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Warda Hamna Residencia-II Apartment G-11 Islamabad For Sale

Warda Hamna Residencia-II is the best solution for modern urban lifestyle. It is your ultimate gateway to upscale posh living.

In terms of structure and design, there is no end to their creative lead. The builders adapt to the changing designs and evolving technologies as per the need and demand. The exquisite architecture stands out from the clutter and provides an overwhelming experience. Perfect for urban living, the WARDA HAMNA Residencia-II is definitely a feasible option for families and young couples. The project aspires the trendiest lifestyle, peaceful community life featuring all the modern amenities within.

Warda Hamna Residencia-II Post Contains

WARDA HAMNA Residencia-II offers the residents 2, 3 and 4 bedroom beautifully constructed apartments. It brings you a unique opportunity to build your dream, your home, a house that suits your taste and fits the definition of a distinct of that is not only attractive but economical as well.


The apartment project has recently been launched in Islamabad. Farhan associates are the developers of Wrda Hamna Residencia-II. The builders own a reputation in the market that is known for its brilliant ideas. They work an provide a completely different luxurious living, architecture expertise and construction experience.  A marvelous project of its own nature, Warda Hamna Residencia-II is designed specifically to fulfill your dreams.

Wrda Hamna Residencia–II Location

When it comes to the point of success, the location of any project always matters and Warda Hamna Residencia II is located at the developed and prime location.

Islamabad is the proud holder of Warda Hamna Residencia Apartment II. The project is located in a beautiful community sector G-11/3 of Islamabad. This sector is located in the very middle of the existing community, such that the project benefits from local and nearby facilities which also include an easy accessibility to the local market area just outside the residential building. Moreover, within the 300-meter radius, the residents can avail a park, football ground, children’s play area and the grand sector market G-11 Markaz.

Not only this, all the major roads on Islamabad are linked to National Highways and Motorways leading to  other destinations.

What Makes Warda Hamna Residencia- II Different?

This apartment project is a whole new level of ultra-modern lifestyle in a posh locality of the capital city which enjoys 24/7 security surveillance. Not only has that but CCTV monitoring of the project given its residents the peace of mind.


Furthermore, the project ventures exclusive car parking, a wide lobby in the center area of the building, ground plus five storey apartments reflecting its unique architectural ingenuity in maximum area utilization.

The two, three and four bedroom apartments contain a store room, kitchen, laundry room, drawing, T.V and dining lounge each, two Lifts that work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The features add up to the comfort of WARDA HAMNA Residencia-II.

About the Developers

After the success delivery of the beautiful apartment project at Warda Hamna Residencia-I, Farhan Associates now commences yet again with the extension of the project namely  “Warda Hamna Residencia-II”! Here we aim to bring the brilliant ideas to life yet again. Our experienced team will transform your dream with our expertise to create a magnificent reality!

Farhan Associates is a trusted real estate company in the field management. For a long time now they have retained their years of great expertise in the construction. They are providing over the top exclusive services in sale/purchase, interior & exterior designs and lucrative constructions of new buildings.

Farhan Associates offer such kinds of plans under an experienced team of professionals that include structure engineers and brilliant architects and building management experts.

Expertise in the Field

The developers are committed to long term work and retaining of satisfied customers. They make this possible by providing their investors with quality solutions and reliable services. They focus on the details and try to meet the expectations of their potential investors.


Farhan Associates promises to provide the high-end residential facilities to its valuable residents. Through Warda Hamna Residencia- II, we present the best of all, a purchase in a prime location, long-term rental facilities to investors and a top living environment for a peaceful, comfortable lifestyle. We ensure the happiness of our investors and build our trust through the positive responses.

Wrda Hamna Residencia-II Apartment Types

WARDA HAMNA Residencia –II offers you various apartment choices so you can go for whichever suits your requirements the best possible way.

  • The Orchid Apartment (3 Bedroom)
  • The Jasmine Apartment (2 Bedroom)
  • The Tulip Apartment (4 Bedroom)

Sizes = 1580-2260 sq ft

2 Bed Flat- 2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony (Corridor-Corner)

  • Price PKR 1.35 Crore
  • Area1580 Square Feet
  • Beds 2

2 Bed Flat -2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony (Non-Corner)

  • Price PKR 1.33 Crore
  • Area1580 Square Feet
  • Beds 2


2 Bed Flat – 2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony (Non-Corner)

  • Area 1620 Square Feet
  • Price PKR 1.36 Crore
  • Beds 2

2 Bed Flat- 2 Bedroom Spacious Apartment with Balcony (Non-Corner)

  • Price PKR 1.43 Crore
  • Area 1775 Square Feet
  • Beds 2

2 Bed Flat – 2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony – Murree View (N)

  • Price PKR 1.37 Crore
  • Area 1630 Square Feet
  • Beds 2

3 Bed Flat – 3 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony (Non-Corner)

  • Price PKR 1.7 Crore
  • Area 2025 Square Feet
  • Beds 3


3 Bed Flat- 3 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony (Non-corner)

  • Price PKR 1.75 Crore
  • Area 1950 Square Feet
  • Beds 3

3 Bed Flat (3 Bedroom Spacious Apartment with 4 Balconies (Corner)

  • Price PKR 1.96 Crore
  • Area 2260 Square Feet
  • Beds 3

3 Bed Flat (3 Bedroom Apartment with 2 Balconies – 1 Terrace

  • Area 2050 Square Feet
  • Price PKR 1.77 Crore
  • Beds 3

4 Bed Flat (4 Bedroom Spacious Apartment with 3 Balconies (Corner)

  • Price PKR 2.05 Crore
  • Area 2260 Square Feet
  • Beds 4

Warda Hamna Residencia-II Apartments Features

  • Spacious balcony
  • drawing dining room
  • Laundry plus store room
  • TV Lounge
  • kitchen area
  • Attached baths with every bedroom.


This three Side corner apartment complex enjoys beautiful, vibrant neighborhood that has lush green parks, sector markets, children’s playing areas and the grand main market called G-11 Markaz, colleges, schools, hospitals & community halls.

The apartment structure has been designed in coordination with the natural landscape of the area which guarantees retention of natural beauty through additional planting. This also gives the inhabitants a sated, peaceful environment.

Residential Plan and Project Amenities

Warda Hamna Residencia-II can be acquired through on easy 30 months installment plan. The booking is subject to availability and offered on the first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Beautiful Elevation
  • Modern layout and design
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Wide Stairs
  • Spacious Lobby
  • Wide Corridors
  • Spacious circulation areas
  • Highest quality of construction
  • Fast Moving lifts
  • Earthquake resilient structure
  • Top quality tiles used for flooring
  • Firefighting system
  • Top quality woodwork
  • 24-hour water and electricity supply
  • High quality of tile work in Baths & Kitchens
  • Excellent interiors

If you’re looking for the perfect residential option then Hamna Warda Residencia- II is your perfect call. Book now.