About the Project

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

PWD Housing Scheme has become the most modern housing society in Islamabad which not only has residential bustle going on in it but commercial advancements are also at their peak in it. This is the reason that there are several new commercial projects being made in PWD Housing Scheme. Another important reason is the location of this housing society because of which so much business development is being made in it. A latest addition to these new business centers is “Irshad Plaza” which has been completed and has become an ideal project because of its prime location and unique building. The building of Irshad Plaza is very attractive with superior glass work exterior which makes it stand out among its surrounding buildings. Irshad Plaza consists of a basement, ground floor and then 1st and 2nd floor on top of it. The building has halls of different sizes, while the all floors have spacious halls which are suitable for any sort of business activity. Another reason that makes Irshad Plaza important is that it is located on Main PWD Road and is very close to Islamabad Express Way. This area is very crowded as there are numerous outlets of many national and international brands around Irshad Plaza.

It's Location

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

Irshad Plaza is located in the Main Commercial Area of PWD Housing Scheme Near NPF O-9, Islamabad.

Project Surroundings

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

Irshad Plaza stands at a prime location in PWD Housing Scheme where the top brands of Pakistan are running their businesses. The Extension Road of Bahria Town Phase VI makes this project even more unique. Other than this Pakistan Town, Media Town, Korang Town and Islamabad Express Way are also present around this project, so this commercial area witnesses a heavy flow of customers that come for shopping here from all these surrounding housing societies. Moreover, the surroundings of Irshad Plaza have schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, play grounds and kids play area. There is a big mosque right next to Irshad Plaza. Irshad Plaza is a one of a kind of commercial project as it is located on an ideal place. This project has just been launched and other commercial projects opening around it are going to add to the importance of this project in the future.

Project Amenities and Facilities

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

Irshad Plaza offers its customers and clients all sorts of commercial facilities that are necessary for a successful commercial project like:

Basic Facilities:
Electricity supply
Gas supply
Water supply; The building has both underground and overhead water tanks to ensure continuous supply of water
All these basic necessities of life are distributed through underground pipe lines.

Health Services:
Underground sewage system to avoid any health hazards.
Healthcare centers
Cleaning services
Special teams for garbage collection to ensure a clean environment for the residents.

Community Services:
Parks, Kids play area
Jamiah Mosque
Educational institutes
Open and carpeted roads (100 feet wide)
Wide streets
Banks, Shops
Commercial areas
Public transport

Special Features:
Extraordinary comfortable and noiseless environment
High quality building structure
Earthquake resistant building design
Fire fighting system
CCTV Security System
Huge car parking.

Price Plan

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

Irshad Plaza Plaza has 4 floors including lower ground, ground floor, 1st & 2nd floor. Halls of different sizes are available in Irshad Plaza for rent. 

Ground Floor Hall Rent: 3 Lacs.

1st Floor Hall Rent: 1 Lac.

2nd Floor Hall Rent: 80 Thousand.

Project Issues

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

The construction work of Irshad Plaza has already been completed and this project is ready for business. There is no legal or any other sort of issue regarding this project. The Right Property team did not spot any issue during their survey of this project concerning the project itself or the housing society, PWD Housing Scheme that it is located in. PWD Housing Scheme does face problem in water supply which is resolved by the use of water tankers when necessary.

Recent Rates of the Project Area

Right Property Team

25 May 2018

PWD Housing Scheme is currently among the most expensive housing societies of Islamabad. The main reason is the prime location of this housing society and then the fact that it has all the residential and commercial facilities provided in it for its residents and people running their businesses here. PWD Housing Scheme has been developed according to proper planning with an appropriate design by CDA which has roads, streets, residential blocks and commercial areas. This is why people prefer to live here. The fact that PWD Housing Scheme has Bahria Town, Islamabad Express Way and is connected to Rawalpindi, makes it an important housing society.

All these features are the reason that property rates are very high in PWD Housing Scheme. It is not easy for a common man to buy any residential or commercial property here. The builders of Irshad Plaza offer an opportunity to their clients to invest or do business in PWD Housing Scheme at a reasonable price.


Right Property Team

25 May 2018

Project Owner Review:

The owner of Irshad Plaza says that their project is free of any legal or other sort of issues. There is no fraud involved and they take complete responsibility of this project. They guarantee that the clients working in Irshad Plaza or investing here will not face any problem or difficulty at all.

Local’s Review:

The people running business in Irshad Plaza say that it is good choice to start a new business in this area. The location and surroundings of this project are very suitable for any business.

Right Property Survey Team Review:

The Right Property team survey indicates that Irshad Plaza offers ample space for any kind of business in its building and that too on an affordable price. The price is very reasonable as compared to its surroundings. The huge population of PWD Housing Scheme and the surrounding housing societies guarantees a successful business here.

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25 May 2018

video walk-through

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28 May 2018



Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala, Pakistan

Media Town Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Satiana Road Faisalabad, Pakistan

Saima Royal Residency Karachi, Pakistan

  • SIZE

    2250 Sqf


    04 February, 2018


  • Parking Spaces

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage

  • Electricity

  • Water Supply


  • Water Supply
  • Sewarage
  • Electricity



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