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Right Property Team

29 May 2018

DHA is among the best housing societies in Pakistan where all the living and business facilities are available. The phases of DHA are scattered in many areas in Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to which the residents of DHA get to enjoy all the residential and commercial facilities present in the twin cities. The management of DHA not only takes care of the security of the housing societies but also takes care of the development work in them. The management also looks over the residential and commercial projects being made in the premises. None of the residential or commercial projects commences without proper approval from the management of DHA, whether it is the map or lay out plan or the construction of a house or a commercial building. Phase II of DHA is fully connected to Rawalpindi and Islamabad where many world class commercial projects are being opened. The Sectors J, D, E & F are the chief sectors of DHA Phase II. They have the World Trade Center of Pakistan in them which is located right next to Rawat G. T. Road. It has made DHA Phase II even more attractive for people.

The best thing about DHA is that every sector in it has its own commercial area with many commercial projects already operating and several others being made in them. “Abu Yahya Plaza” is a brand new residential- commercial project that has recently completed in the Sector J of DHA Phase II. Abu Yahya Plaza is not just important because of its surroundings but is also an ideal project as it is located on the Rawalpindi and Islamabad Express Way. Any kind of business started here will prove to be a successful investment for future. Abu Yahya Plaza has all sorts of amenities that are necessary for a successful project.

Project Location

Right Property Team

29 May 2018

Abu Yahya Plaza is located in the Sector J of DHA Phase II, near Islamabad Express Way, Rawalpindi.

Project Surroundings & Nearest Locations

Right Property Team

29 May 2018

The Phase II of DHA is an ideal housing society in Rawalpindi and Islamabad because of its location and surroundings from where the twin cities are easily accessible. Every project opened in DHA benefits from all the facilities that are necessary for the success of any project. This is the reason that the surroundings of Abu Yahya Plaza have educational institutes, banks, commercial areas, shopping centers, huge residential areas and all the basic and modern residential and commercial facilities readily available that are important for an accomplished project.

Abu Yahya Plaza is situated at a prime location in DHA Phase II which is not only connected to Rawalpindi but also many areas of Islamabad as well. The specialty of the location of Abu Yahya Plaza is the position of DHA that provides easy access for its residents to the twin cities. Abu Yahya Plaza is just a few minutes’ drive away from many areas of Islamabad like Kakpul, Sihala, River Garden, Soan Garden, Pakistan Town Phase I & II, PWD Housing Scheme, Gulberg Greens, Ghori town and many other sectors of Islamabad. It is also connected to the gate of DHA Phase IV which is next to Islamabad Express Way. While on the other side it is just 2 km away from Rawalpindi from the gate 2 of DHA Phase II close to the World Trade Center, Defence Towers I & II, Zaraj Housing and Phase 7 & 8 of Bahria Town which are located on Main Rawat G. T. Road. The DHA Phase I connect it to Kachehri, Cantt Area, Saddar and many other areas of Rawalpindi. All these attractive locations and neighboring areas make Abu Yahya Plaza an ideal project for living and business.

Project Amenities and Facilities

Right Property Team

29 May 2018

Abu Yahya Plaza and its surroundings have all the facilities that are necessary for living or doing a successful business like:

Basic Facilities:

Electricity supply
Gas supply
Water supply
All these basic necessities of life are distributed through underground pipe lines.

Communication Facilities:

Cable TV network lines are already installed
Fast pace internet services are also available.
Telephone lines are already provided as well to cater the needs of the customers.

Health Services:

Underground sewage system to avoid any health hazards.
Healthcare centers
Cleaning services
Special teams for garbage collection


Community Services:

Parks, Play grounds
Educational institutes
Open and carpeted roads
Wide streets
Commercial areas
Public transport
Society graveyard
Huge car parking space.

Abu Yahya Plaza Floor Plan

Right Property Team

29 May 2018

Abu Yahya Plaza is a residential- commercial project that consists of five floors including a basement, ground floor and then three floors on top of it. The basement, ground floor and the first floor of Abu Yahya Plaza have spacious halls which are suitable for any kind of business activity. The 2nd and 3rd floors have one and two bedrooms flats that have all the residential facilities in them.

Project Price Plan

Right Property Team

29 May 2018

The halls and flats in Abu Yahya Plaza are available for rent. The rent plan is flexible and can be altered as per conditions. The rent plan is as follows:

Basement hall: Rs. 40,000/-

Ground floor hall: Rs. 60,000/-

2nd and 3rd floor flats: Rs. 20,000 to 25,000/


Right Property Team

29 May 2018

Project Owner Review:

The owner of Abu Yahya Plaza says that this project is situated at a prime location in Rawalpindi and Islamabad which provides guarantee of successful business and the price plan is also very reasonable as compared to other projects.

Real Estate Agents’ Review:

The real estate agents dealing in the area say that Abu Yahya Plaza is placed at a very remarkable location. There are many commercial projects in the Sector J which have very high rents as compared to the facilities offered in them. that is why Abu Yahya Plaza is a very good option than others.

Right Property Survey Team Review:

The Right Property team survey indicates that Abu Yahya Plaza is a first- class project with reasonable rent plan for commercial spaces and flats as compared to its surroundings. Shops and apartments are very expensive in DHA, and Abu Yahya Plaza offers a good opportunity for living or setting up a business in DHA Phase II.

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29 May 2018

video walk-through

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30 May 2018



Gateway Tower Faisalabad, Pakistan

Jallo Lahore, Pakistan

Izhar Villas Rd Lahore, Pakistan

Islamabad Valley Rawalpindi, Pakistan

  • SIZE

    1125 Sqf


    01 February, 2017


  • Parking Spaces

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage

  • Electricity

  • Water Supply

  • Sui Gas


  • Water Supply
  • Sewarage
  • Mosque
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone



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