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Safari Enclave II Rawalpindi Luxury Villas 3 Year Payment Plan

Safari Enclave II is an amazing project of Geo Masters Group. It is the idea of modern living which is the organization of housing surroundings at individual and collective level as well.

Hence, there will be the finest use of advanced technology mixed together with our rich technological rituals. This project of Geo Masters Group is specially focused on medical education, entertainment and marketing behaviors. The facilities provided in this project set it unique from others. Safari Enclave 2 Adyala road map and payment plan can be checked online.

Safari Enclave-II Post Contains



Safari Enclave II is located on Adyala road Rawalpindi. This site of Rawalpindi is perfect the reason is that it is one of the progressed area of Rawalpindi. It is the top goal for the people who are home hunters. This place also gives good opportunity for high profit gains. The atmosphere of Safari Enclave 2 is very nature friendly.

Project Plan

Safari Enclave II offers single and double storey houses of 4, 5, 6 and 8 Marla. This project offers residential and commercial villas on the ideal location of capital province. The prices of Safari Enclave 2 are low as compared to the other societies of this region.  Therefore, this project is not only best for living purpose but also for investment purpose.


Booking Details of Safari Enclave II

Booking in Safari Enclave 2 can be done from only 2 Lac, the monthly payments start from just 15 thousand, and ownership is in two and a half year. However, complete payment can be made in 3 years time.

Safari Enclave II Payment Plan

The price of commercial and residential areas of Safari Enclave 2 is most affordable. That is what seeks the attention of investors as well. The amount can be paid in within the time period of three years. As stated above possession is in two and half year etc.


Significant Features of Safari Enclave II

Safari Enclave 2 provides its residents with a number of prominent features. Geo Masters Group made their best effort to provide all remarkable facilities in their project. Their inmost goal is to achieve customer satisfaction.  Here is a list of significant features of Safari Enclave 2:

  • Safe gated area.
  • Commercial area.
  • Health Clinics
  • 24/7 controlled safety system.
  • Gym, Swimming pools.
  • Availability of electricity.
  • State of art development.
  • Wide roads and green belts.
  • Parks and play areas.
  • Graceful interior and exterior.
  • Tiles of fine quality used in bath rooms and kitchens.
  • Complete wood work.


Property Features of Safari Enclave II

Given below is the list of property features of Safari Enclave 2:

1. Parking Spaces

Safari Enclave 2 villas consists of spacious parking area. It provides comfort to the resident who wants to park their vehicle of any size.

2. Drawing Room

The drawing room of Safari Enclave 2 has been provided with great quality.  They are beautifully designed, that will express a personality of their own.

3. Lounge

The lounge provided by Safari Enclaves is very spacious. All kind of lavish items are placed into it. Its design is very attractive.


4. Kitchen

Safari Enclave 2 provides with complete kitchen accessories. Its wide and open windows bring in natural sunlight. Kitchen is the center point of the apartment.

5. Bathroom

The style of bathrooms is very modern. The tiles used in it are of fine quality, which gives a well defined look.

6. Bedrooms

The spacious rooms of Safari Enclave 2 are very attractive. Bedrooms are made up of high quality construction and excellent architecture as well which gives comfort and relaxation.

7. Lawns and Gardens

There are number of lush green gardens and lawns placed in Safari Enclave 2. In spare time people can visit them, it gives them relaxing mood.


Project Characteristics of Safari Enclave II

1. Plot Features

After property features, here is the list of project features of Safari Enclaves 2:

  • System of sewerage.
  • Availability of electricity.
  • Water supply.
  • Provision of Sui gas.
  • Boundary wall.

2. Business and Communication

  • Twenty four hour internet access.
  • Satellite or cable T. V ready.

3. Community Features

  • Play area for children.
  • Community mosque.


4. Areas nearby Safari Enclave II

  • Nearby Schools.
  • Nearby Shopping centers.
  • Nearby Restaurants.
  • Nearby public transport service.

5. Schools

There are several educational institutes in Safari Enclave 2. Parents do not need to worry about the learning of their child.

6. Health Clinics/Hospitals

The facility of nearby health clinics is easily available. It is very helpful, especially in the case of emergency.

7. Shopping Malls

Different shopping malls are placed here, which are at a short distance. People can easily fulfill their shopping requirements.


8. Restaurants

Top restaurants are located in Safari Enclave 2, which are near to residential areas. Residents can have their meal, at any time they want.

9. Service of Public Transport

The service of public transport is also provided to the residents of Safari Enclave 2.

10. Other Areas

  • Retail and whole sale.
  • Banks and financial institutes.
  • Emergency and rescue.

11. Additional Amenities

Some additional amenities are as follows:

  • Complete wood work.
  • Flooring of marble tiles.
  • Parking area.
  • Staff for maintenance.
  • Staff for security.
  • CCTV security installed.


Safari Enclave II Business Opportunity

Apart from living and luxurious lifestyle, Safari Enclaves 2 is best for investment purpose as well. It is therefore a good business opportunity especially for those who are very interested in business projects.

Safari Enclave II – A Perfect lifestyle

Safari Enclaves is one of the best project of Geo Masters Group. It is a construction company which is very famous.  This group has built many prominent projects including Safari Enclaves 2. It gives a complete and ideal life style with significant features. It is based on modern and up to date living standard. Safari Enclave II offers extremely classy designs at very affordable prices.