jade café Lahore has gained a lot of popularity. Jade café is loved for the breakfast with exceptional choices like Skillet Omelettes and Shakshukha. Apart from this jade café restaurants in Lahore also serving traditional and continental dishes for lunch and dinner.    

Johnny And Jugnu

Johny and Jugnu is a fast food eatery that has taken its customers by storm. They have a unique serving style of burgers and wraps with a choice of seven delicious sauces that other restaurants in Lahore don’t offer. Among the sauces atomic sauce and the Wehshi Zinger is known to be the famous and are loved by people.

This place has a welcoming atmosphere with economical rates. Johnny and Jugnu have a friendly staff. People who visit this place love the interiors although they don’t have a seating area but still people love the food and the time they spend while waiting for the food is worth of what they get for their craving.  



X2 located near liberty is a famous restaurant for its pan Asian dinning. X2 has a branch of café as well as restaurant. Both of the eateries are situated next to each other. They maintain the same standard of food that they are known for, and offer a wide range of options to its customers. X2 has a unique interior and seating arrangement. And also provides different event setups as per the demand of their customers. People who want good dining experience with the perfect food prefer X2.  

Maro Tandoors

Maro tandoors is the first roadside dhaba in Lahore introducing delicious Nutella Naan for the first time in town. The famous Naan’s of Maro Tandoor are Cheese Naan, Pizza Naan and special Nutella Naan. They have also added new type of Naan’s into their menu. And this unique touch to the traditional Naan is what made Maro Tandoors make its way towards success.

Maro Tandoor is located in model town. It’s a good place to go with friends, if you are living in Lahore don’t miss a chance to go to a classical Dhaba for experiencing the delicious and mouthwatering Nutella Naans. Once you fall in love with the Nutella Naan you will probably want to come back for more. There are many restaurants in Lahore but Maro Tandoor has its own specialty and taste.



Citrus is a relaxing place offering variety in the exciting menu. Citrus in updating the restaurant culture in Lahore with a blend in menu and the special dishes they offer like Chocolate Orange Lindt Gateau and Chicken Roulade. They have given a unique touch to the eating style by offering a Pizza station, Pasta among a fresh Salad Bar for providing a new experience.  


Zucchini is offering a mixture of cuisines including a variety of French, Italian and traditional Continental food. They serve excellent quality and delicious sea food Chowder, Stuffed Mushrooms and the special Prawn Pasta. Zucchini fulfils the customer’s demand of relaxing ambiance, good food and nice hospitable staff.

Zucchini is located at the MM Alam Road near memories restaurant. They have a modern interior creating classy and relaxing ambiance. They offer a peaceful environment for eating. There presentation gets the top marks as well.   

Tenerife Café

Tenerife café has modern interior, relaxing atmosphere and the perfectly lighted space. They welcome their customers in their perfect eating atmosphere with their friendly staff. Lately they added a cluster of new items into their fusion menu, which includes a thin crust Pizza, Thai Chicken Curry dish. These cuisines provide variety of tastes with the variety of food they offer.   



The popular restaurant of Karachi Ginsoy has come to Lahore and has succeeded to gain popularity among the food lovers. This restaurant signals for a visit with its tag line “Extreme Chinese”. Restraint offers famous dishes like Dynamite Chicken. They also serve butter prawns, Black Pepper Chicken and also offer unique dishes like the Beijing Chicken. And all the dishes served at Ginsoy are served with amazing presentation. The restaurant offer unique interior and a cozy atmosphere.  

Spice Bazaar

The famous restaurant of Lahore spice bazaar is famous for its Hi-tea in town. Spice bazaar provides a large soothing atmosphere, classy ambiance, wide space for enjoying desi cusines. Desi cusines also include Afghani dishes, handi and Barbeque. Spice bazaar is a place that must be visited by the fans of desi food to enjoy the taste that they offer. Lahori Customers also enjoy their hot favorite drink Chai at restaurants in Lahore .

Cuckoos Den

Cuckoos Den is located in the hub of historical places in Lahore. Starting with desi cuisines Cuckoos Den offer one of the best Tawa Chicken in town. They add a unique spicy flavor to their dishes; bbq platter, curries, parathas and every food item listed on the menu. Along with the appetizing food customers also get to enjoy the marvelous view of Badshahi Mosque. The mosque give a splendid view in the evening with all the lit up lights and a soothing view in the morning as well. The offer a variety of food and for the food they charge exclusively. 


Sweet Affairs

Sweet Affairs by Sania Waqar is famous in Town for its delicious and tempting deserts among different restaurants in Lahore. They offer the best deserts in town with a range of cupcakes, chocolates, cakes, gelato, shakes with a unique and modern touch and much more to eat. In case for those not wanting to have something sweet they offer their special brick oven pizza which is a must try.

It’s hard to say that any one restaurant is the best because they all are special in their own kind with the ambiance they provide and the way they serve and treat their customers. These are just some of the awesome restaurants in Lahore.