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Falcon Town (Pvt) Ltd.

10 Aug 2017

Falcon town provides best possible amenities in a wholesome climate and stunning view of Kallar Kahar , District Chakwal, Pakistan. It is carefully planned with wide roads, educational and commercial complexes, public utility buildings and serene parks and civic facilities.It is located at an ideal location in the emerging new Education and Tourist city of Kallar Kahar, along motorway.

About Kallar Kahar

Falcon Town (Pvt) Ltd.

10 Aug 2017

This is picturesque valley about 25 kilometers from Chakwal City on the Chakwal - Khushab Road. Kallar Kahar is about fifty minutes drive from Islamabad on motorway. Kallar Kahar has a beautiful blue lake surrounded on the southern side by lush green hills. Boating and fishing facilities are available at the lake and a number of trekking trails can be explored. Another attraction of the valley is mineral water springs sprouting from the root of the hills. Between the hills and the lake spread the famous orchards called Baghe Safa along with the well-known Takhte Babri. Flocks of peacocks freely road around the valley and add to its beauty. Kallar Kahar, a beautiful valley surrounded by small mountains. The beautiful landscape gives a romantic atmosphere. Every year thousands of visitors come to see this beautiful valley through out the country and even from foreign countries. It is one of those areas a Pakistan where one can find peacock flaunting here and there freely. Kallar Kahar is called mini heaven on the earth after Kashmir. There are many springs of sweet water here and there. There is a beautiful lake where one can enjoy boating, the pedestal boat as well as motor boat. The main visiting points in Kallar Kahar are lake,Parks, the shrine of Sakhi Haoo Bahoo(a hermit ), Takhtebabri, Baghe Safa. Hundreds of followers and other people daily come to visit the shrine, the thorn of the great emperor Babar near the garden, the beautiful gardens are always full of its delicious fruits.

Kalla kahar has been selected by the Punjab government for establishment of new modern city along motorway.The renowned educational institutions of the country have acquired land in the area.

A mega project of Wayzgoose park over an area of 3200 Kanal is under construction. Cadet college Kallar Kahar , PAF college, Fauji foundation School, college, Fatima Jinnah Women University and many other Science colleges and schools are already existing in the area.

Modern Health facilities and Fauji foundation Hospital are present.There are restaurants, hotels, and rest houses with all facilities present in the resort area near lake.In addition to many rest houses of the Punjab Government a motel belonging to Punjab Tourism Development Corporation is available for the tourists. Establishment of new Kallar Kahar cantonment adds to its importance. In the present circumstances Falcon town at Kallar kahar provides best investment opportunity and also residence in the emerging big city in a very reasonable and affordable price.Falcon town a township planned on most modern techniques is great attraction for local and overseas investors.In designing the scheme and planning infrastructure the services of renowned Town planners and Engineers have been hired.A Zoo, park and lake based on European technology, Educational Complex, University complex , a well equipped Hospital and commercial areas have been included in the planning. Each sector will have its own Mosque and community center.


Historical background of Kallar Kahar

Falcon Town (Pvt) Ltd.

10 Aug 2017

It is said, when the great emperor Babar invaded these areas in 1510 Ad he stayed with his army and there, at Bagh-E- Safa, he addressed his army standing on the thorn and order his soldiers to give a proper shape to the huge rock, which is still existing in Kallar Kahar and commonly called Takhte Baabari . As the valley, he found attractive and fascinating so he decided to stay for a short period. As he him self writes in his famous book Tuzke Baabari about the area that he found the area very much fascinating. There he stayed with his companions. Sahibzada Sultan Ali Zulfi in his book (Salt Ranges Main Asare Qudeema ) writes that the old name of Kallar Kahar was Kuldah Kinar and Shahklah. With the passage of time that name became popular as Kallar Kahar, there is mention of this in Tuzke Baabri. All the invaders who had been coming to this area 97% of them passed from Kallar Kahar. Beside Alexander the great fifty other invaders passed the same way and crossed the Indus. Sultan Mahmood Ghuznavi also used the same passage for his seventeen attacks on sub continent. In the southern side of Kallar Kahar there is an old graveyard. Here, Anwar Baig Awan, a renowned historian of Chakwal found different things from the graveyard of Ghurka or Ghudka. A stag made of clay, whose one horn is broken a lion of the same material and a piece of stone of royal green color, which is perhaps the hilt of a dragger or sward. These entire things are safe. 

Baghe Safa:

The great emperor Zaheer-Ud- Din Baabar to the Garden present in Kallar Kahar gave Baghe Safa the name. He write about this garden that " From Bhehra, at the distance of seven kouh (almost five miles) there is a hill its name in history book is as kuhoo Jooda. We started my journey and at the time of afternoon we reached in Kallar Kahar. Every where there were fields of wheat. It is a place worth seeing. There, in Kallar Kahar, at the distance of seven kilometers is a plain piece of land. On this plain land there is a big lake. As the place I found got a garden prepared and named it Baghe Safa". It is the first garden on Mughal style. 


The Lake:

The lake of Kallar Kahar covers an area of six to seven miles. The main source of the water are the springs flowing out from the near by mountains. One can enjoy boating and fishing in the lake. There are many hotels restaurants and picnics spots beside the lake. The green wild bush plants and herbs and trees surround Lake. There are many interesting and supernatural stories along the local people about this lake like the great lake of Saf-ul Malook Found in Kaghan valley. While Kallar Kahar is situated in the salt ranges, that's why the water of the lake is salty and can not be used for drinking purpose and irrigation etc.


Wayz goose Park Kallar Kahar:

Wayz goose Park near Kallar Kahar Interchange at M-2 is largest recreational park of Pakistan this would be a world-class recreational park having a zoo and all recreational facilities for the public. A sum of Rs. 1.25 billion will be spent on its first phase and it will span over an area of 400 acres. The phase-I of the park will span over an area of 220 acres. This park will not only boost tourism activities, but it will also generate employment, exclusive attention is being given to make this park a major attraction for foreign tourists.Every possible boarding and recreational facility will be provided to the local and foreign tourists in this park.

Features and Amenities

Falcon Town (Pvt) Ltd.

10 Aug 2017

Falcon town s is located at an ideal location with overwhelming view of Kallar Kahar, Lake and Parks.

A Perfect Environment:

Offering a complete living experience with the beauty of natural landscape providing with a pollution free environment where one would co-exist with nature in complete harmony.

Life Style:

We guarantee to provide facilities and necessities to make the life comfortable. A community center, Mosques, Conference center, Gym, Shopping centers, 35 and 70 feet wide carpeted roads have been planned in the scheme.

Health Care:

A well equipped, multi specialty Hospital with latest medical facilities to coup any emergency shall be established. The society shall provide underground sewerage and drainage system and well treated safe drinking water for its residents by installing a high-tech water treatment plant.

Education And Leisure:

College and University Complex have been included in the Plan. Beside education, society administration shall provide necessary sports and recreational facilities.

A Secure Environment:

Society shall be secured day and night by security patrols, and security check posts shall be placed on main entrances.

Falcon Town Layout Plan

Falcon Town (Pvt) Ltd.

10 Aug 2017

Booking & Payment Schedule

Right Property Team

10 Aug 2017

Plot Size (25x50): 1250 Sq.ft

Total Cost Rs: 6,25,000/-

5% on Booking Rs: 31,250/-

15% After 30 Days:93,750/-

36 Monthly Installments Rs: 7,500/-

12 Quartelry Installments Rs: 13,955/-

10% On Possession Rs: 62,540/-


Plot Size (30x60): 1800 Sq.ft

Total Cost Rs: 8,75,000/-

5% on Booking Rs: 43,750

15% After 30 Days: 1,31,250/-

36 Monthly Installments Rs: 10,500/-

12 Quartelry Installments Rs: 19,540/-

10% On Possession Rs: 87,520/-

Plot Size (35x70): 2450 Sq.ft

Total Cost Rs: 11,80,000/-

5% on Booking Rs: 59,000/-

15% After 30 Days:3,77,000/-

36 Monthly Installments Rs: 15,000/-

12 Quartelry Installments Rs: 23,830/-

10% On Possession Rs: 1,18,040/-

Plot Size (50x90): 4500 Sq.ft

Total Cost Rs: 23,60,000/-

5% on Booking Rs: 1,18,000/-

15% After 30 Days: 3,54,000/-

36 Monthly Installments Rs: 30,000/-

12 Quartelry Installments Rs: 47,665/-

10% On Possession Rs: 2,36,020/-



Bahria Town Icon Karachi, Pakistan

Sector D 17 Islamabad, Pakistan

Sector E 11_2 Islamabad, Pakistan

Rashid Minhas Road Karachi, Pakistan


    - 738 Plots

  • SIZE

    5535000 Sqf


    01 September, 2015


  • Balcony or Terrace

  • Parking Spaces

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage

  • Electricity

  • Water Supply

  • Sui Gas

  • Community Lawn or Garden

  • Kids Play Area


  • Water Supply
  • Sewarage
  • Mosque
  • School
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Park
  • Telephone



Falcon Town Layout Plan

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