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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy is a proof of our commitment to securing your privacy and personal information. It will explain in detail how we collect your data and use it on http://rightproperty.pk/​. The “RightEstate.pk”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” includes all information, web pages, subsidiaries, sister websites operated under http://rightproperty.pk/​ banner. “Users”, “You” and other words refer to the users, visitors, clients etc. of RightEstate.pk. By accessing RightEstate.pk you show your consent to collecting information (personal and public) and use it as described in this Privacy Policy.

We promise to use the information provided by you and present on this website in the following ways:

What information are you collecting and how are you collecting it?

We collect information from you when you register on our website. We do not collect any information if users are browsing anonymously. During registration we ask for personal identifiable information such as name, telephone number, email, address, date of birth etc. along with other demographic information such as gender, interest, hobbies etc.

We also collect information about which area of our website do you visit and some other non-personal data which is mainly used to improve our services. Such information is critical for us to keep a track on which areas of our website need improvement.

Information may also be needed when you refer RightEstate.pk on your social network. If we require any other information, it will be mentioned at the said area.

We do not store any information with us without user consent. All our data is specifically for our own use and is not shared/sold with/to any third party for promotional or marketing purposes.

Do we collect IP addresses?

Every computer on the internet has a unique set of numbers as an address. These numbers are called IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address reveals no personal information about the user but is only used to identify them. When you connect to our servers, we use the IP address to evaluate the traffic, identify and investigate misuse or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Our web servers do not automatically record any email address of the visitors unless specified.


Cookies are small files that our web servers may send to your browser and store them automatically in your computer’s hard drive. These files are not harmful to your system/network and are only used to identify users, their behavior on our site, browsing history on our website so that the next time you visit, those specific areas of our website are quickly accessible. Cookies are automatically sent to your system but they can be disabled from your browser settings. Disabling cookies may result in slower browsing as our servers will treat you as a new user every time you visit. We do not collect any personal information or any other browsing history from these cookies and we certainly do not support/use/promote any spyware that collects user’s personal information with the help of cookies.

Third party advertisers on our website may also use cookies to personalize content, banners, promotions and advertisements. We have no control over third party advertisements and will not be held responsible for any actions resulting in from these files.

How do you use single-pixel gifs?

RightEstate.pk and third party advertisers may sometimes use single-pixel gif images (also referred as web beacons) to count web page accesses and gather statistical information about your behavior on different parts of our website. We do not collect any personal information from such files and cookies.

Third party advertisers that use cookies may also use web beacons to track personal information. However we have no control over such advertisements and are not responsible for any actions resulting in use of these practices.

What personal information do we collect?

  • Wherever RightEstate.pk collects any personal information, we will place a link for users to see this privacy policy. We will ask you when we will need any information that will personally identify you and it will be collected with your consent. The personal information we collect may include your name, title, company or organization name, e-mail address, phone number, work or home address, information about your job function, information about your company, and credit card information.
  • Apart from the above mentioned information, we may ask for your email address or physical address for the purpose of conducting a contest, survey, sending invitations for shows and conferences or newsletter subscription. Participation in such actions is completely voluntary and up to the user’s decision. Contact information is used to notify winners and for any future correspondence.
  • RightEstate.pk also may collect information from you for registration on our website. This information will be used for processing data on our websites against our services. Information collected will not be shared with any third party unless specified.
  • RightEstate.pk is an online real estate portal and like other online such business portals, we may ask users to submit their personal info and other information regarding the property they are selling/buying/renting. Such documents may or may not be shared with third parties like other users, buyers, sellers, real estate agents etc.
  • We use third party services for some services on our website like third party payment options. Your personal information will be required to perform these functions.
  • We will not disclose any personal information unless specified. However we will disclose personal information of an individual if: (a) Required by law or any security agency for security purposes. (b) In order to fulfill any legal requirements. (c) Prevent crime or to protect national security. (d) Protect the personal safety of any other individual.

Disclosure of information to third parties.

RightEstate.pk will disclose personal information with your consent to third parties:

  • With our partners to contact you for promotions, products, services that may be interest to you.
  • When required by law.
  • To cooperate with law enforcing agencies if required to do so.
  • Protect and defend the rights of our website/company/network, their intellectual property protect the rights of our users, or our right to do business.
  • Identify and prosecute any person misusing our services, violating law, misuse of our website, violating this privacy policy, protect and enforce terms of use of our website.
  • Fill a user request on basis of our services like providing personal information for possible buyers, sellers and other interested parties. These parties can be individual users, companies and real estate agents etc.
  • To process and fulfill your order or notify you of order status of any product, service, post, property etc.

Protection of information.

RightEstate.pk is a complete real estate portal that is protected to the maximum extent with a number of security protocols. In case of any attack on the website/servers/users by third parties will not be held responsibility for the management of our website. Users should be aware of their online rights and privacy. We will take full measures to protect our right and the rights of our users in case of any violation.

Your consent to get/use your information.

When you are using our services, it automatically means that we have your consent to get and use your personal information as termed in this privacy policy.

RightEstate.pk has a network of partner websites and we may share personal information with them. The websites under our direct control will be governed with the same privacy policy. But any third party websites that are not directly under our control, will not be governed by this privacy policy. These third party websites are governed by their individual policies and terms of use and users are advised to read and show consent to their privacy policies.

What should you know about online privacy?

RightEstate.pk contains hyperlinks to third party websites. Our website also contains third party advertisements. These links and adverts are for promotional purposes only and we are not to be held responsible for any actions taken by these third party links or advertisements. We have no control over these companies and websites and will not be brought into any confrontation with them. The links and advertisements from third parties may change from time to time.

Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online - for example through e-mail, discussion lists, or elsewhere - that information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return.

Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your personal information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you're online.

Public areas of our website.

Anything you post on our public areas will be visible to others. If your personal information is visible to others, RightEstate.pk will have no responsibility is any third party uses that information for sending unsolicited messages or spam.

Your consent to this agreement.

By using the RightEstate.pk Network, you consent to the collection and use of information by RightEstate.pk as specified above.

Modifications to this policy

RightEstate.pk reserves the right to modify this privacy policy. Any modifications that are to be done on this privacy policy will be updated on our homepage. We will also notify our users through email or any other means with the news of a new privacy policy.

Picture Policy

http://rightproperty.pk/ is an online real estate portal which connects buyers, sellers, real estate agents, traders and dealers in Pakistan for property, real estate buying and selling. Our services are designed to bring real estate related parties closer at a single platform. Real estate buying/selling/renting requires users to submit pictures of the said property on our website. Such pictures, uploading them and their usage will be governed by the following policy.

  • Any picture uploaded to RightEstate.pk will be a representation of the said property.
  • It is for users attention that the condition of the property may or may not be different from the pictorial representation uploaded by the users.
  • Users are urged to upload fresh pictures of the said property.
  • We would also appreciate if the users upload pictures without any third party logos, watermarks. Pictures with watermarks and third party logos may be deleted from our system due to copyright issues.
  • Uploading a picture shows that you are the owner of it and you are giving us the consent to use it for promotional purposes or for using it against your post on different parts of our website.
  • When you are uploading a picture to our website, you are accepting full responsibility of the use of the said picture.
  • You are also taking responsibility and showing your consent to share the picture on different portals, social media and other websites that are directly operated by RightEstate.pk team.
  • Uploading a picture of the said property is not mandatory.
  • The pictures of property may increase chances of selling/renting the property and we will urge the users to use at least one fresh picture of the property.
  • Please do not upload pictures containing animals, nudity, portions of the body, violence, inflammatory/offensive language or images of famous personalities/celebrities, political slogans or copyrighted images.
  • Any user found guilty of using pictures containing animals, nudity, portions of the body, violence, inflammatory/offensive language or images of famous personalities/celebrities, political slogans or copyrighted images will be banned immediately and their posts may be removed. Any loss resulting in such bans will be entirely on the user’s account and RightEstate.pk will not be held responsible for it.
  • We have different membership packages for users. Depending on the membership type, users will be allowed to upload, share different numbers of pictures. Paid users will be allowed to upload more number of pictures than free users.

RightEstate.pk is a professional website and we are not liable to confirm the authenticity of the pictures or images posted by the users.