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Saima Presidency Payment Plan For Duplex Apartments Malir

Saima presidency is the current project for residential apartments in Karachi. This project is basically introduced by Saima Builders and Marketing by Front line marketing.

It offers number of comfortable apartments on installments and money payments. The developed work of this project is still in process. This project is available for bookings on first come first served base. Saima presidency location map is also obtainable.

Saima Presidency Post Contains

Ideal Location of Saima Presidency

Saima Presidency in Karachi is placed near Malir Cantonment. The developers of this project declare that this place is positioned at a very peaceful and cool atmosphere.


Saima Presidency has good road connections like Jinnah International Airport, Northern Bypass and University of Karachi as well. It is located at 200 feet wide main road. The other commercial projects like markets and shopping centers etc also close to it.

Saima Presidency Booking Details

Booking is now open for Saima Presidency. Cash price of the apartment Starts from rupees 23, 95,000 /-. Whereas the booking for apartments start from rupees 90,000/-. The rest of the amount can be paid in thirty six installments and six half annual installments. On the other hand monthly installments begin from rupees twelve thousand.

Types of Apartments

4 Rooms Apartment

Type is A

Covered area = 1,100sq ft.

4 Rooms Apartment

Type is B

Covered area=1,150sq ft.

5 Rooms Apartment 

Type is B

Covered area= 1,400sq ft.

5 Rooms Apartment

Type is C 

Covered area=1,600sq ft.


Graceful Bed Rooms of Saima Presidency

Bed room is an area where a person gets our motivation to exercises images which take actual shape in our practical life. Saima Presidency offers very relaxing and graceful bed rooms. It gives you a calm place where you can sleep or rest at anytime you want. In our apartments we put special importance on bed rooms so that they go fine with your temper.

T. V Lounge

The area for T. V lounge serves as a family’s assembly hall. Where everyone gathers especially at prime time hours, when a television program is aired which is of every ones interest. Hence, it requires particular attention with the purpose to bring harmony between furniture and fixtures etc. Thus the taste of young and old people will get equivalent.

Perfect Area for Drawing Room

Saima presidency offers a very beautiful area for drawing room and dining purposes. Beautifully designed drawing rooms are offered by Saima presidency. This adds to the dignity of living residence. Drawing room is a place where your high taste is represented to your personal and informal guests as well. Therefore, every type of care is done in order highlight its overall appearance.


 Bathrooms of Saima Presidency

Like other factors of Saima presidency, it also offers bathrooms having complete accessories.  Bathrooms must reveal your renowned personality. It also reflects your uniqueness in choosing best essentials for enhancing beauty and relief.

Complete Kitchen

A complete kitchen which is amazingly designed seek your attention, involves your mood for fine cooking.  Even cooking magic starts when you have complete range of desired things. Therefore, Saima presidency provides you with a complete kitchen and an environment which is motivating.

Special Features of Saima Presidency

The features provided by Saima Presidency are remarkable. These features are the cause of people’s attention. Here is a list of special features which are provided while living in Saima Presidency:

  • Attractive Elevation.
  • Covered vehicle parking.
  • High value construction.
  • Hi-Speed lifts.
  • Calm and relaxing environment.
  • Area for in-house prayer.
  • Standby power generator.
  • Inspection system plus monitoring.
  • 24 hour high security.
  • Gate community living.
  • Play area and area for gymnasium.
  • Lush green surroundings.
  • Parks and gardens.


Project Features of Saima presidency

Here is a list of some major features of this project:

  • Balcony or terrace.
  • Parking spaces.
  • Public Parking.
  • Electricity backup.
  • Elevator or lift.

Plot Features

Given below is a list of plot features, offered by Saima presidency:

  • System of sewerage.
  • Easy access by road.
  • Water supply.
  • Sui Gas for cooking or other purposes.

Business and Communication

Business and communication features include:

  • Availability of 24 hour internet access.
  • Satellite or Cable T.V ready.


Community Characteristics of Saima Presidency

Saima Presidency Offers a wide range of community facilities. These include:

  • Community lawn or garden.
  • Community Gym.
  • Kids Play Area.
  • Community center.

Community Lawn

There is numerous community lawns placed in Saima Presidency. These community lawns are made for the management of different events and occasions.

Community Gym

Community gyms are also positioned in Saima presidency. People who are very conscious about their fitness can easily avail this facility. They can get complete satisfaction about their physical fitness.


Kids Play Area

Area for the kids to play is also situated in Saima Presidency. Parents can take their children to nearby parks and play areas. The surrounding of it is very relaxing.

Community Centers

There are several community centers in Saima Presidency. In community centers people arrange different ceremonies for example marriage ceremony, engagement ceremony and birthdays or parties etc.

Locations Nearby Saima Presidency

These are the following nearby locations:

  • Nearby Schools and other educational institutes.
  • Nearby hospitals and health clinics.
  • Nearby shopping malls.
  • Nearby restaurants.
  • Service of nearby public transport.

Other Amenities

Apart from these facilities, Saima presidency also offers the following:

  • Security Staff.
  • CCTV Security installed.


Security Staff

The facility of security staff is much required and is provided for the protection of residents.

CCTV Security Installed

CCTV cameras are placed in order to avoid any kind of problem.

Saima Presidency – All in One

Saima Presidency provides lavish facilities to its residents. It offers everything which a person requires. It is a complete package of remarkable facilities. This project offers up to date living standard and graceful interior. Hence it is also best for investment. Saima Presidency will be the wisest choice where you can get a lot of pleasure and comfort.