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The Veranda Residence E-11/1, Islamabad Apartments Details

The Veranda Residence is the new definition of housing schemes in Islamabad. Islamabad has recently showed a massive evolution in commercialization of real estate business.

It is no longer only a city of quiet and spacious bungalows and lavish houses. According to the dictionary Veranda means ‘a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor’. Veranda apartments Islamabad are particularly gaining success because of its wonderful architect and spacious facilities.

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The trend of apartments has been increased for few years. People enjoy how the city offers style, luxury and facilities in the form of The Veranda Residence Islamabad. It’s quite competitive for the real estate dealers and developers to cater modern needs of residential facilities in Islamabad. Moreover, there is a surge in interest of investors towards property in Islamabad because of its developed infrastructure and increased economic importance.

Population in Islamabad used to be consists of few thousand people that has now reached to millions. The increased population means more urbanization and need of residential facilities. Therefore, the real estate in Islamabad has been in a booming phase for quite some time. From investment point of view, Islamabad’s real estate market offers handsome returns and usually proved to be more profitable.

Being the capital city of Pakistan and less urbanization ratio makes Islamabad a relatively secure investment option. The land and property fraud cases are low in ratio as compared to the metropolitan cities of Karachi and Lahore. That is one of the major reasons, people are inclined to invest in real estate in Islamabad.


How The Veranda Residence is better than others?

The Veranda Residence is flagship project by Tanveer Associates. It is in the prime location of MPCHS, E-11, Islamabad. It has 2 and 3-bedroom luxury apartments. The Veranda Residence is located in a prime location that is accessible to all areas. The view of Margalla Hills is the key selling point of this housing scheme. The residential experience is enhanced to manifolds by top notch furnishings and relaxing facilities to make your living experience a dream come true. The fine furnishings and fixtures with minute details taken care of in lavishing way is what makes The Veranda Residence unique and compelling residential facility.

The Veranda Residence offers a wholesome lifestyle experience in Islamabad like never before. Tanveer Associates have put a lot of effort and creativity in making this project special that will be an example to all other housing schemes.  From necessary facilities to luxurious and detailed recreational options such as gym, parks, cinemas and clubs makes it more attractive.


All the apartments are ventilated, spacious, and well lit. The view of magnificent Margalla Hills from the rooms is quite breath taking. All the apartments have tiled bathrooms and kitchens, fully marbled floorings and extensive kitchen cabinets with parking spaces.

Every apartment has incredible terrace that offers a fresh and rejuvenated view of Islamabad city. Security is top notched with CCTV cameras and alerts. Readily available satellite or cable TV connection and broadband internet access are some of the highlights of the facilities The Veranda Residence offers to its inhabitants.

Social and commercial importance of the Veranda Residence

Located in prime location The Veranda Residence has central access to clubs, restaurants, hospitals, airport, bus stations, gyms and parks. The main location means it is close to main roads that makes the transportation and movement much easier and convincing for the residents.


There are not only luxury apartments but also plots available for investors. The possession of plots is quick and secure. Tanveer Associates, the builders of this wonderful housing scheme made sure that everyone gets a chance to reside and experience The Veranda Residence with ease and comfort.

Plots particularly attract the investors who are looking to invest in top notch and secure housing facility. The Veranda Residence is undoubtedly offers an incredible living experience and influences a particular luxurious and comfortable lifestyle concept. It is nothing like the ordinary or every other housing schemes.  It has strong foundations and the developers of this residence facility have pioneered in offering luxurious lifestyle apartments in Islamabad for quite a long time.

Redefining the housing experience and offering the best possible features and facilities to the people is what makes The Veranda Residence a successful and desiring housing facility in the city.

The Veranda Residence defines your comfort

With nonstop water supply, uninterrupted Sui Gas supply, efficient sewerage system with internet and cable or satellite facility the living experience is much valuable. The apartments offer lavish architect and interior designing in detail with secured and safe environment for everyone to live and enjoy care freely.


Being an apartment based housing facility The Veranda Residence is nothing like a skyscraper building with crazy number of floors. Simplicity is what makes The Veranda Residence a desirable investment option. The price range of apartments vary from the number of rooms to the size of the apartment. You can buy, sell or rent any apartment or plot in The Veranda Residence through online real estate websites with ease.

Living in The Veranda Residence means you are free from utility connection issues of water, sui gas, internet, cable as they are not a problem at all. Tanveer Associates did everything to make your living comfortable and relaxed. A house is a place where you go after fighting in the battleground of work, business and education for comfort and relaxation so it must offer you the solace you want. The Veranda Residence is definitely one of the places where you live and enjoy the simplicity of life in all its glory and free from other utility tensions. 

If you invest in The Veranda Residence Islamabad, then you will be thankful and happy for the rest of your lives. It’s time to redefine, reshape and rethink your living style with the veranda residence. Give yourself and your family another reason to be thankful, joyous and at ease by living in The Veranda Residence.