Safia Homes Faisalabad

Safia Homes Faisalabad That’s Actually Affordable

Safia Homes is an amazing affordable housing scheme in Faisalabad. This is a project by AMC (Ansaar Management Company). It is located near Nagra textile mills.

Safia Homes Faisalabad Post Contains

This housing scheme is planned in such a way to provide a lavish living to the residents by providing a number of facilities. It is totally a secured gated society with affordable prices. Safia Homes Faisalabad provides incomparable lifestyle with low prices and secured environment by the beauty of nature and providing number of facilities.

Safia Homes Faisalabad is offering different houses of 3 Marla to 1.4 Marla double storey house. You can easily book your houses on easy installments plan. This is a perfect housing scheme for low income people and as well as renters. We all know that the people who have low incomes are largely homeless. A number of poor families who have low monthly incomes cannot afford large monthly installments. So constructing a house in Safia Housing scheme is really a dream for them.

Safia Homes Faisalabad An Ideal Scheme for Low Income People

The company is basically working on this project since 2009. They offer accommodation to those poor families who have low budget plan. They can easily invest in Safia Housing scheme and have their own property. It is not only working on affordable housing units however there are many communities where numbers of facilities are available for the residents. Well-maintained and secured homes are there with no sewerage issues.

This housing scheme is considered to be the top new reasonable housing developments.  The reason is the good location and the society is also providing all basic facilities. People having low wages and those who are living on rent can have their own property in Safia Homes Faisalabad. Installment plan is also available for the buyers. It is one of the only projects that offer home loan facility. This amazing facility is given by House Building Finance Corporation.

Additionally, the society also incorporates a community center and medical amenities are also available for people. All other projects launched by AMC have a perfect town plan but Safia Homes are located near the industrial area of Faisalabad. So don’t waste your time and book your own house in Safia Homes.

Multiple Features of Safia Homes Faisalabad

Safia housing scheme is considered to be the stunning project especially for low income people. The project consists of one to three bedrooms houses and its price ranges from Rs 1100000 to 1400000. Ansaar Management Company has strict and fabulous criteria to determine who deserve to buy a house in Safia Housing Scheme. You can have your own property in Safia Homes by paying 15% of the whole cost while you can easily pay the remaining amount through easy installment plan. The time span of installment is twenty years.

The houses are offered in Safia Homes when they are ready and the buyer can easily move in immediately. There are certain conditions; some of them are as follows:

  • The buyer who is interested to buy his own property in Safia homes should be a homeless citizen.
  • The major condition is that the property owner should have to live in Safia Homes for at least four years.
  • The owner of the property is not allowed to rent out his house or given on mortgage.
  • Plots and houses in Safia homes are only for married persons not for individuals
  • You are not allowed to have any commercial activity in your house.
  • The property owner has to shift within sixty days just after making the down payment.

Right now there are 40 houses which are totally completed and 23 houses are still occupied by the residents. Safia homes incorporate different blocks like A, B, C, D and F. the plots and houses in these blocks are totally sold out. And now the booking in E block is now started. AMC is also launching similar projects in different cities like Multan, Peshawar and Lahore. So if you know anyone who meets the criteria of Safia Homes and wishes to have his own property, just guide them to apply for a home.

Facilities and Amenities by Safia Homes Faisalabad

Safia Homes is the best housing scheme in Faisalabad with number of facilities and amenities. Safia Housing Scheme is considered to be the amazing housing society in Faisalabad. It has wide streets, number of schools, mosques for every block, play areas for children, green belts, modern sewerage system and many other facilities available for residents. Safia Housing Society Blocks is set to turn out to be a noticeable and promising lodging endeavor of the zone. The development of Faisalabad city and roads helps the visitors and residents to move anywhere.

The society is totally secured. Number of educational complex and community centers are there in Safia homes. So Safia Homes provides you with all basic necessities for modern living and all your dreams come true.

  • Proper water supply system is available
  • Electricity
  • Underground sewerage
  • Developed roads
  • High security
  • Mosques
  • Play areas
  • Graveyard
  • Health center and all medical facilities
  • Educational centers
  • Proper waste management system

The major aim and reason to introduce Safia Homes project is to provide accommodation to poor people. Another reason is to overcome the shortfall of houses for lower income strata. They also provide a loan facility to those who are not able to buy their own property. All houses are totally well structured with amazing interior and exterior.

At the end AMC is considered to be the largest real estate building, so they are working more for the development of societies. This company not only provides affordable houses to people as well as it provide number of international facilities to raise their living standards.

There are many other reasons which convinced the investors to put their money in Safia Homes Faisalabad. You can have a direct access to Safia Homes through main industrial area. So this made attraction for lower income people. Due to its affordable rates Safia Homes Faisalabad is becoming more and more popular among people having low monthly income.