Mega Corporate Tower

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Mega Corporate Tower is a state-of-the-art contemporary construction heralded for bringing innovation to the real-estate landscape of Pakistan. A landmark commercial building defining Karachi’s skyline, the tower features luxuriously elegant office space avaliable for rent in shell and core form. A testament to the development and design is the team of highly qualified professionals whose only focus has been on creating the nation’s foremost practical Integrated Intelligent Building.

About The Mega Corporate Tower

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

During construction, all necessary steps have been followed to achieve LEED Certification and pre-qualification has already been attained. The (LEED) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a set of rating systems for Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Green Buildings and neighborhoods which has been developed by US Green Building Council (USGBC), to help building owners and operators be environmentally responsible and use resources/energy efficiently resulting in cost saving and positive community impact. As an example of this, the building has been designed to minimize the sun’s heating effects by maximizing the surface area of its façade on its northern side. Additionally, Mega Corporate Tower is designed with Raised Access Flooring and an Under Floor Air Distribution system that results in efficient productivity of its HVAC System and improved ventilation/indoor air quality.

Mega Corporate Tower's Security

Right Property Team

20 Jan 2017

Walking into the building one enters through a double height opening with a graceful canopy. Extensive glass use gives individuals an air of openness when entering via the towering doorway. It also floods the main lobby with natural daylight, a feature common in all areas of the development. Along with these architectural details, technical aspects of the front allow it to remain unquestionably secure.


An executive and VIP drop off area has also been created on the second floor of the tower. Attached to a private yet grand lobby, this allows tenants who have admission to it a tranquil entrance and exit t/from their work space, away from the bustle of the city below. This reception area can be accessed via slide gates that provide right of entry to the offices above, the parking lot and an executive management lounge in the rear.

Mega Corporate Tower Materials

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Only the finest materials have been used throughout the building, adding to its sophistication. From grey marble floors to travertine walls, Mega Corporate Tower's design team has gone out of its way to bring some of the world's most elegant and refined stones to surround the everyday working lives of our tenants.
An added aesthetic and practical bonus of the project is the technical porcelain used to clad the outside of the building coupled with the highest quality glass ever used in Pakistan. The porcelain, hailing from Spain, is weather proof, stain resistant and of course LEED certified; just like the glass.

Area Breakdown

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Area Breakdown


Lower Basement:
20,000 sq. ft. for car parking.

Upper Basement:
11,410 sq. ft. with a Cafeteria, Security facility, K-Electric room and PTCL room.

Ground Floor:
10,200 sq. ft. for Banking and Other Commercial purposes.

1st Floor:
17,500 sq. ft. for offices.

2nd Floor:
Executive facilities with open lounge, Cafe area, Conference room, Private lounge, Gym, Spa and drop off at private lobby.

3rd to 10th Floor:
Parking floors with secure lift lobbies.

11th Floor:
Mechanical floor for Genset, Chillers and Management office.

12th to 23rd Floor:
12 office floors each of 11,500 sq. ft. with exclusive private lift lobbies.

24th Floor:
11,500 sq.ft. for offices with outdoor terrace and exclusive private lobbies.

Distinguishing Features

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Distinguishing Features:

The building is in the process of achieving LEED certification, having already attained Silver pre-certification.

Spacious areas have been earmarked in the building for planters and landscaping, creating an excellent green environment for visitors/employees.

The building has UFAD (under-floor air distribution system) and Raised Access Flooring for energy efficiency and exceptional indoor air quality.

Earthquake Resistant Structure as per strict zoning and Seismic codes.

Centrally Air-conditioned.

100% backup generation.

Total security linked to building management system.

State of the art fire alarm and safety systems, CCTV, sensors, barriers and Electronic Identification.

Two separate fire and emergency exits with stair cases and sprinkler systems on all floors.

Entry to the building parking, lobby, lifts and offices through a high end security and Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) system.

Eight new high-speed elevators.

One cargo service lift from Basement upwards.

Prayer room on 10th floor with area for ablution.

Garbage chutes on each floor for sanitary condition maintenance.

Restrooms and driver waiting areas on parking floors.

IBMS (Integrated Building Management Systems) for effective total management.

Full handicap accessibility.

Exemplary management, maintenance and janitorial services.

The Other Salient Features

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

The Other Salient Features:

Ideal, central and safe location.

Panoramic views from every floor.

Centralized main lobby to control security, entrance and effective surveillance.

Entire floor is planned for single occupancy.

24mm thick Insulated Glass Unit comprising of:

Outside 6mm thick Crystal Grey and Euro Grey fully tempered glass.

Inside 12mm Airspace and 6mm thick fully tempered clear glass.

Glass helps save substantial air-conditioning energy requirements and provides noise reduction.

Innovative Spanish cladding that is weather and stain proof. It is LEED compliant and used for the first time in Pakistan.

Lift lobby at every office aesthetically finished by the Lessor/Owner.

Each floor has toilets for executives, a separate staff and housekeepers toilet, a handicap toilet, a janitorial store room and a furnished pantry. These are fully completed at the cost and effort of the Lessor / Owner.

Ability to create separate IT room facility with secure Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) entry at each floor.

Reverse Osmosis Plant for supply of purified water to coolers / drinking fountains with connections on all floors.

Complete 24/7 self – reliance of engineering infrastructure.

Interiors and floors are to be furnished by the Lessee / Tenant at their own cost and effort.

Electricity for lights and equipment up to the bulk distribution board at every floor is provided by Lessor / Owner.


Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017


Prestigious location.

Corporate / Multinationals / Banks are located in the neighboring leading commercial hub.

Good visibility with uncongested panoramic views of the city.

All types of Public Transport for all area available 24/7 hours.

Good quality and variety of Restaurants and Supermarkets in the adjoining Clifton vicinity.

Neighbored by a Hospital.

Five Star Hotels nearby.


Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017


Four elevators running at 2.5 meters per second with a capacity of 24 persons each.

One elevator running at 2 meters per second with a capacity of 1600 kg for cargo and service.

Two elevators running at 1.75 meters per second between the basement and 11th floor.

One Private Executive elevator running from the 2nd floor executive lounge till the top of the building.

All elevators manufactured in Korea by Thyssen Krupp.

All elevators with Access Control Systems.

The Offices

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

The Offices:

The entrance to the office tower has the highest security and quality.

Each floor has its own entrance lobby that is controlled via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) access.

Other than the toilets and utilities the office floors shall be given in “shell” and “as is where is” condition. Interiors, false ceiling, cabling, ducting, lighting, etc., are to be done by Lessee / Tenant at their own cost and effort.

Any addition/alteration, remodeling, changes, except structural changes can be done by Lessee / Tenant at their own cost and effort with prior approval from the Lessor / Owner. However, there should be no violation of building regulations.

The electric cabling done can be used by Lessee / Tenant. However, all addition/alteration in the wiring within the leased space shall be done by Lessee / Tenant at its own cost and effort with approval of Lessor / Owner.

Plumbing lines of high quality imported un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) and water supply pipes of high quality Polypropylene Random (PPR) are provided.

Huge underground and overhead water tanks with additional tanks reserved for storing water in case of emergency.

All systems are integrated via a fibre optic Internet Protocol enabling quick flexibility of operations and safety backbone.

The security and safety systems are linked together to create an integrated building management system.

The building has Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based containment systems to be able to securely isolate different offices.

Architectural & Other Features

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Architectural & Other Features:

The Building has a ground floor exclusive Reception Area.

The building has parking on the 3rd to 10th floors from where RIFD access to offices is available via Lifts.

Attractive Facade with full size front and all side windows with shatter proof tempered imported glass, provided with vacuum, double glazing for noise reduction and energy saving.

Lobby / Reception on each office floor.

Unhindered floor plate of 8 feet 6 inch clear height.

For plumbing works high quality piping by Dadex / Vesbo has been used.

For electric work Pakistan Cables has been used.

Latest Building Maintenance Unit / window cleaning system (BMU).

Beautifully landscaped interior/exterior plants, environmentally friendly Green Building which is in the process of LEED Certification.

Foundation system designed for seismic loads (earthquakes) as per highest international standards.

Communication & Telephone Lines

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Communication & Telephone Lines:

Telephone lines are available in the building.

Cables Cat-5 and Cat-6 are provided.

2-backbone Fiber optic cables (Broad Band) on each floor.

Fire Protection, Hazards Control & Safety

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Fire Protection, Hazards Control & Safety:

Meets international regulations and standards for fire & safety.

Fire proof construction rating for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Fire alarms, separate sets of fire-fighting equipment and two water hose reels are installed on each floor.

Fire sprinklers are provided in the main and elevator lobbies, as well as in all common areas including parking.

In case of fire, the building is provided with an automatic pressurizing system through fresh air along with smoke extraction dampers and fans which operate automatically.

NFPA 13 & 14 compliant fire alarm and safety system.

Additional fire protection through a passive fire containment system complying with BS-9999.

Smoke detectors fitted throughout the building.

All smoke detectors are connected to a central fire control panel.

Plant room, Control room and common areas also covered by special fire extinguishers.

NFPA approved Fire pumps.

Fire alarm and Voice Evacuation System as per NFPA 70, 72 & 92 A standards.

Two independent fire exits at right and left side of each floor.

Stairwell pressurization for safe exit from the building in case of fire.

Automated fire doors with 90 minute fire rating at minimum.

Fire sprinklers provision is given at the bulkhead of each floor. Internal sprinkler arrangements are to be done at Lessee / Tenant own cost and effort.

Water Tank with a capacity of 50,000 Gallons reserved for storing water in case of fire.

Equipment is installed by renowned contractor M/S NEC.

Emergency Systems

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Emergency Systems:

IBMS (Integrated Building Management Systems) installed; controls the fire alarm, access control, HVAC, CCTV and lighting.

Emergency lighting provided on each stair case.

Equipment is installed by renowned contractor M/S NEC.

Security & Surveillance

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Security & Surveillance:

To address the key issue of Safety & Security, a multi-tiered physical, human and electronic security system is being put in place in the premises. All entry points have controlled access, and a state-of-the-art centralized system has beem developed.

Auto gates with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID Tags) and road blockers with centralized logging.

Closed circuit cameras through out.

Security film installation for securing of glass work/windows from explosion/bullets etc.

Hydraulic and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) controlled barriers and tire busters at all vehicle accesses and exits of the building.

The Lessee / Tenant can use the same technology for integrating their own additional security and control systems on their floors.

Other access security controls will include metal detectors, smart gates and elevator access Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) turnstiles.

Security buffer zones have been set-up on the periphery of the property that will utilize CCTV, bollards, tyre killers, vehicle scanning and mechanical blocks.

Equipment is installed by renowned contractor M/S NEC.


Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017


Fire alarm.

Smoke detection.

Entry and Exit Controls.

HVAC system, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning.

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television.

Lighting Controls.

Underground and Overhead Water Tank Controls.

Building’s mechanical and electrical equipment.

Carbon Dioxide and humidity levels.

Operating fans or opening/closing dampers.

Building’s energy usage.

Building's internal environment controls.

Integrated system provided by Johnson Controls.

Car Parking

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Car Parking:

The building has covered and secured car parking capacity of one car for every 600 sq.ft.

Exclusively reserved, covered and dedicated basement floor parking for Executives.

Availability of access controlled additional car parking facility for occupants, other than their free designated car parking entitlement.

Valet services for additional convenience of visitors / VIPs.

Electrical / Power Detail

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Electrical / Power Detail:

Diesel Generators from Cummins, (UK) with a capacity of 3 x 1275 KVA & 1 x 635 KVA providing 100% backup energy.

Uninterrupted 24/7 power supply.

Separate main electric DB and phone TTB shall be provided at the entrance of each floor.

Provision of wiring for access controlled electronic locking systems at main entrance in the lobby.

Each floor to be provided with separate electricity meters.

Electric Busbars (No cables) by well renowned company.

Metering/charges shall be as per K Electric commercial tariff except when internal generation by Diesel fuel is used.

IT Setup

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

IT Setup:

Optical fibre core to connect all services for IT, Telecoms, Security, CCTV and other systems.

For external connectivity two independent optical fibre cables provided.

Air Conditioning:

Central air conditioning.

24 hour air conditioning for IT & computer servers.

UFAD system (under-floor air distribution) installed for indoor air quality.

FAHU with recovery wheel system will further improve air quality in the building. The system will clean up outdoor air quality by 65% and also help with energy saving.

Air handling units (AHU) installed in areas that do not interupt office work in case of maintenance.

Air-conditioning provision for holidays and extra / late hours on separate charges.

Separate BTU meter to be provided to measure volume of air-conditioning consumed.

Air-conditioning from 6.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. on working days (except holidays).

Energy Efficient Features

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Energy Efficient Features:

IAQ as per ASHRAE 90.1

Heat recovery from the exhaust air using desiccant wheels for energy conservation.

Pipes for dehumidification and pre-cooling of outdoor air.

Variable Speed Pumping.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures for water conservation.

Energy efficient building Façade.

Energy efficient lighting and lighting controls.

High daylight penetration.

Under Floor Air Conditioning and Raised Access Flooring for greater energy efficiency, flexibility and cost saving.

Standards & Codes

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

Standards & Codes:

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 - 2007.



IEE wiring regulations (Latest Edition).

All applicable ISO, IEC & British Standards.

CIBSE code for interior lighting.

BS Codes for Emergency Lighting.

HVAC System Overview

Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017

HVAC System Overview:

ASHRAE Standards are the basis of design.

IAQ as per ASHRAE Standard 90.1– 2007.

Centralized primary air and exhaust system Air-to-Air energy recovery.

Multi-injection stairwell pressurization system.

Fire floor smoke extracts and sandwich pressurization.

Acoustic considerations taken into account in equipment specifications and design.

IBMS Integrated Business Management System.

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Mega Corporate Tower

20 Jan 2017



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