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The Centaurus Mall Islamabad A Luxurious Mega Mall

The Centaurus Mall is a luxurious retail mall and lifestyle destination that encourages the visitors to visit there. This is an amazing and stunning mall with an energetic blend of retail and entertainment activities.

The Centaurus Post Contains


The Centaurus mall is considered to be the new identity of Islamabad. This is Pakistan’s best and amazing place for shopping and many more. The spectacular architecture and the quality of shopping is the major reason behind the commercial success of this mall.

The Centaurus mall is an absolute necessity for everyone, who wants modernized lifestyle and quality shopping. This amazing shopping center offers a charming and fascinating attraction for every visitor. You can enjoy shopping, entertainment activities, dinning and many more with your family and friends.

The Centaurus mall is the perfect place and is situated in the heart of Islamabad. This is considered to be the world class shopping mall. It is specially designed for all types of people which includes foodies, fun seekers etc. The Centaurus mall entertains you with all types of offerings with high standard facilities.

An Ideal Shopping Mall

The Centaurus mall is an ideal luxurious mall for visitors and the basic aim behind the development of Centaurus mall is to make a definite shopping experience for residents. So far the development of this shopping mall is to help the visitors to watch out for entertainment.

This is also the best money making and profitable choice for businesses. It is an amazing project in the superb city and is now making waves. The mall is much welcomed sight for the visitors.


Multiple Segments of the Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus mall is just surrounded by the beautiful Margalla Hills. Basically this mall includes Centaurus cinema, Centaurus food court and many more. However it consists of multiple segments which are rare blend of architectural perfection.

  • There are two comfortable and lavish residential towers with different levels of luxury and comfort. It provides you with high quality facilities.
  • A first class corporate tower is there for businessmen. It provides you with perfect business atmosphere and environment.
  • An outstanding shopping mall is there for the visitors. You can have high quality shopping.
  • Luxurious Hotel

 Some Major Facilities and Amenities

The construction the beautiful Centaurus mall is completed with the help of finest material. The cutting edge wide shopping lobby has an extraordinary viewpoint of the whole shopping center.


This mall offers you with supreme amenities which include car parking, safety cameras and many more. Some major facilities are as follows:

  • A free and large parking area for customers is there in the basement and on the ground level.
  • Amazing high speed elevators are all around
  • Fire protection systems are available all time
  • High security cameras
  • Generator system is there
  • Cooperative staff is present
  • Beautiful and wonderful balconies
  • Five amazing floors of ultimate shopping experience. You can have all brands and good quality shopping.
  • The mall is centrally air conditioned.
  • Mall is beautifully segmented with food court, fine dining, Cineplex, electronic accessories and many more.

Major Features of The Centaurus

The remarkable structure of the Centaurus mall was successfully erected by China State Construction Corporation. This mall has a number of salient features. The mall can resist earthquake up to magnitude 9. Numbers of buyers are interested to invest in this mall. There are different floors with each and every category. With a lot of options and choices, you can find easily what you want. This project varies a world class architecture which is totally remarkable. Professional Building management service is also available for our guests.


Centaurus Corporate Tower and Hotel

The Centaurus corporate tower offers an ideal environment for businesses purposes. Major facilities include central air conditioning, security and car parking. These facilities come together to create a lovely work environment. Coming towards the Centaurus Hotel is the place where comfort meets and also redefines luxury in Islamabad. This glamorous Centaurus Hotel offers a unique blend of fine environment for the guests. Thus the hotel will provides you with all additional facilities like meeting rooms, tea and coffee service and much more.

Affordability in the Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus mall is having the luminous location so many buyers are interested to invest in this mall. Due to the presence of Centaurus hotel, Centaurus corporate tower, Centaurus cinema within the premises increase the charm and interest in the investors. The amazing part of this mall is the spacious shops and is also providing amazing facilities. The unit in anyone tower of the Centaurus mall ranges from PKR 29,626,868 to PKR 450,000,000.

The Centaurus mall consists of amazing interior as well as exterior. There are multiple units available in the mall and they are ideal for emerging brands or retail outlets. There is a lot of significance and interest in the units right now. So don’t waste your time and try to invest in this outstanding mall.

Investment Feasibility in Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Centaurus mall is one such amazing and marvelous project in Islamabad that genuinely adds to its beauty. It consists of each and everything that a shopping center must contain.


Starting from the notable and outstanding architecture, a comfortable atmosphere and ends with the superb shopping experience. Hence this is a huge mall exists in Islamabad and very pleasant and fine place to shop at.

Future of this Mega Mall

This mega mall Centaurus is a blended way of real estate development in the most primary and central location of Islamabad. The mall is quickly taken its shape and standout amongst the most appealing and attractive location of Pakistan.  This luxurious mall has initiated the concept of modernism, luxurious community that incorporates all residential facilities and amenities with an outstanding shopping mall. Luxurious hotel and a corporate tower is there to provide you premium lifestyle.

Thus the specialty of The Centaurus mall is the prime location. Amazing construction and fundamental facilities are available in this mall. As a result The Centaurus Mall is additionally perfect for property investment and there are many chances to gain profit in future.