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Right Property Team

22 May 2018

A large number of real estate projects have been launched in many different cities of Pakistan. The real estate sector has flourished tremendously during the last ten years in Pakistan which is why people are investing their money in real estate business more than any other sector. It is a dream of every Pakistani to have a business in Islamabad. Keeping in view this demand and the facilities available in this city, many national and international builders and developers have launched a number of real estate projects in almost all the sectors and housing societies of Islamabad. Many of these projects have been already completed and several others are under progress currently. All this has been due to the interest of the population of Pakistan in real estate sector which is boosted even further due to many successful projects. 

As everyone wants to live in a place that has all the facilities for a comfortable and peaceful life, or work or have a business in a place that offers all the commercial amenities, so Rawalpindi and Islamabad is the first choice of people in Pakistan. As these twin cities have all the basic facilities and then the modern amenities for residential and commercial purposes, so people prefer to live or work here. For this reason, several new commercial and residential projects are being opened in these cities and “Mumtaz Arcade” is one of these new projects. Mumtaz Arcade is a commercial project which is situate at a prime location in Rawalpindi. Mumtaz Arcade has big halls for commercial purposes. It is a multiple stores building with a lower ground and then two floors on top of it. All the floors consist of spacious halls that can be used as shops or show rooms. Due to its vicinity with most areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is an ideal project to start any sort of business here.

it's Location

Right Property Team

22 May 2018

Mumtaz Arcade is located at Golra More, near Old NADRA Passport Office, Islamabad.

Project Surroundings

Right Property Team

22 May 2018

Mumtaz Arcade has ideal location and surroundings. This area has traffic not only from Rawalpindi and Islamabad but also traffic from other areas of Pakistan uses Golra More and G- 13 Interchange to enter the twin cities. This causes a huge flow of people in this area. The surroundings of Mumtaz Arcade have banks, commercial areas, educational institutes and hospitals. This ideal project is located at a prime location in Sector H- 13/. This sector already has all the basic facilities provided by CDA. This project also has importance as it is right next to Kashmir Highway. Other than these, Metro Station is also in the neighboring area of Mumtaz Arcade. Most of the sectors of Islamabad are in the surroundings of this project that also include the commercial hub of Islamabad, Blue Area and Itwaar Bazar. Many of the newly developed sectors by CDA that include G- 15, F- 16, F- 17, F- 18 and B- 17 and other new housing societies developed by CDA and RDA are also easily accessible from Mumtaz Arcade. New Islamabad Airport is also near Mumtaz Arcade. Most of the areas of Rawalpindi like Perwadhai Morr, Peshawar Morr, Saddar and Benazir International Airport are also connected to Mumtaz Arcade. All these features make Mumtaz Arcade an important and unique project.

Project Amenities and Facilities

Right Property Team

22 May 2018

Mumtaz Arcade is located in an area that already has all the facilities that are necessary for a successful commercial project. These facilities include:

Basic Facilities:

Electricity supply

Gas supply

Water supply

All these basic necessities of life are distributed through underground pipe lines.

Health Services:

Underground sewage system

Healthcare centers


Other Services:




Commercial areas

Easy access to public transport

Special Features:

Dedicated entrance of the building

Car parking space

Best quality building structure

Fire fighting system

Earthquake resistant structure

Proper maintenance team.

Payment Plan

Right Property Team

22 May 2018

The building of Mumtaz Arcade consists of lower ground floor, ground floor and 1st and 2nd floors on top of it. All the floors have spacious, open halls that can be used for any sort of commercial purpose. The whole building is available for rent. The rent plan of different floors is as follows:

Lower Ground Floor Rent:2.5 Lacs

Ground Floor Rent: 3 Lacs

1st and 2nd Floor Rent: 2 Lacs

Recent Rates of the Project Area

Right Property Team

22 May 2018

Mumtaz Arcade is in the surrounding of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and a lot of commercial and residential areas are present near it which is available for construction. The rates of the plots near it are very high, so it is not very easy to invest money there. Mumtaz Arcade offers its customers an opportunity to do business here at an affordable price and make good profit without spending huge sums of money.


Right Property Team

22 May 2018

Project Builder Review:

The builder of v says that they are offering spacious area for rent at a very reasonable rate that too at such a prime location. They are offering to start a business on this ideal location which can bring handsome profit on monthly basis.

Local’s Review:

When the locals of Golra Morr were asked for a review on the project of Mumtaz Arcade, they showed a positive response. They were of the opinion that this project is not only fruitful for the builders and owners but also for the people that have business in its surroundings.

Right Property Survey Team Review:

The Right Property team survey shows that Mumtaz Arcade is a commercial project that offers large spaces for commercial purposes at very affordable rates. The surroundings of this project are already packed with various types of businesses going on and this guarantees a successful business here as there is a huge population around this project already.

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Right Property Team

22 May 2018

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    3375 Sqf


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