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Sitara Sapna City Faisalabad Property & Real Estate For Sale

Sitara Sapna City is effectively a project which is introduced by Sitara group. It is one of the significant projects of Sitara Group.

We all have a dream to live at a place where beauty exists and Sitara Group wants these dreams to be full filled. For this, Sitara Sapna City plots for five and ten Marla are available. Houses for rent in Sapna Sitara City are also offered.  Sitara Group aims to provide people with best services.

Sitara Sapna City Post Contains


Objective of Sitara Sapna City

So the question is what the basic objective of Sitara Sapna Group is. Well, Sitara Sapna Group aims to provide its customers an atmosphere which is of complete perfection. It wants to provide an environment having superior standard of living for you and your family as well. This is now possible for Sitara Group because they have made outstanding research and have done completion on the advanced housing system procedures.

Perfect location of Sapna Sitara City

Sapna Sitara City has got a perfect location. This adds to its popularity. It is positioned near Allied hospital and well known mosque Ismail, Faisalabad. Faisalabad is the textile capital of Pakistan and is said to be as Manchester of Pakistan. It has now become multinational city.

Mission Statement of Sitara Group

Sitara Group of industries is presently developing its business activity with numerous projects in various industries. The company guarantees especial quality and up to date options in its residential and commercial schemes. So that there Sitara Group wishes to gain the trust and satisfaction of its customers with the values of reliability and confidence. The company’s success is dedicated to the team work of the members.


Offers of Sitara Group

For the attraction of customer various offer are put into the market. Sitara Group offers fully developed and modern houses of ten, fifteen and twenty Marla. It provides highly recommended residential and commercial plots as well. You can also have houses for rent and also for the purpose to sale them.

Remarkable Facilities of Sitara Sapna City

If we take in the facilities being provided by Sitara Sapna City, then we will come to know that there are numerous remarkable and prominent facilities. These facilities capture the attention of the customers. Here is the list of the features being provides by Sitara Sapna City:

  • Parks
  • Mosques
  • Schools
  • Provision of sui gas
  • Forty ft roads
  • Carpeted roads
  • 24 hours security system
  • Provision of CCTV cameras
  • Ten Marla to sixty Marla plots
  • Residential and commercial plots as well
  • Community centre
  • VIP Block
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage and electricity
  • Luxurious facilities.
  • Health Clinics.


Facility of Parks

The facility of park is being provided in Sitara Sapna City. So that the children can play in their free time and parents can get relax.


It also provides the feature of mosque. Nearby mosques provides the residents to offer prayers easily.

24 Hour Security System

Complete 24 hour security system is provided for the protection of the residents. CCTV cameras are also enabled, so there will be no chance of any trouble.

Sewerage and Electricity System

Sitara Sapna City also provides good quality sewerage and sanitary system. So that the customers will get pleasure by staying here and feel no issues. Electricity is also provided without any type of disturbance.


Provision of Community Centers

There is also the feature of community center. Here people can celebrate their birthday, weddings or engagements. In others words it is a place where events are supposed to be conducted.

Health Clinics

There is numerous health clinics placed in Sitara Sapna City. They are way important and useful in conditions of health issues or any type of emergency.

Educational Institutes

Educational institutes are also located in Sitara Sapna City. There are schools and colleges. Now parents do not have to worry about study worry of their children.

Luxurious Facilities

All kinds of lavish facilities are provided by Sitara Sapna City. These facilities and all the features attract attention of customers hence this adds to its popularity and reputation.


Project Characteristics of Sitara Sapna City

Plot Features

This project gives the opportunity to enjoy with numerous plot features. These features thus include the appropriate sewerage system (so that the residents do not have to face sanitary issues). Not only has this but also water supply and accessibility by road as well. Sui gas is also provided, so that the tasks of cooking will be performed easily.

Business and Communication

For the purpose to communicate, the provisions of telephones are also given. There is also the facility of 24 hours internet access. Sitara Sapna City also provides satellite or cable TV ready.

Community Features

Sitara Sapna Group provides its customers with community centers for the events. Thus they also have community lawns, community gym, kids play area and community mosque etc.


Nearby Locations and Areas

Many essential areas are placed near Sapna Sitara City. These areas are Schools, hospitals, easy access to shopping malls and nearby restaurants. Not only this, facility of nearby public transport service is also provided.

Other Amenities

Other facilities include security staff and CCTV cameras. The purpose of this facility is to ensure protection. So there will be no trouble or issue.

Payment Mode of Sitara Sapna City

  • Possession is accessible.
  • First installment is twenty five percent after four months.
  • Second installment is twenty five percent after eight months.
  • Third installment is twenty five percent after eight months.

Sitara Sapna City- A Complete Package

We see that Sitara Group offers a very wide range of facilities and amenities in their project. It is a complete whole package of everything that a person desires. This group has developed in to several industries and set standard for excellence. The group intends to leave mark on real estate industry wants to be as an example. Sitara Sapna City project is worth looking for those who value a good agreement.