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Seven Wonders City Karachi Payment Plan By GFS Builders

Seven Wonders City is the project of GFS builders and developers in the city of Karachi. It offers various residential plots and commercial plots as well.

These plots can be reserved on cash payments and also on easy installments. Due to the state of art planning, the best location and provision of all general facilities, seven wonders have become a top project. Seven wonders housing scheme is not only ideal for living purposes but also for investment purposes.

Seven Wonders City Karachi Post Contains

Seven Wonders City Karachi Location

Seven Wonders City is positioned next to Defense Housing Authority Karachi. Seven Wonders City has fine closeness to motor way M-9, Super highway, Malir River express way and Jinnah International Airport Karachi. 


It is connected to the major points of the city. This project of Seven Wonders City is placed at a very attractive location.

Seven Wonders City – Project Attraction

7 Wonders city generally a unique and idea based housing community having replicas of well known places like:

  • Eiffel Tower.
  • The Statue of Liberty.
  • Taj Mahal.
  • The Great Wall of China.
  • The Pyramid of Giza.
  • The Roman Collosseum.
  • Stonehenge.

These places make it a huge and interesting project, giving you an exciting feeling that you are actually living around these beautiful and incredible places in reality.

7 Wonders City Project Offerings

The housing community of Seven Wonders City offers residential and commercial plots of the following sizes:

Residential Plots

  1. 80 Square yards.
  2. 120 Square Yards.
  3. 300 Square Yards.
  4. 500 Square Yards.

Commercial Plots

  1. One hundred Square yards.
  2. Two hundred Square yards.


Key Features of Seven Wonders City

Seven Wonders City offers a very wide range of facilities. This is the reason why it has become as a center of attention to people. Here is the list of some prominent features provided by the project of Seven Wonders City:

  • Placed next to DHA city and motor way (M-9 Karachi).
  • Provides its residents with a gated society.
  • Development work is 70 percent completed.
  • Schools.
  • Mosques.
  • Provision of health clinics and hospitals.
  • Water parks.
  • Clubs.
  • Availability of Exotic Parks.
  • Cricket stadium.
  • Commercial area.
  • Instant Possession.
  • Hundred percent land obtained.
  • Restaurants


There are various types of restaurants which are near to the housing scheme of Seven Wonders City. Residents can avail this opportunity and can enjoy throughout their stay.


Parks and Amusement Centers

There are several parks and gardens in Seven Wonders City. There are also some amusement centers.

Tourism Clubs

People who are very interested in traveling can enjoy this facility here.

Educational Institutes

There are number of educational institutes in Seven Wonders City. Residents can take admission there easily.


There is also the provision of hospitals and health clinics. This is very necessary especially in case of emergency.


Other amenities for example banks, gyms etc are also provided in Seven Wonders City. In other words we can say that Seven Wonders City provides its residents with all the facilities that a person/resident can demand.


Seven Wonders City – General Amenities

Here is the list of some general services provided by the project of Seven Wonders City:

  • Bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Floors.
  • Elevators.
  • Parking spaces.
  • State of the skill planning.
  • Wide open roads with lust green belts.
  • Availability of modern and up to date sewerage system.
  • Twenty four hour security system.
  • Different parks and grounds.
  • Kids play area.
  • Various educational institutes.
  • Mosques.
  • A number of commercial centers.

Project Features of Seven Wonders City

Given below is the list some prominent project features, provided by Seven Wonders City:

Plot Features

  • Up to date system of sewerage.
  • Provision of electricity.
  • Water supply.
  • Provision of Sui gas.
  • Boundary Wall.
  • Accessible by roads.
  • Boundary lines.


Business and Communication

  • Twenty four hour broad band internet access.
  • Provision of Satellite or cable T. V ready.

Community Characteristics

  • Community lawn/ community garden.
  • Community gym.
  • Kids play area.
  • Community Mosque.
  • Community centers.

Community Gardens or Lawns

There are some community gardens which are placed in Seven Wonders City. They are very attractive and beautiful. Their design is very modern and recent.

Community Gym

Seven Wonders City also offers a community gym. People who want to maintain their physical and bodily fitness must join the gym.

Kids Play Area

There are also various areas which are built for the children to play and enjoy. In free time children can spend their time here. Parents also get relax in the kind of areas which are having good atmosphere and are relaxing.


Community Mosque

A number of mosques are built in Seven Wonders City. People can easily offer their prayer on time.

Community Centers

The basic purpose of community centers is the conduction of events. Seven Wonders City also offers community centers for birthday parties, events and ceremonies etc.

Places which are Nearby to Seven Wonders City

Following are the areas which are very near to Seven Wonders City:

  • Nearby schools or other educational institutes.
  • Nearby hospitals or health clinics.
  • Nearby Shopping malls.
  • Nearby Restaurants.
  • Nearby Public transport facility.

Additional Facilities

Other facilities include:

The staff for security

The basic aim of this facility is to ensure the protection of the residents.


CCTV Security installed

CCTV cameras are installed in 7 Wonders City in order to avoid any kind of disturbance or problem.

Seven Wonders City – All in One

The project of GFS Builders And Developers is considered to be as one of the best one. The reason behind it is the good reputation of the company and the remarkable facilities which are being provided in this housing scheme. In other words this project is a complete package. It is best for living purpose and investing purpose. Seven Wonders City is the beautifully designed project which is full of creativity and vision.