Globiz Avenue Project Description

Globiz Avenue

22 Mar 2017

GlobBiz Avenue is located at the prime place of the Gawadar Master Plan issued by GDA. It is located at the 8th kilometer of arch facing sea and from the proposed Governor House too. The distance of last residential plot in “GlobBiz Avenue” from the commercial area is just 400 metersGwadar which makes the residential plots as valuable as commercial. It has maximum sea front. 

The area of GlobBiz Avenue is more than 1857 Acres. Having comparatively maximum area in Gwadar with the maximum sea front is the unique feature of GlobBiz Avenue.

Facilities and Amenities

Globiz Avenue

22 Mar 2017

  • Longest Front.
  • Center Master Plan of GDA.
  • Marine Drive, located on main Bluevard and Blochistan Broadway.

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22 Mar 2017

Location Map

Globiz Avenue

22 Mar 2017

Payment Plan

Globiz Avenue

22 Mar 2017

Payment Schedule


Marla (Sq. Yard) 5 Marla (125 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 185,000.

Installments Rs. 18,500.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 46,250.

Total Price Rs. 925,000.

Marla (Sq. Yard) 7 Marla (175 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 259,000.

Installments Rs. 25,900.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 64,750.

Total Price Rs. 12,95,000.

Marla (Sq. Yard) 10 Marla (250 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 325,000.

Installments Rs. 32,500.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 81,250.

Total Price Rs. 16,25,000.

Marla (Sq. Yard) 12 Marla (300 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 390,000.

Installments Rs. 39,000.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 97,500.

Total Price Rs. 19,50,000.

1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 579,000.

Installments Rs. 57,900.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 144,750.

Total Price Rs. 2,895,000.

2 Kanal (1000 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 10,40,000.

Installments Rs. 104,000.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 260,000.

Total Price Rs. 5,200,000.


Marla (Sq. Yard) 4 Marla (100 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 400,000.

Installments Rs. 40,000.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 100,000.

Total Price Rs. 20,00,000.

2 Kanal (1000 Sq. Yard).

Down Payment Rs. 6000,000.

Installments Rs. 600,000.

2 Half Yearly Payments Rs. 1500,000.

Total Price Rs. 30,000,000.

*2 Kanal Commercial (High Rise) on Balochistan Broadway.

  • Corner 10% Extra, Facing Park 10% Extra, Facing Wide Road 10% Extra (60 ft and above).
  • 5% discount on 50% down payment, 6% discount on 60% down payment, 7% discount on 70% down payment 8% discount on 80% down payment, 9% discount on 90% down payment, 10% discount on lump sum payment.
  • Registration and documentation charges for the residential plots are Rs. 50/- per Sq.yard and for commercial plots Rs. 500/- per Sq.yard.
  • Registration and documentation charges are not-refundable.
  • The above price is only cost of land. Development charges will be taken separately as and when required.

Development in Gwadar

Globiz Avenue

24 Mar 2017

Gwadar Port:
Gwadar Port is Pakistan’s largest infrastructural project since independence.
Government of Pakistan allocated 20.3 million dollar in current fiscal budget 2006-07.
The total cost of project may go up to 2.2 billion dollars.
Pakistan will earn 60 billion dollar per year just on transaction of trade after the complete operation of Gwadar Port.
Government of Pakistan declares Gwadar Port Duty Free and Economic Free Zone.
The first phase of Gwadar Port has almost complete on the amount of 300 million dollar and will operational at the end of this year.

Beijing is also investing billions of dollars in western China a grand 5-year plan to develop it and Gwadar is a necessarily part of that 5 year plan.
Pakistan has invested more than an amount of 2 Billion dollars to upgrade Gwadar and completion of related development program in the last two years. Just Provincial Government of Balochistan is spending 4.5 billion Rupees in Gwadar.

Gwadar to Koh-e-taftan Railway Track feasibility is being worked out and approximately 480 billion rupees will be spent on this project. Gwadar Port to Dulbundien Railway Line survey is under process and government allocated amount of 75 billion Rupees for this survey. Pakistan decided for better rail link with Iran, rehabilitates 638 Km long Quetta Zahidan section on amount of 13 billion Rupees. The government also working 146 KM long Quetta Chaman Railway line to trade Central Asian States and it will cost of 80 Billion Rupees. Gwadar will be Rail linked with Europe via Iran and Turkey. China and Pakistan are opening 4 new passenger and Cargo rail road, 2 cargo routes will Gwadar Port to Xijang province of China.

Wapda is investing an amount of 7 million dollars on Mirani Dam Project. An amount of 37 crore is being spent on Shadi Core Dam and billion of rupees on rehabilitation of Onkara Dam. Government is also spending 6 corers on D-Selination plants and also also a plan of 100 Km long pipe line from sundser to Gwadar. Sod Dam is constructed with amount of 100 million rupees that will also irrigate 3400 acres land.

The construction of 2600 KM long Asian Highway with an amount of 35 billion Rupees has been started. Worth of billion Rupees spent on Coastal Highway that has been completed in 4 phases, the second phase is under process and frontier works has started work on Gwadar to Pasni road. Turbat Hoshab motorway will complete in this year. In Gwadar 4 main highways, Main Boulevard, Jinnah Avenue, Marine Drive and Balochistan Broadway have been completed with amount of billion rupees, almost 70% of work has of these roads has been completed. Gwadar to Iran road is under construction and will be completed in 2 years. 58 Crore rupees have been spent on syed abad, kulg, kulmat and kupper to link Coastal Highway. The major construction company of Middle East will construct the 800 Km long Gwadar, Quetta, Sukkhur Express Way.

This year Wapda will start work to build 4 new Grid Stations in Gwadar. Pakistan and Iran signed an agreement; Pakistan will purchase 100 Mega Watt electricity from Iran for Gwadar. A well equipped grid station will be built on Gwadar Port. 2 billion rupees will be spent on 70 Km long 220 KW power line. 24 Mega Wat Grid station will be built in Gwadar industrial Estate.

LPG Gas has been supplying to Gwadar since March 2006 with an amount of 1 billion Rupees. 

The first industrial estate of the emerging port city of Gwadar will be functional by the end of this year. In the first phase; a special committee had allotted 1,136 acres of land to industrialists while 455 applications are pending. The Balochistan government has earmarked over 3,000 acres land for the estate. Pakistan’s biggest oil refinery worth if billion rupees will be set up in Gwadar and it has capacity refines 60,000 barrel oil per day.

Work on construction of Sports Complex is continuing with amount of Rupees 5 Corer, and work on building of an international cricket stadium will start soon.

The government has planed to establish 1 IT management University, Engineering College, 2 Degree colleges, Medical College with 200 beds, Islamic centers, 20 primary and high schools for boys and girls and Central public library in Gwadar.

Air Service:
PIA has purchased 7 new ATR turbo plane for Gwadar and Air Blue has started daily 2 flights from Karachi to Gwadar.
Old hospital is being up graded and 8 new hospitals and fitness centers will construct.

Air Port:
New International standard Airport is going to be built in Gwadar. Government of Pakistan has allocated 563.35 million rupees and Oman provides 2.3 million dollar for the construction of new Airport.

IT Center:
An IT Center will be established in Gwadar.
Ferry Service
Pakistan and Iran will discuss the possibility of starting a ferry service between Iranian port cha bahar and Gwadar Port of Pakistan.
PTCL has expanded 300 land lines in telephone exchange in Gwadar, and has forward of the feasibility of 10,000 more line to federal government. For fastest Link Karachi to Gwadar Fiber Optic line has been completed for Gwadar.

Other projects:
Government is spending 55.5 Corer Rupees on cultural center and other related projects in Gwadar. Pear Continental has been completed and its formal inauguration is in coming month. National Commission for Human Development started its projects with an amount 845 million Rupees in Gwadar. House Building Finance Cooperation is investing in 2 major projects in Gwadar. 150 patrol Pumps and hotel will be built on Makran Coastal Highway.

Gwadar Master Plan

Globiz Avenue

24 Mar 2017

Media Coverage Uptodate

Globiz Avenue

24 Mar 2017



70 Riviera Karachi, Pakistan

E-16 Islamabad, Pakistan

Sector D 17 Islamabad, Pakistan

Shalimar Town Gujranwala, Pakistan


    01 March, 2017


  • Balcony or Terrace

  • Parking Spaces

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage

  • Electricity

  • Water Supply

  • Sui Gas

  • Community Lawn or Garden

  • Kids Play Area


  • Water Supply
  • Sewarage
  • Mosque
  • School
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Park
  • Telephone



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